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  1. Just started…(am I crazy?lol) loving the vids, hopefully I can turn some real profit soon how did you get over your jumpiness to sell, did you just trust your gut…the numbers?….the candlesticks?….no matter what I'm still in the black so that's good

  2. Do you have any videos that walks through your dashboard? As a new guy learning, I don't know what you're doing some of the time on your dashboard, specifically if you're buying or selling at moments.


  3. Learned a hard lesson today. I woke up an hour after the opening bell and all the stocks that I would have been watching had all lost their upward momentum by that time. I still tried to make a couple of trades though (all this being in a simulator with a really small account). On the first trade I made, I set my stop loss a couple of seconds too late and the stock ended up plummeting on me. On my second trade, I actually got in at a decent position and I could have closed it in the green, but I was hoping (there's that word popping up in my life again) to make back what I had lost on the previous trade. I also used up close to half of my buying power on it so I felt the need to commit to the trade more than I needed to (assuming I'm working under the PDT rule). I ended up with a loss on that trade as well, though it was within my preferred stop loss range.

    So I think my first lesson is to keep my alarm set every day so that I don't have to worry about resetting it every night. My second lesson is to treat every trade as its own independent situation. I should probably also have a set loss amount at which I stop trading for the day.

    edit: I was trying to trade long on what were ultimately down trending stocks. I didn't really take the time to use my scanner to look for the best possible situations at the time. I just had a couple of stocks that I knew still had some movement in them. Right now, I'm still in the process of establishing a working strategy and improving my accuracy and consistency, so I think that it's important for me to practice reading the market every day and putting my paper money where my mouth is. I want to make sure I my predictions are accurate and that I know why a stock is moving a certain way.

  4. $130 in 90 minutes.
    Well at $16.80 and hour it currently takes my girlfriend 8 hours to make $134.40.
    So I think you are killing it especially since the Market was clued in place and you gained 6 and a half hours of personal time to work other things. (Subtracting from an 8 hour Work day)
    And to me that time is worth more then the money!

  5. Thank you my friend for your amazing videos and just wanted to say your are a very incredible trader, person and a amazing father. Ok my friend I will continue learning from your videos so many blessings from Miami ✌

  6. Thank you for this Clay. You just make me feel you and be in your shoes. Great job my friend . it isn't about the money always, it is the process.

  7. I noticed you've been on the short sale side of these trades lately clay, even on some that have gone up. Is there a reason you've been short biased lately? Love the content bro!

  8. Clay switch to long GDX and GDXJ….short Nasdaq…..Us tech company earnings going to get eviserated….you have the skill….You also may want to go long CEF…European Banks going to blow up soon

  9. Some days you are grinding through a bunch of nothing. Sitting in front of a screen is hard work and it is tiring. There is less glamor to being a market trader than you think it if you saw a movie like Trading Places. It's exhausting alright. And there is a lot of hurry up and wait.

  10. First time I am watching this guy. This guy gambles, that's all he does ""So let's see what this thing wants to doooooo". Anyone can do that; ha ha ha. No structure, no system.

  11. If am profitable +20%-40% in a month 20 days about 50 trades in total with succes rate of trades around 55%-60%,is it enough to feel confident im long term profitable ?How many trades in your expirience is sufficient enough to determine im long term profitable and not just short term variance

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