Live Broadcast with Annotator

Live Broadcast with IPEVO’s Annotator Software
for Mac. Start off by opening Annotator’s preferences. Here we can find the settings
for Live Broadcast. Go down and click “login” for Youtube. Login and select the your account.
When asked, allow access for IPEVO Live Broadcast. Let’s return to Annotator’s preferences.
Go down to “Youtube,” and this time click on the link. This will open Youtube’s live
stream page for your channel. If you need to, take a moment to edit the video if you
want to change the title or settings. When your ready go to the toolbar and locate the
“Fullscreen Live Broadcast” icon. Click on it to start your live stream. While you
are streaming you can access the tools inside annotator, such as the pen tool. Depending
on your connection you will need to wait a few seconds for the stream to start. [Music]
When you’re done, press the stop button to end your live stream. In addition to “Full
Screen live Broadcast” you can also stream a select portion of your screen. Click the
icon and then click and drag across your screen to select the area you want to capture. [Music]
When you are ready, click live broadcast. Now you will only stream what appears in the
region you selected. Anything done outside that area will not be shown. For more information
visit us at

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