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Lil Mosey – Live This Wild [Official Music Video]

Lil Mosey – Live This Wild [Official Music Video]

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. What’s weird to think about is that those girls are all prob dancing and twerking in that house with no music playing

  2. You are white mofo n word is not your word lil mosey and an a hundred billion dollar child lil mosey why you flexing

  3. Me seing the start of the clip : Ho nice ! Mosey is gonna make a song for the environnement with animales !

    *Mosey on an pollutant hydroplane with bitches on it*

  4. 1st time hearing the song:

    100 time hearing the song:
    I have a million dollar towel ooh

    999999999999999 time hearing the song:
    Im a hundred million dollar chilld oooh

  5. So we just gone act like he ain’t take that hundred billion dollar child line from ole boys from 4 years ago like search that line up and you gone see ole boys original version 😭 light bright kid weak bro

  6. You kissed Jeffrey star like to undo Just kidding you can not live with your own failure Where did that bring you back to me

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