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Welcome to black out five Conceited sick shot. That’s my demand. Oh, Nick Jerry Dumbfoundead on the water swap step your darling Mama Cow I am your host Organic you can follow us on Twitter at taking the Doc Outer beauty hip hop [I] want to send a big shot [of] the [Ovo] And drake for making this shit happen tonight bring some other fucking noise for the city of Toronto [cottony] and Ob yo yo What’s up, baby? Gully tk. Go to SullyWong.com You can see them king of the dot shoes that are about to drop you can pre-order them now. You dig let’s go What up Toronto, what’s good? timothydelaghetto You know 600 mil views on YouTube had to come support my two brothers battling each other got my asian, brother We the same race got my “Wild n’ Out” brother, we the same height. I’m ready to see him go in let’s go Yo, make sure you go to New Era on Queen street for the new King of dot hats out right now, Toronto Take that a fucking mirror down bitch all the way from Flatbush, Brooklyn rapper to my right introduce yourself [Conceited]: HAAAHH C-O-N-ceited Toronto what up [Organik]: Making his return the “King of the Dot” and Battle rap Repping Korea Town Los, Angeles, California Rapper to my left, introduce yourself [Dumbfoundead]: “K” town let’s go let’s go [Organik]: Alright, let’s do this Conceited won the coin toss. It’s on Dumbfoundead. Toronto get fucking loud. It’s Blackout. Let’s go! [Dumbfoundead] Yo, yo Yo, shout out to “King of the Dot” and “OVO” one time for flying out Jet Li on a learjet cuz little Romeo must die Yo Yo My last battle was “Battle of the Bay 5” that was five years ago when I was yay high Yo , I feel paranoid on a yay high cuz with these cameras this host and this little pussy in my own dateline Yo, I could kill you in six seconds I should just make vines let’s save time just say time yo he’s probably gonna say some asian shit He’s probably gonna say some asians shit him pulled out yo gun peeking duck ching chang chong Wait slow that damn did I actually dis you I said pull out [shogun’s] peeking duck ching chang chong Yells, yo Message it as easy as fuck. I don’t like [to] slow it down when I spit a line. I want y’all to know it now Yo, [yo] always over explain you always over explain that shit is overly [dunning] shuttle over yet ironic the shortest Motherfuckers always trying to go over your head Yo, how’s your dad small? You look like a male bratz doll You know I actually auditioned for a while [in] out Then I looked in the mirror and said that’s not what I’m about They had me rhyme in a chinese x and I told him up in Koreatown Then they asked the black guy next to me to wear a wig and a Madea gown y’all know [him] [as] conceded now You’re a d-list celebrity, I’d rather keep my integrity. I’ll make more money in my sleep while you sleep with the enemy Yo, I couldn’t have up [my] condo with Condo. I got dumb money, and that’s not a pun. Dummy now I got young money for the [artists] feet and you also got young money for modeling the cover of Carter three Look at his baby ass Look at his baby. Ass with his baby tats You buy their guns that baby get? your first job you baby set When you throw punch does it feel like baby deaths? Your favorite rapper is baby. Bash. That’s not a punch line. That’s real baby facts Rare one it’s all conceited. Let’s go Listen here Dumbfounded I Stop now you’re going against the hoodie tight The Gonna spit give you a bunch of tips. I’m talking about good advice Nigga, you ain’t cooking me the only thing you cook is rice [alright], which one [of] y’all is dumped on it both. [you] niggas look alike So y’all finally put dumbfoundead in front of me they say you are what you eat? No wonder why this cat kept ducking me? Nicotine his chin should have been battled I would have served to inflame you don’t think that the DOc is Determined to save their cuz they gave me the body. I always wanted like a personal trainer (screams) So I’ll pull up on that set you rep get your stomach cut without doing situps you better Diff It won’t work out if I spot you with the pounds that I lift up when the max out you ain’t doing squat No better see dumbbell when I send this chin up This kid dumb is the worst dressed in Battle Rap history I mean I hate your shoes, [bee]. You only roll It something fresh when you’re making sushi and what you wear, it doesn’t match like the lips and words and Asian movies Don’t move your mouse a million times for just one word and it still be off. Why maybe like hi But the sound effects never ones on me it seemed to like 40 But try that [kungfu] shit with me I’m a drifter 8 you don’t want me to cook your noodles and get Lo Mein like what’s on your dinner plate? Don’t believe anything this ninja say your one word he speaked today cuz just like your youtube clip. We know everything new kicking fake This nigga’s name is Jonathan park. That’s not a punch line That’s real fast no cab when you see your arm wave you can get hit with the knife butter toaster spread when I give part K’s Out show up at your front door with a large ain’t right with John State It’ll be looking like Monopoly cuz I got the metal piece that part place You will get wet rebel poncho, nigga I played with the nine like Rondo nigger, and you’re gonna hear a lot of still like I’m a Toronto, nigga Check check round two. Let’s go don’t burn it. Yo check check Yeah, how you saying that qik video was faked that shit was real. It’s as real as you grip the steel If you won’t kick yo if I can’t kick it your bitches, will yeah And I know how I yo this perks to be in short I don’t care what y’all think when you got small feet you can get the Jordans all cheap when you? Yo Yo When you order a shot at the bar that’s a tall drink He got three hot tubs at the crib all sinks yo, I Know these short jokes are getting old but I ain’t even got to use those they’re just starting to grow on me, but you won’t So I had some of my north Korean home. He’s hacking to your emails I gfhdjskjdhfgdsghjdjmfnbvc xvzbngfghjjhgfdbbbnnnnnnnnnnn Keywords like latex shave legs jpegs of teh digs all types of gay shit But I know you ain’t gay cuz you in the Asians, but yours look like [cavemen] yeah, I stay with a bad bitch What you think is a dime is maybe a six like if you went to the Thai whore house They’d be last pic and have dicks I Get the top hose at the brothel you could have reached the top row at a cost goes. It’s impossible Yo It’s impossible. Yeah. Hell is short you Emmanuel Lewis Gary Coleman Martin Lawrence low bow out big bow out and Kevin hart Black Hollywood Seven DwArfs a bunch of midgets A bunch of midgets in the Woods living large Yo, you see more tough in Hollywood, but it’s all an Act in the end like Bollywood. Yo When I’m talking kpop, I ain’t talking Gangnam Style I’m talking gangland fouls and that leg words can get you killed like a hangman round. Yo Lately the battle scene is Gone Iggy Azalea, but I ain’t talking black and white I’m talking make believe in actual life you’re high you’re glorifying guns and probably gonna have a blast tonight There’s some kid in every major City in America Who’s Gonna get blast tonight? You have imagined every guns some people have mandatory ones. Yo I seen [them] while it now reruns of you rapping having fun Don’t homie died the other day the news ain’t ran the story once yo Sometimes I think we both forget that we both sell rums [will] hook us up to a polygraph that I won’t fail mine Yo with your folk tales of dope sales. Ain’t no shells flying cuz real rounds don’t end when the host yells time Graham to Its on conceited You and your whole lives you and your whole Asian Gang? I’ll just use one fish to hit you I’ll put my right hand on that yellow circle. That’s twisted, nigga Double deuce deuces with these little blake is out drip the trigger You could get shot down by the twins more than Roger and sister sister I’m quick to Bripple Western North 12. I don’t like the weapon give you hell, just like your fortune cookies You can get the message from a shell crowd cheers You you cuff your bitch like she in jail, but she gave me mad chokes, ya You’re a part of the swim team I gave her back strokes She give me fast throat and do good when she self since she eat with Chopsticks She should be used to having some wood in her mouth But she has the flattest ass in chess I have ever seen She’s such a small skeezer if I was you I wouldn’t be wrestling to hit that role neither. I mean she’s from China Why would you take her no matter when she rocked nothing big show’s from any angle that John Cena? This large need to make sure your nephew and niece is slaughtered and your aunt may find your uncle been killed like Peter parker Nigga the clip will be on your head. You don’t need a bubble and that shit about like you when you greet your father up I’ll keep getting his door walk in his home start waving like I’m Finna go when I’m linking ain’t no Envelope Imma hit your sensei your grandfather. I’m gonna kill your folks. I’m gonna bring the Maggie to that yellow family like the simpsons show Y’all niggas know I’m gonna swing them them knives. I’ma bring them and I bring the water park like wild water kingdom I’m bringing a heavy came any problems. I’ll let the semi blamed if things go South park soon as you walk out Make sure you get caught man now. How can he stand? So I’ll catch that Kyle, Cartman, Kenny Stan Man, that’s why this chinky hates me if his problems. I’ll get this shit jumping like Mr.. Hankey Now lastly, they told me by the looks of his eyes. He might be sleeping on you So I better come with it I should be scared it with freestyles and be horrified a dumb Britain’s had me like shit And this battle dumbfounded in a cook and eat me no I just kidding Slow it down. I just dissed you. I said don’t founder gonna cook and eat meat not just kittens Round three, it’s unfair to try to make some fucking noise for the batter. Yeah, let’s go Yo I’m opening up for Pat stay in sharone. Shake my head I Started this nerdy shit this the motherfucking. Thanks, I get I Get the club going up [like] a llama Conan you get into clubs dropping names like I’m with Nick Cannon He rocks expensive shit and licks his lips, lL cool J over here the difference is you’ve been rapping about dudes your whole career By the way yeah, what’s all that shit? What’s all that shit on your neck. What’s all that shit mean oh, I get it We all make mistakes when we’re 15 Yo, yo yo this is where me this is where me tunechi and wiz link we got grown man tats little tiger that shit is kid Ink Yo, how much work are they done on you metaph a that’s the only time you’ve had a gun on you Rat-A-Tat-tat butterflies on your back and some Chinese letters that don’t mean Jack Every battle you do is a short film. Oh You got unlimited ammo does that mean I could have Force Fields Does that mean I could have orch swords shields a giant hammer that thor wheels? Does that mean I could have orbs pills potions to level up more skill just cuz you talk about guns doesn’t make it more real You’re a dork still Why you and your crew are playing gangster the gathering yeah? I went on a couple dates with your family met his mom on cinder that we had something special Eileen tit the Kisser she said slow it down. I just met you Alright Yo So I hollered at his Auntie so [how] [that] is auntie real polite real respectful I thought she’d want me, but she said slow it down. That’s my nephew My last resort was his sister. I knew I’d be successful. I was like they all aggressive with it like let me hit it She said slow it down. I’ma let you It’s up. Oh my It’s funny that you think organic is your friend, but he’s is exploiting you. He’s like Nick cannon at the end Yo, but after this I may never have to battle rap again, but you you’ll be back up here again Battling with him battling with them battling with enemies battling with friends Wait, what’s your name, sir? Jim. You’ll be battling with Jim for you. It’s another ending battle the battle never ends dear Round three o’clock conceded. Let’s go get you the Jack black. Oh We were supposed to battle 2009 and grind time With the boys you ran, so what we need relay for you was pissed I was buzzing every battle dude would be a corpse so that shows I’ve been made John Madden 09 like Da Sports I Mean I thought you were trying to do you mad cuz my views of climbing mills. I know that shit was driving them crazy like when you behind the wheel I Shooting fire steel that a poppet you And I like eight sticks like it’s Hanukkah just to get you cat like a yarmulke That’ll racist mark like a swastika I [load] [and] flash still that photographers and they can knit a cap it all like Ottawa No, I’m boxing if we brought up in this place You’ll get knuckles all up in your face and your head to be knocked off like the jordans that [y’all] make so so So y’all going gave me this chino and [tio] who eat soup named me? So when he’s called the hero think I would take every dollar you got if you’re guap got zeros like that movie they were shooting heat Al Pacino’s in the cast and [Rob] the Narrow Slow it down. I just dissed you. I said we’re shooting eat our Pacino’s in the cast and Rob de Niro you take this asian pride shit, so far your favorite battle rappers probably math I mean there’s nothing less to talk about your so agent when you get hungry you argue with your girl on purpose so she can put You in the doghouse You take this Asian pride shit, so far You probably love Ryu and the second favorite battle rappers who serve because he puts his rhymes and subtitles you huh, I Feel like the snob likes you right now. You’ll let the pike block nigga Pipe down You ain’t got the magnum for protection of popcorn dumb. It’s not in your lifestyle I Need you to tell me right now. Why do use ours instead of L’s when you speak Keep you like Herro? My favorite rapper is real way. I mean now. That’s the true fine races I don’t know if that’s something that you do because you’re Asian, but in this battle. I’ll give you a L So you can use [it] in your language That ruger get the banging put you in your place if you’re coming for Condo go rilla with the bananas for the monkey business wherever congo Why would you think the nonnamous bullets have no name, but they still come in for John Doe? Y’all know Xo and nuts created in lane for any battle that has boss Even when you agent the breaking somebody down and killing them that sauce Know when you asians are breaking somebody down [and] killing them. That’s ours So even if he did say he’ll burn me like ethan when he busts guns these blick this Kickback like three Ninjas you Rocky put The coat to your tumtum, and if you did have a gun you will give nobody two bucks. You’re like lust one ah Drive to make some motherfucking noise for Doug [fielded] and conceded y’all you

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  1. Conceited vs Dumbfounded! Two unique styles. One winner.
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  2. i dont understand how these people just let someone say some of this shit right in they face and dont smack them

  3. Yall saying con won.
    but on bodied wasnt dumb the only one?
    Funny how my man dumb was chosen.
    But con was the one at home checking his posin.
    Con was the one who was w8ting for that part.
    But dumb on the other hand was ripping the stage apart.
    Con was the one making Asian jokes.
    But dumb was the one who was using the simple quotes
    Baby facts ร—.ร—

    Like if I think those were bars and fk u if I think con won as a black person I am ashamed at his "rapping" skills

  4. And if dumb said something that made fun of his race like conceited did dumb then everybody would of been mad but itโ€™s a joke whenever any other race is made fun of

  5. Asian guy was more lyrical and creative.
    Black guy, same sht. All they rap about is with Ni***a word, knife, gun, punching, stabbing and shooting.

  6. Hello KoD, this episode is my first visit. From a lady not yet a mama, slam poetry was deepness of our town to home. Smashups was our respect of the turntable to guitar. The word battle scares me and two mics two spits and two minds will allow me to stay with the next to last word. The thank before you. Elle for come well

  7. this shit just popped up in my suggestions.. didn't even realize this battle had 10 million views๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  8. For anyone else not wanting to waste their time on nonsensical bullshit, the video starts at 3:00

  9. Conceited said โ€œIma Bring The Maggie to the Yellow Family like the Simpson Show โ€œ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  10. Conceited using same ol asian stereotypes and having a paid backup hype crew with him,dude is so garbage. I've never heard dumb sound like a stereotypical asian pronouncing L's with R's,…Dizaster is the only other rapper that I know that at least dishes out black jokes as much as blacks do…don't want to offend them too much because then they pull the race card. Fuckin hypocrites

  11. tbh funniest battle i've heard (not heard that much tho). Just so entertaining, and honestly evenly matched. I could listen to this forever.

  12. Yo just watched bodied and i thought to myself: the fotune cookie was right that i will see the same person 2 times today

  13. Like a personal trainer…… Ahhhhh…….. Can someone please explain this line to me, I really don't get it….

  14. Conceited came with better wordplay but damn Dumbfoundead's punches were more personal and hitting harder. Plus Dumbfoundead actually flipped while Conceited just went on with his canned rhymes.

  15. Slow it down I just met you ๐Ÿคฃ

    Slow it down, that's my nephew ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Slow it down, Imma let you

  16. Conceitedโ€™s hype men were too much. They had me laughing the whole time. Bruh, shut up and let ya boi rap

  17. Y'all in the comments saying that con was rapping about asian stereotypes, that Chinese nigga talking about short people stereotypes you dumbfucks can't see that can you?

  18. con is good but his stereotypical jokes gotta go…if it was dumb pulling the stereotypical jokes about black people yโ€™all would of called him out rq for being racist

  19. Youtube:

    2015: Nah
    2016: Fuk u bitch
    2017: why you lookin' at me for fam
    2018: i'll beat you up bruv
    2019: I like you. Here, have this.

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