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hello students I'm drew chica from success series education today we will discuss the current affairs for 4th to 10th November 2018 if for revision purposes you need a PDF of these current affairs we have that also on our website and the link for the PDF I will give in the description box you can download the free PDF from there now let us begin with the current affairs question number one recently US has imposed sanctions on which country USC an EQ Nitra States of America in on a recently kissed – but first a aikbar sanctions imposed Cartier the answer is Iran the unilateral US sanctions are imposed on August 7 prohibit Iran's purchase of US Dollars and precious metals part of a larger move that attempts to cut the country off from the international financial system eqqui ago a u.s. na Iran paragraph is a sanctions cue impose here because of its nuclear policies USA in each other k iran nuclear weapons develop Caray or eise emerges a u.s. in Iran but sanctions imposed e'en next a question number to the United Nations postal administration has launched new stamps to commemorate which festival recently excessive and wathah who say commemorate Carnegie Leanna Kyousuke yard me United Nations key postal administration e stamps launch key us festival car damn ghehe answer is Diwali United Nations postal administration ko UN PAB Kathy it is a postal agency of United Nations it issues postage stamps and postal stationery denominated in United States dollars for UN offices in New York in Swiss francs for offices in Geneva and in euros for the offices in Vienna the United Nations key offices a local er countries may located here or who seeking sabzi a la Villa currency is me United Nations postal administration postern stationery or stamps launch cut the air next question number three then newly built at the National Stadium in the capital of which state will be renamed after atal bihari vajpayee par advocacy egg state key capital city may igneous international stadium bonaga hey or who say our till Bihari Vajpayee Kadampa nom de OCHA ha ha me identified negative state key capital may a stadium bonaga he is cancer he put that prediction recently yaha per international cricket kapahala match whatta India vs. West Indies cut 820 match what the Pradesh government has decided to rename newly built a Khanna International Stadium in the capital city of Lucknow after from a Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee I present Lucknow me situated here Joe stadium has Konami a Khanna International Stadium or a Miss a former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee campanilla Nam dia jaga I will make the question number 4 who has set a world record by winning the gold medal in men's skeet final of the East Asian shotgun championship a station shotgun championship me men ski skied final big gold medal GTA of world record kiss new Benaiah answer is angered veer Singh Bajwa Gita is Asian shotgun championship theic obey me we had angered veer Singh bajwa is the first Indian skeet shooter to win Continental level or world devil event in the artichoke puree 11 L Valerie 1 & 3 they huzzah Rica in only 10 meter rifle mixed event make gold medal vegeta now we see question number 5 name in this first nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine Bharat Capelli nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine Konopka hey answer is Ari hunt question number 6 when is the world tsunami Awareness Day absorbed every year hustle world tsunami awareness take up observe Giada head the answer is November 5 2018 covered tsunami days aligned with International Day for disaster reduction that is observed on 13th October and Sendai 7 campaign this year was the third edition of world tsunami awareness t-those are panoramic institute witha or those are sola maple bar of kiya kiya or those are at Haram is cathode-ray de Santa a bomb take the question number seven name India's first indigenously developed microprocessor developed by IIT Madras IIT Madras vara develop kiya gave her a capella indigenously developed microprocessor Kansai indigenous limits India may he develop kyoya iske answer hit shakti question number eight named India's new ambassador to Iran Iran Kelly India kidney Ambassador conehead answer is Gotham Dharmendra question number nine Saudi Arabia has banned the entry of Hajj pilgrims from which country Saudi Arabia ke Mecca Medina me Johnny Kelly Joe Hajj pilgrimage athenian his – hey pilgrim scope banker the ugh ahead answer is Israel Israeli Muslims Jakarta they go pilot Jordan JA today Jordan seek temporary Jordanian visa a cargo Saudi Arabia Hajj collegiate a silicon of Saudi Arabia he temporary visas Co accept Nagar Rica next a question number 10 who is the chairman of Tesla the answer is Robin Denholm yay Robin Dell home or yay-hey Elon Musk Robin Denholm believe her chief financial officer post at Telstra and take over Musk's position which he has been holding for 14 years must will remain on the board as a director and Tesla CEO now we see question number 11 in order to boost tourism which country has waved off the fee for visa-on-arrival update a Schmidt tourism cupboard Nevada nikinike station a visa on arrival key Jaffe say who say kaatham kar di answer is Thailand Thailand may occur up to disjoint a tonne a visa on arrival key feast Naheed anybody key Thailand has announced waiver on the visa on arrival fee for visitors from 20 countries the bees – okay visitors go visa on arrival fee nahi degree per day key or no country say and durable area Bhutan China press it opieop Fiji India Kazakhstan Latvia and Estonia maldis Malta Mauritius Papua New Guinean Romania San Marino Saudi Arabia Ukraine and Uzbekistan I will make the question number 12 name the Attorney General of us say sacked by US President Donald Trump usk president Donald Trump me USA K Attorney General Co fire cut the ahead we have to tell the name of this Attorney General the answer is Jeff Sessions jeff Sessions was the 84th Attorney General of United States of America he took the oath On February 9 2017 and the earth was given by Michael R pence he was fired after he recused himself from it inquiry into the president's links to Russia Matthew Whiteaker is a critic of Russia investigation and he has been appointed as the acting Attorney General the USA Kani acting Attorney General can head Matthew Whiteaker next question number 30 the Supreme Court has announced the setting up of a separate hi code for which state any of the key state may accept rate hike or set of ayodhya the answer is an through pradesh the new court will be the 25th High Court in India it will start functioning from 1 January 2019 in amravati presently Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have a 4-1 High Court situated at Hyderabad Abbey at present Andhra Pradesh Telangana state sky common high quota joka Hyderabad we located a leak in 1st Jan 3 2019 say amravati make Nia high code function carita for the state of Andhra Pradesh it will be the 25th High Court of India now we see question number 14 named the biography of AR Emma famous musician ar Rahman key biography Konami hey answer is notes of a dream now we move on to the next question number 15 which of these is not one of the eight countries who have been granted Iran oil waiver by the merci Jessica Xavier question may have today kotaki USA the Iran / sanctions imposed Kathina to coiba country Co Iran Cassatt trade Kenickie permission in here licking eight country school USA day Iran oil Reverdy ahead Aquabat Anunnaki in my sequency country in art they show me say egg nahi that means three of the countries have been granted oil waiver one is the odd man out and you have to identify that country and the answer is option B Canada the Paki thing they shall go Iran oil waiver theory ahead a we Iran oil waiver guy I irritate eight countries that is India China Italy Greece Japan South Korea Taiwan and Turkey they have been granted exemptions by United States allowing them to temporarily continue buying Iranian oil qinq exemption they were here they have been exempted as they significantly reduced their imports of Iranian oil us they observed a cage odd countries here Halicki Iran say oil layer and he held a can only copy conquer the hackneyed requirement you have not import or you say well just say in 8 countries Co Iranian oil waiver theory ahead next is question number 16 Bengaluru based cab service Ola is not operating in which of these countries again in this question you have to find the odd one out in Mesa consi country may Allah cab service operate nahi Quran here that means three countries may cooperate kirtaniyah you have to find the odd one out and the answer is option B Canada so Ola is operating in Australia New Zealand and United Kingdom question number 17 named the recipient of the IPI India Award for Excellence in Journalism 2018 IPI India Award for Excellence in Journalism 2018 Kennedy Ageha answer is non grata abuja question number 18 where was the 18th Indian Ocean rim Association Council of Ministers meeting held at Harvey I or a council of ministers meeting cooperativity answer is Durban and South Africa Indian Ocean rim Association to say I own abhi kaju tie is a police car antha Indian Ocean rim initiative and Indian Ocean rim Association for regional cooperation yaik International Organization a is me sorry countries members and joking Indian Ocean caper drooper like RTA Hiskey headquarters a EB Mauritius May 21 member states a or seven dialogue partners hey yo Rocky yellow meeting here it is taking place during the celebrations of one hundred and fiftieth year of birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and 100th birth anniversary of Nelson Mandela next is question number 19 named the world's largest supercomputer the Niaga subsequent a supercomputer Konami our answer is spin naka spin nakaka full form a spiking neural network architecture machine next is question number 20 policing from Jharkhand headed the High Commission of which country for a day under the celebrations of International Day of girl child char Khun tin axel hit areas if a clerk in a policing Jenica see country the high commission of an Agatha egg then Kelly and you have to identify the country the answer is Australia question number 21 in which city is the signature Bridge located signature bridge kishna has been located her answer is New Delhi signature rich Yamuna River purple area Haley Kutub Minar said double-height car hey you buzina vodka the liquor South Connecticut ahead they were Yamanaka Bariba naga hey it will reduce the travel time between north and northeast delhi from 45 minutes to 10 minutes delicas signature bridge Pella asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge hair vodka so a bridge shake a symmetrical bridge or give hara kapahala essa bridgehead question number 22 which country has unveiled a sculpture in honor of Indian soldiers but Thea soldiers ki honored make a station igneous sculpture B'nai ahead answer is UK United Kingdom question number 23 according to the Sustainability Index released by our cadiz which is Asia's most sustainable city al-qaida sawara released KY sustainability index me in sharpie subsys are the sustainable city counci head answer is singapore singapore CAG Lobel rank for hey or a Shyama singapore crank 1 hey next question number 24 the little india gate is located in which country little india gate kis desh mo located her answer is Indonesia question number 25 which of these High Court Chief Justice's has been elevated as Supreme Court judge in Mesa kiss High Court Chief Justice cuz Supreme Court Judge bonaga head answer is AJ Rastogi for new judges of Supreme Court have been appointed by the president Ramnath Govan under Article 124 so India P Constitution k article 1 24k under india k president ramnath kovin HR nay judges Co point Kia has the judges of Supreme Court of India own Kaname Haman cooked ax are so harsh ready Rasik misha and a gyroscope e when this the strength of the Supreme Court judges has risen to 28 so now there are 28 judges in the Supreme Court of India and with this we come to an end of this session of current affairs thank you for watching this video and if you found this video to be helpful then please for more such videos subscribe to our Channel success CDs education

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