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A country’s politicians are under constant
scrutiny – from their own people and internationally. Well, this is what being a politician entails.
Setting examples of how a perfect citizen should be. And it’s not uncommon for influential
parents to encourage their children to copy their career choices. But – here’s’s
TOP-5 children of Nigerian politicians who decided not to follow in their VIP parents’
footsteps. What are they up to? Let’s find out!
ONE. Yusuf Buhari Let’s see how one of President Muhammadu
Buhari’s eight children, and his only son, differs from his dad. Yusuf is a really low-profile
young man. In 2016, he graduated from the UK’s University of Surrey. Perhaps the most
obvious thing that sets him apart from his father is that Yusuf doesn’t have any military
training. Muhammadu Buhari began his long army career at the age of 19. But he once
commented that he himself stopped Yusuf from joining the army.
Unfortunately, Yusuf has been all over the news lately, and not for a good reason. We
wish Yusuf Buhari a speedy and successful recovery from the motorbike accident he was
in – we’re eager to see what life has in store for him!
TWO. Kiki Osinbajo Yemi Osinbajo and his wife Oladolapo have
2 daughters and a son together: Kiki, Kanyinsola, and Fiyinfoluwa.
Osinbajo-senior is a trained lawyer, served as a pastor, and is now President Buhari’s
right-hand man. Did his kids choose the path of politics as well? One of his daughters
is a graduate of the private Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, the US. She received a Masters
degree in Liberal Studies. Perhaps a future politician, after all? We’ll see.
Little is known about Fiyinfoluwa, but looks like he chose a more creative hobby or occupation
of a photographer. But the most well-known name of the three
is Kiki Osinbajo. She is a beauty house CEO and the founder of a non-governmental organization
called Fight For Our Soldiers Nigeria. The purpose of this organization is to care for
children who live in poverty and the widowed women who are unable to feed their families.
THREE. Adebola Irede Daniel One of the former Ogun state governor Gbenga
Daniel’s children, Adebola, has chosen a study field similar to his father’s. Recently,
the young man has bagged a distinction in the MSc Mechanical Engineering programme from
University College London. However, where his father turned to business
and later to politics, Adebola has charity in mind. When he was 5, Adebola became paraplegic.
His medical condition didn’t stop him from choosing his tedious course of study. His
family’s wealth didn’t obscure his thinking and feeling compassion towards all physically
challenged Nigerians. Thus, this young man now runs a foundation and is determined to
put an end to discrimination against people living with disabilities in Nigeria.
FOUR. Uzodinma Iweala Everyone knows who Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is.
But did you know one of her children is a physician and award-winning author whose book
was adapted into a movie starring Idris Elba? Uzodinma Iweala’s debut novel, Beasts of
No Nation, was turned into a movie and brought him wide recognition. Uzodinma isn’t tracing
his renowned economist and minister mother’s footsteps, but has carved his own niche in
Nigeria’s history. FIVE. Oluwaseni Saraki
Before he became Senate president, Bukola Saraki had been a medical officer, governor
of Kwara state, then a senator. One of his sons, Oluwaseni Saraki, is similarly a man
of many trades – but those trades are quite different from his dad’s. Seni is a graduate
of the Nigerian Law School, Lagos Campus, and also of the London School of Economics.
The young man is interested in rapping, and is currently the youngest-ever chairman of
a professional football club in Nigeria, the ABS Ilorin Football Club, owned by his father.
This was our Top-5 on children of Nigerian politicians who chose a path that is different
from that of their parents. Subscribe to our channel and watch cool Top
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  1. Joke. Please note: It is extremely expensive to send kids abroad to study. per semester, you could pay at least 2-6 million naira (every 3-6 months) excluding living expenses and other costs. I will be ashamed if i was one of their kids, knowing that Nigeria is still a gigantic mess under their parents watch.

  2. If Adebola's parents were not stinking rich who knows would have become of him? If he were fron the average Nigerian bousehold it would probably be a depressing fate. Nigeria is SUCH an accomodating place for disabled people.

  3. RUBBISH! The children of Nigeria's hyper-elite political class WOULD be free to devote their time to creative and artistic pursuits (or just whizzing about on fast bikes) when their parents wallets are full of Nigeria's money. I wish the majority of Nigerians had such good fortune too, so we could decide to be photographers and lifestyle bloggers. I don't have anything against them personally, they didn't ask to be born to rich parents but then again don't they feel a LITTLE bit guilty about what their parents helped create in their home country? Is there a single one of these elite kids who is genuinely concerned about Nigeria besides making some mede mede NGOs. It seems anyone with a twitter account who has given out some gifts can say they have an NGO. Russbish. Also Adebola if you (or your dad and his friends) invest in government schemes that help disabled people have a high quality of dignified life in Nigeria "Removing stigma" wouldn't be a problem, stigma would disappear on its own.
    PS: This video should have way more views and comments than this? I thought Nigerians like gist. Keep up the good work

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