Latest GK September 2016 (Part 1),  Current Affairs 35 MCQs for IBPS PO,Clerical, AFCAT, UPSC CDS

hello friends my name is Ruchika and i welcome you to success cds education here is the current affairs and gk multiple-choice questions for the month of september 2016 this is the first part of the video where we will cover question number one – question number 35 so let's get started now let us see the first question when is the International democracy Day celebrated and the correct answer is September 15th now let us see some more information about this International democracy Day students the United Nations General Assembly in the year November 2007 had decided to observe International democracy Day every year on September 15 it was observed for the first time in the year 2008 the day is being observed to raise public awareness about the democratic system the theme for the year 2016 is democracy and the two zero three zero agenda for sustainable development now let's go to the next question with which country has the USA signed a defence deal for ten years out of these four options let us see the correct answer the correct answer is Israel United States has signed a 38 billion dollar memorandum with Israel to provide the country with military assistance over a 10-year period this defence deal is the largest such agreement the US has ever had with any country now let us see the third question which telecommunication company has merged with Reliance Communications out of these four given options let us see the correct answer the correct answer is Aircel now some information about this Reliance Communications led by Anil Ambani has signed a deal with Maxis Communications Berhad for merger of its wireless business of the company Aircel Limited with itself the merge company will have second largest spectrum holding amongst all operators in the country are calm and MCB will hold a 50% stake each in the merged entity with equal representation on the board of directors and all committees the company will be managed by an independent professional team under the supervision of the board now let us see the question number four named the Indian born innovator and scientist who has won the prestigious 2016 linson MIT price out of these 4 given options servants the correct answer is Ramesh rasca let us see some information about him this is ramesh oscar he is an associate professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab he is known for his Co invention of an ultra-fast imaging camera that can see around corners low-cost eye care solutions he had finished his engineering education from the College of Engineering Pune and had completed his PhD at UNC Chapel Hill he holds over 75 patents and has written more than 120 reviewed publications the annual lemelson-mit prize is administered by the School of Engineering at the MIT it was endowed in the Year 1994 by Jerome H Lemelson the award honors us inventors who are mid-career and trying to improve the word through science and technology the winner receives US dollar five million making it the largest cash prize for invention in the US non literacy question number five named the captain and the team which has won the league trophy cricket tournament 2016 these are the four options and the correct answer is Gotham compete and the name of the team is india blue now here is some information about this the 2016-17 was fifty fifth season of the Duleep Trophy in the final match held in Greater Noida India blue defeated India red captained by Yuvraj Singh by a massive 355 runs the Duleep Trophy is a domestic first-class cricket tournament played between teams representing geographical zones of India the tournament was instituted in the Year 1961 62 by BCCI the tournament is named after Kumar Shree the lips Singh G of Nobunaga it was contested by three teams namely India Red India blue and India green in the year June 2016 the Board of Control of Cricket in India that is BCCI had changed the feature of tournament featuring day and night matches and to be played with a pink ball now the question number six named the politician presently a member of the Rajya Sabha who has been conferred the Tamil Ratna award these are the four options the correct answer is subramanian swamy friends this is subramanian swamy he was bestowed with this award for fighting corruption and for working for more transparency in the functioning of the government some of the previous recipients of the Tamil Ratna award include music composer a R Rahman Bharat Natyam exponent Kamla Lakshman tamil movie director party Raja and mathematician Srinivasa burthen now the seventh question which national day is celebrated on the 14th of September these are the four options and let us see the correct answer Hindi Devas Hindi diverse is celebrated on the 14th of September now why is Hindi Day celebrated observance of the day seeks to propagate Hindi language and its cultural heritage and values it also seeks to promote the Matra Basha that is mother tongue of India and show its importance as a language in the country and the world at large on this occasion the President Pranab Mukherjee will present the Raj pasha awards add the Tripathi Bhavan the day is also celebrated in schools colleges offices organizations and other enterprises as a Hindi Devas with the unique programs and competitions organised related to Hindi poems story recitations and vocabulary quizzes the eighth question is named the joint military training exercise between India and us the correct answer out of these four options is you're the obvious you the obvious 2016 is one of the longest-running joint military training and a major ongoing bilateral defense cooperation the joint military training exercise between India and the United States has begun in cha Bhatia in Uttarakhand it is the 12th edition of the joint military exercise hosted alternately by the two countries the two-week exercise will witness participation of about 225 personnel of Congo Brigade of the Indian Army and a similar strength of the US Army now the ninth question is you have to name the city which is the venue for the 3rd bricks urbanization meet the correct answer out of these four options is Vishakhapatnam the three-day conference was inaugurated by the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and Chandrababu Naidu in the presence of Union Minister of urban development m Venkaiah Naidu in this edition of the confidence the delegates from the BRICS nations BRICS stands for Brazil Russia India China and South Africa so the delegates from these countries are participating during the three-day deliberations they will discuss investments urbanization formation of new cities and others the conference will also discuss how to increase the productivity how to make a separate urban finances and creation of employment opportunities based on the discussions and deliberations with Zog declaration will be prepared which will play a wider role in ministers conference of BRICS to be held on October 15 and 16 2016 in Goa question number 10 named the winner of the Durand Cup football 2016 the current turns out of these four given options is army green army green has won the 2016 Durand Cup football title by defeating naraka FC it was the 120th edition of the Durand Cup the Durand Cup is a prestigious football tournament of India it is the oldest football tournament in Asia and third oldest in the world after Football Association cup of England and Scotland Football Association cup let us come to question number 11 named the Indian woman who has won a silver medal in short put at the 2016 Rio Paralympics out of these four given options the correct answer is Deepa Malik students this is Deepa Malik she has created history by winning a silver medal in the women's short put at the 2016 Rio Paralympics with this she becomes the first Indian woman to win a medal at the Paralympics it is India's third medal in the ongoing Paralympics games at the Rio de Janerio Brazil now let us come to question number 12 named the Indian who has won a gold medal in javelin throw at the 2016 Rio Paralympics out of these four options the correct answer is Dave and Rajesh chharia students this is Dave and Rajesh chharia he has won a gold medal in the hence javelin throw event held at the 2016 Rio Paralympics with this he becomes only the second gold medalist at the Paralympics for the country he had also secured the gold medal in the javelin event at the 2004 Athens Paralympics with this he also became first Indian Paralympian to win two gold medals at the Paralympics let us go to the next question question number 13 named the winner of the men's singles US Open title now these are the four options and the correct answer is Stan Wawrinka Stan Wawrinka he is world number 3 from Switzerland has won the 2016 US Open men's singles title this is his maiden US Open title and his third major title in the final match he defeated novakovic from Serbia by six seven six four seven five and six three score question number 14 named the winner of the women's singles US Open title out of these four given options the correct answers the first one Angelique Kerber Angelique Kerber from Germany has won the 2016 US Open women's singles title in the final match she defeated Karolina silk over off czech republic by 6-3 4-6 6-4 score question number 15 you have to name the winner of the men's doubles US Open title and the correct answer is the last one Jamie Marais from United Kingdom and Bruno Soares from Brazil these are the winners of the men's doubles title in the final match they defeated Spanish pair of Pablo Karina Busta and guillermo garcía-lópez by six-two six-three score question number 16 name the online scheme launched by CBDT that is the Central Board of Direct Taxes for redressal of grievances the correct answer out of these four options is in LeBaron students the environ scheme was launched as a part of CBDT is initiative to reduce instances of harassment of the public when it comes to complaints related to the IT department using this facility taxpayers can register their complaints through their personal computer systems the ena Virant forum will also be provided at the Iker Samper kyndra's that is the tax facilitation center in a physical form which will later fit into the system by the tax officials now here is the seventeenth question where has the world's first daily driverless service started out of these four options the correct answer is Leon France the world's first daily driverless bus service has started in Leon France which will run in the confluence area there are two electric shuttles that will transport passengers on a 10-minute route hosting five stops they can hold up to 15 passengers and our electric buses it has features like lead our radar technology and motion sensors which help to avoid accidents question number 18 named the helpline launched by the Union government for power outages so the correct answer is Oranje Mitra the government of india has launched Yuja Mitra through which residents can get information about the power situation in their area this helpline is for pan India usage besides power Finance Corporation on behalf of the union power ministry has developed the Yuja mobile app it will enhance consumer connect with power distribution companies using it consumers can get information on outages complaint redressal timely release of connections and power reliability among others question number 19 is who has won India's first gold medal at the Rio Paralympics in high jump event so the correct answer out of these four options is Maria panthan gavel ooh students this is Maria pan Tonga value who is an Indian Paralympic high jumper he is India's first Paralympian gold medalist since the year 2004 in March 2016 he cleared a distance of 1.78 meters in the men's high jump e42 event at the IPC Grand Prix in Tunisia qualifying him for the Rio Paralympics at the Rio Paralympics he won the gold medal in the men's high jump t42 finals with a leap of 1.89 meters question number 20 named the host country for the Asian summit 2016 out of these four options the correct answer is the first one Laos the Asian summit is a semi annual meeting held by the members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in relation to economic and cultural development of these countries the League of Asian is currently connected with other countries who aim to participate on the missions and visions of the league apparently the league is conducting an annual meeting with other countries in an organization collective known as the Asian dialogue partners Asian plus 3 adds China Japan and South Korea question number 21 name the site where the legal lab is being set up in India the correct answer out of these four options is the first one hing goli Maharashtra now students what is legal legal stands for laser interferometer gravitational-wave Observatory which is a large scale physics experiment and observatory to detect cosmic gravitational waves and to develop gravitational wave observations as an astronomical tool it will be the third such lab in the world and first one outside the United States the existing two labs are located in Hanford in Washington and Livingston in Rosina question number 22 named the Bank which has introduced software robotics for power banking now the correct answer out of these four options is the ICICI India's ICICI Bank has successfully deployed software robotics for power banking operations with this it becomes the first bank in the country and among few globally to deploy these software robotics the business processes include retail banking operations agribusiness trade and foreign exchange Treasury and human resources management among others the software robots can perform over 10 lakh banking transactions every working day question number 23 named the advanced weather satellite successfully launched by ISRO the correct answer out of these four given options is the last one inside 3d our students insert 3d are similar to inside 3d is an advanced metallurgical satellite of India configured with an imaging system and an atmospheric sounder the significant improvements incorporated in inside 3d are our imaging in middle trade bank to provide nighttime pictures of low clouds and fog imaging into thermal infrared bands for estimation of sea surface temperature with better accuracy higher spatial resolution in the visible and thermal infrared bands and like its predecessor in sad 3d inset 3d art carries a data relay transponder as well as a search-and-rescue transponder thus inside 3d art will provide service continuity to earlier melodical visions of ISRO and further augment the capability to provide various metrology cool as well as search and rescue services question number 24 named the mobile app through which driving license and vehicle registration have been integrated so the correct answer is DG Locker DG Locker is a digital Locker service launched by the Government of India in February 2015 to provide a secure dedicated personal electronic space for storing the documents of residents Indian citizens the storage space is a maximum of 10 MB at the time of launching and now it has been upgraded to 1gb it is linked to the unique identification Authority of India that is your other number the space can be utilized for storing personal documents like university certificates pan cards voter ID cards etc and the documents issued by various issuer departments the next question number 25 when is the International Literacy Day celebrated the correct answer is September 8th September 8th was proclaimed as the International Literacy day by UNESCO on November 17 1965 its aim is to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals communities and societies on the International Literacy day each year unesco reminds the international community of the status of literacy and adult learning globally celebrations take place around the world the theme for the year 2016 was reading the past writing the future question number 26 which campaign has been launched by the Union Government to promote the use of natural gas in India students the correct answer is the second option gas for India campaign the Bendre Pradhan the Union Minister of State for petroleum and natural gas has recently launched gas for India campaign in New Delhi to promote the use of natural gas in India besides this he also launched the website Twitter handle Facebook page and theme song of the campaign the gas for India is a unified cross-country multimedia multi event campaign to communicate the national social economic and ecological benefits of using natural gas as a fuel of choice to every citizen who uses or will use in the near future the campaign includes social engagement via twitter facebook youtube linkedin and its official blog site as well as hyper local offline events to directly connect with consumers through discussions workshops and cultural events the next question numbers 27 where was the 2016 g20 summit held the correct answer out of these four options is the first one hangzhou china the 2016 group of 20 that is the g20 summit was held in Hangzhou China from 4th to 5th September 2016 to discuss efforts to reform global economic governance the theme of the g20 summit was toward an innovative invigorated interconnected and inclusive world economy g20 leaders have pledged to continue to work for a globally fair and modern international tax system foster growth and refrain from competitive devaluation of currencies they agreed at this summit that a few G's are a global issue and the burden must be shed they called for strengthening humanitarian assistance for Refugees the 2017 g20 summit will be held in Hamburg Germany from 7 to 8 July 2017 question number 28 which Indian film won the Best Film award at the first BRICS Film Festival the correct answer is TT Indian film that he has won the Best Film award are the first BRICS Film Festival concluded in New Delhi the Film Festival had opened in New Delhi on 2nd September 2016 city is a dramatic comedy Kannada film co-written and directed by Ram Reddy it is about how three generations of sons react to the death of the oldest man in their clan named century Gowda who is a locally renowned highly cantankerous 101 year old man question number twenty nine which conservationist among these won the prestigious 2016 heritage heroes award of the eye you see n the correct answer out of these options is the booty lakh are a sum raised ecologist and conservation activist vibhuti lekar won the prestigious heritage heroes award of the International Union for Conservation of Nature with this he became the first Asian to win this prestigious environmental award he was presented this award at the IUCN's ongoing word conservation Congress for the past two decades lekar has been working to save the grasslands flora and fauna of Manas National Park area currently he is engaged as Manas landscape administrator for Aaron York and NGO working for biodiversity conservation in northeast India he has intensively studied grasslands of manners and is globally recognized as an expert in threatened flora and fauna of the Terai region along southern foothills of the Himalayas he was also instrumental in connecting manasvi Life Sanctuary with the Royal Manas National Park in Bhutan connecting them has led to a system of trans boundary wildlife monitoring which now supports manage an entire Manas natural area that spreads across India and Bhutan he also has conducted the first GIS survey of the Manas and his research findings and recommendations were critical component in the Manas tiger conservation plan question number 30 who took the charge as the 24th RBI governor the correct answer is or jith Patel eminent economist consultant and banker dr. orgeat Patel has assumed charge as the 24th governor of the RBI prior to this appointment he was deputy governor of the RBI he is the eighth deputy governor earlier in August 2016 his appointment committee of cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi had approved the appointment of dr. Patel his appointment was based on the recommendation of the financial sector regulatory appointment search committee headed by the Cabinet Secretary for the first time he was appointed as the deputy governor of RBI in January 2013 for three year term and was later reappointed on January 2016 he had headed committee to review the monetary policy framework and had proposed monetary policy committee to set interest rates he also had worked as a consultant to the Union Ministry of Finance from 1998 to 2001 question number 31 named the city which became the first Wi-Fi hotspot village in Haryana out of these four options the correct answer is gum Tala guru gunlala guru village near Pahoa in Kurukshetra district in Haryana became the first Wi-Fi hotspot village in Haryana Circle the service was inaugurated by chief minister Manohar Lal from Chandigarh under the bulk plan of BSNL to provide Internet services to rural areas the Wi-Fi hotspot facility at the village uses bandwidth of 10 Mbps through BSNL state-of-the-art network in this hotspot data can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously 10 outdoor and one indoor access points have been installed to cover the village the coverage from each access point is about 100 meters question number 32 named the largest river island in the world declared by Guinness World Records the correct answer is module II the Guinness World Records has officially designated asam's module II as the largest river island in the world it is situated in the Brahmaputra River the River Island covering an area of around eight hundred eighty square kilometer has toppled the previous record held by Brazil's Mirage Oh Island in the Amazon River the flew Gilead River nine island is formed by the Brahmaputra River system it is surrounded by subhan isla river in the north main Brahmaputra River on the south and Kira Katya su Lee split channel of Brahmaputra River in North East the island has total 144 villages with a population of over one lakh sixty thousand and a density of 300 individuals per square kilometer question number 33 namely scientist who successfully sequenced DNA in this space about the International Space Station out of these four options the correct answer is Kate Rubin's the National Aeronautics and Space Administration that is NASA for the first time has successfully sequenced DNA in space about the international space station the genome sequencing was undertaken for the first time in microgravity as part of the biomolecule sequencer experiment performed by NASA astronaut Kate Rubin's this experiment provides a way to sequence DNA in space which can help astronauts to diagnose any illness besides it will also help them identify microbes growing in the ISS to determine whether or not they represent a health threat the future explorers can potentially use the technology to identify DNA based life-forms beyond the earth question number 34 named the person who has not received the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay prize for the year 2016 the correct answer is Sanjeev Chaturvedi – Indians TM Krishna and Bayes vada Wilson have received the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay prize for the year 2016 they were among the six persons organizations who received the prestigious award often regarded as Asia's Nobel Prize the award ceremony was held at the cultural center of Philippines in pasay city Manila on on August 31 2016 that is on the birth anniversary of former Filipino president Ramon max se now some information about BAE's vada Wilson he is the national in our of these safai Karim Chari and Dolan he was awarded for asserting the inalienable right to a life of human dignity he has done remarkable work in liberating scores of people engaged in manual scavenging across the country food or mother Krishna he is a Carnatic music vocalist he was bestowed with this award ensuring social inclusiveness in culture question number 35 named a political party which has recently granted the National Party status by the Election Commission out of these four options the correct answer is All India Trinamool Congress the Election Commission of India has granted National Party status to all in your Trinamool Congress Party led by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee the party has fulfilled the required conditions to become a National Party after getting status of state party in four states the TNC is ruling the West Bengal government and has its presence in northeastern states Manipur Arunachal Pradesh and Tripura with this recognition TNC becomes seventh National Party in the country along with the BJP the Congress the Biogen semaj party the Nationalist Congress party the Communist Party of India and the Communist Party of india-marxist Thank You friends for watching this I hope it was useful to you do subscribe to our channel success CDs education

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