Liam Payne, Cheat Codes – Live Forever (Official Video)

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  1. Лиам ты мой кумир вот встретить бы такого мужчину на своем пути

  2. One Direction- This is not the end, we can live forever

    Zayn- I don't wanna live forever

    Liam- Some way, somehow, you and I, we're gonna live forever

  3. He just seems fake, like it's not what I imagine his personality like, you see harry, zayn, niall, louis and they feel authentic, all this sexy, bold, toxic masculinity doesn't suit him


  5. 1d: tonight let's get some and live while we're young
    1d: we can live forever
    Zayn: I don't wanna live forever
    Liam: someday somehow you and I we are gonna live forever
    Are you kidding?

  6. I need to return from a direction, those songs and groups were part of my music, I listen every day at the age of 8 pls

  7. Que canción tan buena. Que tristeza que no tenga el reconocimiento adecuado. A lo mejor Liam necesita otro equipo de marketing porque está canción es mucho mejor que muchas que actualmente dominan las listas como yummy. Liam merecen mucho y está canción lo demuestra 🙆‍♀️

  8. Aww cute liam…evolving nicely!!! Sounding great, Good for you😍..I tried to follow Harry's growth he losing me 😂I cant wit harry . Harry doin it too big nah🤦‍♀️lol

  9. Inspired from ONE DIRECTION
    I hope you like this…….
    You can inspire me…. 🙂

  10. this song is the only good one in the album…
    He has so focused on showing his body and tried to be sexy with the lyrics that his talent and his voice are secondly

  11. My mind just keep on saying one thing:
    Pyane(pain)by name
    Pain by nature

  12. Are people getting paid to not watch this or dislike this ?????

    Even if I get paid I will not dislike it…

  13. Seems like there are so many haters in comment section …
    If you don't like him or his music then don't listen to it .
    Nobody is forcing you
    Don't give him hate.
    They are so many artists go and listen to them …

  14. This song has an incredible melody, it leaves you up with a crazy urge to go dancing around. Simply amazing, Liam has an amazing talent!

  15. Me gusta esta canción. Lástima que sólo tiene 3 millones de vistas en YouTube, lo cual es muy poquito considerando que se estrenó hace más de 2 meses. Creo que después de dejar One Direction a Liam no le fue nada bien. Lanza un fracaso tras otro. ¡Qué triste!

  16. After zayn, liam is my fav one 1D member
    Strip that down ,live for ever still 2020 my favourite song list
    music what he does exactly that type I love
    I see his bright solo career in future
    But I wanna see all 1D member together,
    1D always my fav one band forever bcz I grow up by hearing their song
    Bcz I m exactly their age

  17. Great song but I don't get the mv.
    Why is he in a cave? Why is he levitating? Why is he running? Why is he jumping off cliffs? Why are they making donuts? Seriously, what am I missing here? Anyone?

  18. Love you Liam
    Guys let's support him
    You should know how much there are so many people loves you
    DGF to anyone ❤❤❤❤❤
    Allllll the best Paynooooo ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  19. I dont get it guys. You don’t like his music? Then why the fuck are you here? You think his music is not deep enough? Move your ass and listen to some artists you think are deep enough for you.
    For me, his music is so good. I’m not a dance fan but his music now and his dance moves from 1D till now makes me shake my ass :))
    Go the hell away. Spread love here cause he deserves it

  20. I want to be like you as a good person. I am inspired by you Liam. You are my ideal. I'd like to sing a song with you, Liam. How do i do it I don't know! But I love you. I want to be a man like you, can you give me a chance? If you see it (I don't know if you'll ever see it). But I love you. I can't explain it.

  21. His music is so good and he sings so well, I don't know why they keep putting hate on his music! Give him love, he deserves a lot! Liam, I love you and your music! Do not give up 💜

  22. Guys, stop putting hate on liam and any former member of one direction! They are following their paths and trying to identify themselves with the songs. Can you put children On the side and for once have empathy? Stop putting hate in your music, read just like any human being is a person and has feelings. He is struggling, you would like to receive hate No need? What a bag, they will grow and just as they support another singer support him! Liam, I love you! Keep going 💜💜

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