Last To Leave Revolving Door Wins $50,000

Last To Leave Revolving Door Wins $50,000

we built a revolving door last one to keep revolving wins $20,000 unless it's Chandler if Chandler wins this challenge he gets $50,000 in straight cash because as you know he's never won a challenge before so if he does win we want to do something big you four get in that revolving door it's simple last to stop pushing wins 20 grand high and speed oh my foot tight I'm gonna win this probably not actually cuz I want Chandler to win because I love them it's been like already way too long been like eight minutes I'm really tired you know it's another challenge and I'm probably gonna lose I promise I'm gonna win this challenge Dustin am I gonna win we're gonna stick it out through here make a goal you win $1,000 do it on you next time around come on Taylor you can at least do this somebody say buckets no chief he cheated any service congratulations I get to keep my money next up its cornhole 500 and that one 300 and that one did you dismiss $500 Chandler brothers house for my dad and I did good job Chandler brother and Dustin Kobe here's the dark here's the dark thank you here's the dark if someone hits a bull's-eye they get 10 grand all right Chris throw your dark Chandler's brother throw your dark Dustin no one got a bull's-eye no 10 grand this time around this I'm gonna need a loan do you think he'll make it no you think he'll make it let's see it oh I'm so tempted to throw that Jake so what is this that your will gonna tote you speed the wheels can't even keep up with me man I'm trying to keep up with you right now yeah honestly Wow okay don't look at me I require a five gallon loaves bucket look is that a repeat yeah I got warm for you hold this for a sec my feelings that's because I'm covering my how does it feel to be probably the first human being to ever be in a revolving door oh those like science Krispies at least one time in every challenge you want to pee yeah I can't do it oh you can't pee there's a skill I don't have oh that's right meatballs pleasure oh whoa what having a brother off what do y'all do just brothers blooding heads huh hey he's still going is to annoy Chandler in these fire we just like whistle if you go really fast for maybe 10 let's start a fire oh okay Tariq with that reek cuz he smell it smell great why are we still here [Applause] [Applause] here we try knocking just see some answers y'all gotta be okay Chandler it's been an hour and a half how do you feel terrible exhausted tell you could win here Chandler will this done chale your old home siren all right hit the court take this hit okay you can have the thousand dollars but you quit it all right he made this shot which is a thousand dollars but he left the challenge sometimes you take the bird in front of you instead of the one in the bush I think that's how it goes to birds for one nut yeah something like that good job us one other one fight suggest one of your victims is gone yeah you could actually win Caroline cheer Mon how could you lose after hearing that Chandler not only her but millions of other people are crying for you to win how does that make you feel Dustin not good ha ha ha so as I said in this video Oh Chandler wins he hits 50 grand and that still holds true for this video if he wins this one he gets to degrade everyone else only his 20 grand because like Chandler never wins he's a loser but we're gonna do it a little different this video if he actually does win he's gonna get the $50,000 and $1 bills that's like at least 30,000 now it's like more like 40,000 jeez so yeah make sure you watch to the end because if Chandler wins he's getting $50,000 at $1 bills Chris give me this I will teach you how to win Chandler key to it PewDiePie is probably sick of seeing that you can't win a challenge doing this for PewDiePie if no one else does this remind you of anything it's going in circle warming up going up Paul Chandler what would you do if you won 20 grand I'd get a new piano keyboard Dustin what would you get if you won 20 grand the oculus an octopus yes what would you get if you won 20 grand Souths is earn 20 grand okay a Lambo land lizard whatever I'm getting it ostrich yes all right well then actually win Jimmy what would you do with 20 grand I would give it away you're killing okay you're looking a little seasick buddy a little seasick a little tired Hey he makes bullseye one Gustin you got too greedy look it up I did run that would have been like half the prize what was going through your hair when you defend ha ha ha lots of air so you walked away did you win anything my prize okay thank you for not winning anything and making the video cheap tall Chandler faces Chandler no this is your brother's one chance at winning you gotta take it from let's see yeah he wants to meet you I mean I would too if you win the Zach if you when you get $20,000 you know what I can do that a lot stop holding your stomach and acting like you're about to throw up you're gonna win one of these things are gonna last um 30 minutes really yeah Chandler I'm gonna treat you frozen to motivate you know hi hey Brady so who do you guys think is gonna win you take Chandler Chen why do you guys so confident in Chandler the Internet bullied him for like three weeks in there that is true well you see that is that is a meme right there from the Internet Chandler you are a lasting very long man this is crazy I love this basketball how you feeling Zack well if you're gonna win stop showing weakness let's be real the whole world once a little win I know you've never won a challenge but no one else is spinning you know what that means right I'm so proud x4 your prize is not actually 20 grand we will cut to that in a few days or actually right now so as you just saw Chandler won his first challenge he's competed in all of these challenges you see on the screen and he lost every single one of them it's a big day for months you guys have made fun of him and harassed them but that all changes now so we have $50,000 in cash he actually thinks he's getting like 20 grand but he's getting 50 grand even our fridge can make fun of Chandler look Chandler trying to win a challenge losing on purpose so we can make memes out of them Chandler you think you so we pooping while drinking a Pepsi all right Connor can be the 20 grand open your eyes here's all the money you just won 20 grand 30 is this to pay off your car hello dealership boy now hand me another five grand is this five grand alright is my paper scissors for another 5,000 more get washing debt wait another five green I'm gonna form a number under the table try to guess it by this three but here you can still have another five grand now you have to 30 grand staring contest I lost okay well here's some more money now I think you have to like $42,000 here you go $45,000 oh my god 50 grand in cash because you want a challenge oh wait there's more what are you gonna buy with all this money I don't know you want to give one of them a bad yeah I got you dude yeah all right Chandler throw your money in the bag let's let's take it to the bank there you go all right all right chill let's take it back to you oh ho ho let's see what my mom thinks of it Shelly just got $50,000 in cash [Applause] $50,000 let's say you barely won that one to be fish hey Dad I want a challenge they gave me 50,000 security yeah yes a shout-out to all the people who believed in me I know it took a while but I did it and stop making memes about me losing make memes about me winning winning follow me on instagram at mr. beast when Chandler spends this money I'll try to put it on my story so go follow me but yeah we'll ride the Oscars together [Applause]

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