Lara Trump: Trump will get even more support from women in 2020

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. The pot calling the kettle black. This woman is questioning the job
    qualifications of Hunter Biden. What qualifies her for White House senior advisor?

  2. If Republicans want more women votes, stop pushing feminist ideology by telling them to shovel their way into the workplace. The overwhelming majority of women who are right wing are ones that are married with children. As in, the stable nuclear traditional American family.

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  4. Ask Democrats: Should VP Pence take relatives with him to foreign countries so they can get high paying jobs with large foreign corporations that benefit from American foreign aid?

  5. You dont know how much more transparent he can be?
    1.Let's start with releasing the actual call.
    2. Stop interfering with Congress subpoenas to investigate the situation.

  6. I will give you idiots one thing the rest of the world are laughing at u how can u be so stupid but hay thatโ€™s one thing dumb yanks do well and thatโ€™s being stupid u deserve Donald DUMP

  7. The impeachment inquiry is no longer about a phone call itโ€™s about Rudy Giuliani back channeling in the Ukraine. Mr. Giuliani has gone around opening his mouth threatening people that they must follow and get turn on Joe Biden what do you will not receive money. Itโ€™s real simple April 25 Joe Biden said he was going to run for president three weeks later in May Rudy Giuliani started making contacts in the Ukraine to get dirt on Joe Biden. Rudy Giuliani will be the man to take down the president just like Michael Cohen turned

  8. Women are in no way going to give up jobs,401k retirements and abilities to better themselves to vote democrat socialist poverty.

  9. Biden's the bribe taking pedophile that should be before a judge getting ready to spend the rest of his sorry life in prison or being executed for treason.

  10. Millions will NOT dignify by watching the socialist communist Democrats sham impeachment process led by lying Schiff. All the schemes and lies to overthrow duly elected President Trump are beyond offensive. — The radical left multiple diabolical schemes will NOT get them the results they want to overthrow the 2016 Presidential election. However, enemies within will start an internal revolt in the US using demonized thousands on the side of evil who are in for power grab.

  11. Play the COMPLETE. TranscriptS on air over and over and over.
    Pass out printed transcriptS copies at ALL Trump 2020 re-election rallies to attendees.
    Donโ€™t just say โ€œread the transcriptsโ€ โ€” pass copies for all out !!!

  12. I've converted every person I know, well, to vote for Trump, and encouraged them to do the same. I've shown them all of the Democrat lunatics now ruining the fiber of America, with their sanctuary cities, their Ameriphobia, their crooked appointments and election cheating.

  13. Oh Im sure he'll have support from simple minded women like her. You know what kind. Those bible thumping christian women who do NOTHING except what their husbands tell them. How sad

  14. People around the world are laughing at the democrats in the USA, I know because I have exchange students from these places. And I talk to many of them from Germany ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช, France ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท , Spain ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ , Canada ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ , Britain ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง. And they truly are laughing at the democrats here!!!โ€ They can see right through them all, with their made up lies.โ€ There country has big troubles and they all say the same thing, they wished they had a president like Trump.

  15. So, if the son of the former VP and candidate for President ACTUALLY commits fraud, and Papa (while VP) ACTUALLY commits a quid pro quo, that must be ignored.

  16. Everyone can see in the summary (not transcript) that Trump wanted a bribe in the form of dirt on Biden in exchange for arms.
    Taylor, Hill, Vindman, Volker, Sondland, Cooper, all agree – Trump sought a quid pro quo in the form of a bribe

  17. Americans don't like crime waves in the White House:
    Trump personal lawyer Cohen – FELON!
    Trump campaign manager Manafort – FELON!
    Trump asst. campaign manager Gates – FELON!
    Trump national security adviser Flynn – FELON!
    Trump foreign policy adviser Papadopoulos – FELON!
    Trump long-term political adviser Stone – FELONY trial underway!
    Trump personal lawyer Giuliani – subject of 2 FELONY
    Trump lawyer Giuliani's employer Parnas – charged with FELONIES –
    trial coming!
    Trump lawyer Giuliani's employer Fruman – charge with FELONIES –
    trial coming!

  18. How can republicans senators not watch the testimony under oath of this hearing? Why is the GOP defending Trump lies? TRUMP betrayed our allies and is stealing oil fields, by force with American soldiers lives at stake. He gave Putin the middle east. Now republicans defending Trump giving Putin Ukraine. America has a right to the truth. Corrupt GOP.

  19. Laura is a good spokeswoman. Yes, let's hear from Hunter. He is probably a very nervous wreck that he will be found out and go to jail. Who is above the law

  20. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Woman of all ages have followed President Trump for many years. We don't like when anyone mistreats or bully's a man we love .

  21. I am a suburban soccer mom. I have no problem with my President Trump. I am proud of President Trump. I will vote for him again 2020. President Trump, idk if you should take any heed of this pole. I for one will not take a pole, ever.

  22. And let's keep in mind that Biden isn't Trumps opponent, he is just an opponent to his fellow Democrats period at this time…

  23. The Democratic race to the white house is based on removing a president isn't that a joke . Oh and Democrats need more money from cooperations . Do Democrats know how to budget money ? Or do they just need more all the time ?

  24. Impeachment will never happen in the Senate, the Dems longstanding members will be primaried' by Socialists and the House will change leadership to AOC from Pelosi, Watch as S0r0s puts in dozens just like the 'Squad' in the 2020 Dem primaries.

  25. Blue Waves coming! Kentucky, checked! Virginia, checked!

    Quip Pro Quo, confirmed by Giuliani and Mick Mulchaney. Case closed.

    As for what Hunter Biden does in his private life, America does not care!

  26. Iโ€™m more interested to see Trumpโ€™s tax returns than anything else. The fact that it needs to go all the way up to the Supreme Court is so laughable! What is Trump hiding? America does not care what Hunter Biden does as a private citizen. So what if he had done shady business dealings. Dont be fool by GOP talking heads. Their job is to manipulate the facts.

  27. She is so gross looking. Like a literal monster with makeup. Why do the trump kids marry such fugly women? Why do we care what they think they are just repeaters and muppets.

    And then get plastic surgery. So fake politics is. So many people followers on both sides. Sad.

  28. STOP spraying us with chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction from your toxic bunker fuel and poison chem trails.

  29. I really wish people would get off of Hunter Biden for taking $80,000/mo for a first time job. It's obvious he's lobbying for a higher minimum wage and he's just showing what can be done with something other than a paycheck you can really get a start in life with!!

  30. I don't know how pertinent this is to the upcoming election but I think our women are a lot better looking!!! You want to blow the lid off this election come out with a "WOMEN OF THE RIGHT CALENDAR" !! Who would you rather look at for the next four years, Elizabeth Warren or Melania Trump!!!! LOL

  31. READ THE TRANSCRIPT!!! People can look at this true, but the demonuts are not people, they are demons from hell. The polls are phony. Trump 2020.

  32. All Americans who love the USA love Trump's work. I can understand why illegals hate him cause their free ride in the USA is threatened.

  33. Yup. This is definitely a alternate reality. I never thought i would be supporting Trump. Not suppose to ever happen. This keeps happening to me. I go to sleep and wake up in another version of alternate earth. Every few months. Too wierd.

  34. The whistleblower is not protected by any statute, he is covered by entel. statute it dosen;t cover exe. or Pres. phone calls and he isn't promised ignominy he is promised not to be punished and not to lose his job. period so even if the POS shiff dosen;t have him testify his name is not covered by any law. If Shiff is the one who coached him how can we take his good word for the facts to be accurate. In other words the person may have told a completely different story before he got to Siff oh Shiff and he is being protected at one of the most expensive hotels in L.A. At tax payer dollar an he has received $ 225,000.00 on a help my lawyer fund, a true blue American for sure.

  35. Alot of us are hoping for a woman to get a chance & win the Presidency of the US. . . I hope to see that happen in my lifetime – but I am not going to vote for someone just because she's a woman. I disagreed with Hillary, and now I disagree with the women running on many, many issues. I'm also seeing that President Trump did NOT take away abortion rights, (if that was your big worry) or cause World War III. I'm a working woman and my 401K is very healthy! I am NOT swayed to the "new Democrat" women! You're right Lara. … Trump 2020

  36. Oh a Trump is saying something positive about another Trump on Fox News! Wow. So surprising.

    Biden should testify as well as TRUMP


  38. Fox News teaches systemic a systemic form of psychosis. US conservatism has evolved to become an ideology of hate towards the USA.

    Fox News teaches an alternate reality in which the most cruel people are the best people who are eternally victimized by moral Americans who are portrayed as the worst people.

    Compassion, which is the instinct that accounts for human survival, is totally destroyed by the fascistic and hateful US conservative political narrative.

    The USA is already in a civil-war, happening in the perceptions of the US working-class.

    This issue of conservative hate is much bigger than removing one criminal president.

    Trump is a symptom of a cruel society.

  39. Did the news women just say that Trump is going after a political rival? The Democrats are going after a political rival also ? Why didn't she say that ? Even on fox you can see the swamp is there too. Great job Laura.
    Demorats Stop bullying our President. The Dems are a sham of a party and have very, very bad and communistic ideas for our nation.

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