LIVE – How Much Makeup Do You Really Need – 2 Make-Better Reveals + Q&A

Good morning everyone and welcome to Two Minute Tips where we concentrate on beauty from both the inside and the out
looking our best always no matter what our situation is. Today we’re going to be
doing make betters and with Contestants 11 & 12 and then we’re going to be talking about how much makeup do we really need and of course
followed by our usual Q & A. Now if I could just get a thumbs-up from anybody
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assuming that you can hear me and see me okay and that everything is is good to
go alrighty so today like I said make
bettors how much makeup do we really need so I’m gonna show you what I use
from my stash and what is helpful for a lot of people to keep it simple and easy
alright so let’s just jump right into how much makeup is too much I just have
to move something out of the way here there we go
sounds great on my end Thank You Lauri okay um how much makeup do we really
need well are you ready let’s get started
only four eyeshadows that is it yep only for a black a Coquette by Mac which is I
like the Mac eyeshadows because they’re finely milled and there they have great
payoff okay they really great bail they last you a long time and if you buy them
in the pan there are only seven dollars so that
makes it you know very very very competitive with any drugstore brand my
eye is weeping today so I’m gonna be doing this from time to time
part of my aging process now there’s a couple of ways you can carry these pants
one is in a little quad pack that Mac also sells that is really simple and
easy good for traveling and and it’s it’s all there it’s it’s just so so so
so simple now another way you can do it depending on your lifestyle is I use a
makeup palette and you again you can get these from Mac and I put my foundations
in if you don’t look at the bottom the big round ones are Cris are all round
but the big ones are my foundations the one on your far I guess would be your
far left is my actual foundation powder the one next to it is two shades lighter
and the one in the far corner is two to three shades darker that’s all I use for
for everything for everything unless of course I need to have a concealer which I’ll show you in a
moment but in here I’ve got the four I have a couple of extra eyeshadows and I
use I have a pink blush and I have an orange eyeshadow that I use as a blush
you could use pink eyeshadows as well too but you know putting them all in a
pan or carrying those quad packs is really a great way to go so next if you
need a concealer I have found after I test drove Mac and I think it was
forever their HD where I decided to stay with a Mac Pro Longwear now I rarely
wear it but sometimes I need it and if you do then you’ll need a little
concealer brush to go with it and and and that only needs to be a small tiny
dome brush synthetic dome brush really simple I’ll show you in a couple of
minute because I have the same thing exactly
for the gel liner and you just put that on just where you need it it’s not one
of these things where you cover under your eyes and you conceal into your brow
and on top you around no no no no no no at this stage ladies that’s not what we
need just simple easy and one of these will last you a long long time now you
know what I do with things like this I D can’t them and I put some into a smaller
container so that I’m not constantly using that one which could dry out and
the pump gets stuck and all that sort of thing so put one into a smoke container
that I use when I need to use concealer so and that’s pretty small and pretty
easy to carry the next thing is brushes a concealer brush is what you need as
you know for small coverage and a small dome brush would work the same as with
your gel liner you need a couple of flat angled brushes one for your eye brows
one for your liner to fluff brushes too detailed brushes one makeup brush and
one dome makeup or foundation brush and a sponge and then of course you have let
me just pull this up here your your if you’re wearing eyelashes then you want
your glue always carry of us some scissors a manicure scissors and some
tweezers and that’s about it that’s really about it if we go back to the
brushes you’ll notice too that all mine except for two are short handled because
if you’re using a magnifying mirror then you want a short-handled brush because a
long handle will just get in the way what you won’t be able to get as close
to the magnifying mirror as what you’d like to okay all right now where are we
oh we’ve done that one now here is for your gel liner now you can either use
the gel in a pot like the fluid line from Mac or Bobby Brown and there’s that
little dome brush that I apply it with it’s buried
let me see if I got it right here so I can show you because sometimes pictures
on screen can be a little bit deceiving but if I show you the actual brush on my
face you may have a better idea okay so there’s the size of it you see how small
I was tiny that is I’m going to do in the future livestream I’m gonna do a
demonstration on how I apply gel liner with the actual gel because some people
are having a little bit of trouble with it now on the other hand all may gel
pencil for those who live in the States and Annabelle smooth liner gel pencil
for those that live in Canada and I’m not sure but the rest of the world
ladies I’m sure you can get either one online that’s all that’s all you need
okay for as far as your your your eye your waterline enhancement is concerned
so now let’s see what we have next next is mascara or lashes whichever you use –
or choose to use or sometimes I do both but rarely depending on your lifestyle
depending on what your needs are you will use either one or both of these and
you want to make sure that you have the glue that I showed you earlier the dual
lash adhesive duo d uo lash adhesive is the best for
lashes and that I really like the L’Oreal double extend tube mascara not a
great delivery system it’s not that great but it really is a good product
for wear and it washes off beautifully it applies pretty good and it has
staying power and after you’ve you know finished your makeup you can curl your
lashes again and they will stay pretty well so that’s that part of things now
getting to lipsticks all you need is about five or six colors this is one
combination I’m showing you of you want a you want
warm and you want cool and you want true warm I’m wearing warm today I’m wearing
115 that’s forever chestnut and I’m wearing 110 over top in the in the in
the on the the bottom and that’s timeless toffee now because the forever
chestnut has a little bit of a shimmer in it but it’s such a great color I go
with a red after I’ve applied it go with the red and just kind of go along where
the role is with a matte red liquid to to cover over that rule so it doesn’t
show okay so these are little tricks and we can we can talk about that against
some other time but what you want basically is a medium and or dark let’s
say cool so your all-day cherry and perpetual plum would be great and then a
highlight for that would be so pretty pink in the center picture we have flame
which is a true red it can go either way okay if you put a warm highlight on it
it will look warm if you put a cool highlight on it it will look cool and in
the bottom picture here we have the same red with timeless toffee number 150 over
it okay now I have another picture of some of some lip colors here I wanted to
show you this I found this in my little stash of pictures this is all day cherry
number Oh 15 on the top and notice I haven’t filled in I’ve just outlined the
lips with it then I put perpetual plum number 55 overtop of it and do you see
how the color changes but it’s a little stronger than the perpetual plum on its
own and then I added the 110 at the bottom but I have to tell you ladies six
colors is about all anybody needs I mean it so no need to have a big stash of of
lip colors truly alright and then where do you put all these
in a little makeup bag there is a trap one that I have excuse me there’s a
travel one that I have that I’ve shown before where I keep just a few brushes
and my eye I take a highlight lipstick with me in case I need it and if I’m
wearing lashes I have a small duo glue in there in case I need it and a small
tweezer I’ve got everything I need and a compact and for eyeshadows that I’ve
shown you in another video where I just put the pans and those little gum things
and they it works out really well so that’s really really really all anybody
needs for a for makeup anything more than that is it’s costly its excess it’s
unfair to the environment and it takes up unnecessary space more isn’t
necessarily better but less is in this case and here’s something I have to say
to you especially your concealer brush and your gel liner brush if you’re using
those then they need to be cleansed every single time after use or you will
not get the performance out of them that you need just take a little bit of soap
or gel soap or whatever put some on your finger rub you know with a little bit of
water rub the brush on it clean all the stuff off push you know squeeze out the
excess it’s good to go for the next time okay so let’s take a look and see if we
have any questions about this before we go on good morning Lori and Victoria and
Paula and violet and WC write and Catherine King good morning from Maine
and Kathy get Ehrman and from Arizona and let’s see here we have a question um
let me just get this right here smiles I can’t put on false lashes I have tried
over and over any suggestions shaping my eyebrows if I remove too many
hairs will they grow back well good questions let’s take a look at the first
one okay false lashes I’ve got a few videos on that I would suggest that you
go to the search on this channel and just put false lashes and a number of
videos will come up on the false lashes and I show you how to how to do it it
you want to make sure you’re not putting on too much glue just a little bit and
you want to put it on in the center first and you use tweezers some people
can do them with fingers but you know it’s not as precision and if they can if
you can do it that way great but if you can’t then I strongly suggest you use
tweezers so you put the center and then put down the inside put down the outside
and then you squeeze both your lash and the false lash together in the at the
outside end in the center and in the set all that’s shown on the video so I would
suggest that you you look those up and you will you will find some help for
sure in the videos now for shaping your eyebrows if I remove too many hairs
while they grow back here’s the thing ladies when you remove hair you have to
also add hair where it’s supposed to go if you’re just tweezing and not and not
shaping as you go you will not get the correct perspective and before you start
to tweeze it’s essential that you draw your guidelines on first and that you
take a selfie and look at that selfie and make sure that the guidelines are
proportional and in in the right place and if you’ve had guide brow guidelines
from me that they’re in essentially in the same place remember when you remove
a hair you gotta add a hair remover hair out of hair
okay I hope that helps and again in the search box there’s plenty of videos on
brows okay and yes sitka good day from McAllen
Texas well good day to you – that sounds Australian it does and smile says some
red shades of Maybelline will I’m not sure I think say on I’m not sure it’s
some shades are better than others um-hmm if it’s got shimmer in the color
it won’t stay as well as a matte that’s that’s for sure
so if you’re buying shimmer lips and ladies I don’t know how to encourage you
to resist buying shimmer products especially shimmer lips you will get
sheen from the balm that you put on you will get that 3d look by using a lighter
color just in the center believe me it’s not the best look for our agent stage
and especially when we have to correct your lips like I have to correct mine
quite a bit quite a bit and it’s only with practice you know that it gets good
but I make sure that I use matte colors and just highlight in the center so that
will help if you don’t use the shimmer lip colors and I believe that it will
last longer for you and let’s see Karen hi from California well hello there and
Rebecca kuai thank you you’re welcome Rebecca all right and smell some shades
well oh that’s that’s I’ve already read that Liz I have a wide face should I
apply blush to the apples of the cheeks no no the apples okay here’s the thing
when we we’re told you know when you when you if you’re going to add blush
to the apples of your cheeks smile and put it here well when your face drops
down it ends up down here too often I see it’s different when you’re younger
it’s different when you’re younger but too often I see you look at what would
happen if I put it here look what look where it ends up
you want to put it here because it helped it somehow it helps to lift the
face just a little bit too and you don’t want to go past your pupil you want it
you want it on the outside like a c-shape think of that as far as a wide
face is concerned Blizz then consider using a contour on
the sides of your face down the sides I have to see the shape of your face but
consider doing that contour not not a bronzer bronzers and contours are
different bronzers have shimmer in them and we don’t want that if you get the
the either the Mac Studio Fix powder foundation or the Burrell dual finish
powder they don’t have any shimmer in them whatsoever but get one that’s two
shades maybe three shades lighter than your actual foundation and that should
solve your problem for you okay and Victoria nuts I absolutely love the
Burrell dual finish powder yes I used number forty-one do you know what number
would be two shades lighter thirty-nine looks too dark oh I would go number
forty number forty is fairly light really yeah I used to wear forty-one you
know way back in another life that’s how long I’ve been wearing this product and
it’s it’s a great it’s a great color try try number forty and if you find that
it’s not light enough remember to add just a matte white eyeshadow and I think
max gesso is is a is a matte white just makes a little bit of white eyeshadow in
with the the lighter foundation together and that that should do it for you okay
Victoria I’m just calling you smiles cuz it’s
just easier thanks for your help you’re most welcome
and Liz tours thanks for your help you’re most welcome Liz alright ladies
so it seems like we don’t have any more questions so how about we move on to our
our next contestant and not next contestant to our contestant and that
would be let me see our first contestant and that would be
number 11 we have this femme fatale this is her before picture and she’s got
great curly hair and she’s got a nice look going on a better but with a few
tweaks we can certainly help just change the perspective of how she’s presented
so let’s take a look ah what do we see first well in this case I think the hair
stands out once again lifting the circumference of the crown
makes a huge difference and that just means back combing at the root okay and
just to round the circumference not the center of the top but at the sides of
the crown and I lifted up the sides just a little bit more – alrighty now let’s
take a look at her brows shall we do you see in the before picture how they’re
lifted up and she almost looks like she’s questioning or has or is a little
bit surprised well in the after I brought the front ends down and lifted
up the arch a bit more just studied that for a second now with her eyes she’s got
it she’s done a pretty good job but I’m I have cleaned around the eyes more this
is the thing that women seem to miss it seems to me is making sure that the
canvas around the eyes is nice and clean and void of discoloration so that when
you add your product it really stands out the way you would like it to
and again the gel liner in the upper waterline mascara eyeshadow in the lower
lash line dropped off at the outside corner and blended in to the center no
not past the pupil and to the outside and in her case I have added you use the
what do you call it the hooded eye approach and taken some
brown or Coquette maybe a combination of both in her case and dropped some along
the lash line from about the pupil to the outside edge and then just blended
it up and out and again when you have a nice even skin tone around the eye when
you add the eye shadow it makes a big difference now take a look at her lips
and this is a wonderful example of a lip color
there’s a lovely lip color but it’s too shiny and look at her upper her upper
lip in the center do you see where the light is catching the sheen in that lip
color so if you’re correcting your lips the gig is up because people can see
where your role is alrighty now all I’ve done was just removed that and I have
matted down her lip color a little bit more she’s done quite a nice job and I
just defined the lower what do you call it lip line I’ve just defined that a
little bit more now let’s take a look at her guide lines and you can see with her
brows and and and this is you know this is where she will have to remove a fair
bit from the top of her right and also from her nut but more from her top right
but do you see where she has to fill in underneath and she also needs to remove
or lift up the back end remove a couple of rows at the very back end when when
she’s doing us when she draws her guidelines on then she’s got to remove
the hair that’s above the guideline but add in underneath okay all right so let’s take a look at our
bars we’re going to take a look at each item on its own because that seems to be
a good learning tool for people take a look at the two sets of brows here that
before and after and just study those for a second and you can see the
difference that that makes by just lowering that front end and adding a bit
more to the arch at the top and taking out a little bit of hair underneath it
all right now we’re gonna take a look at her eyes only now can you see what I
mean about the discoloration around her eyes in the before picture and where the
adding a bit more foundation or like stippling it on around the eyes cleans
the canvas to paint and what happens is her eyes stand out we don’t see the cut
discoloration getting in the way now we put the brows and the eyes together look
at the difference that that makes just study that for a second all righty now let’s go down and take a
look at her lips it may have to look very fairly closely here you can see
where I’ve removed or matted down the color at the top center and and the
lower lip matted it down but lightened it up a little bit you can see on the
left and the right side of that intense shimmer in the center okay one more look at her
before-and-after all right let’s see if we have any questions for contestant
number 11 Cheryl says isn’t that amazing the smallest tweaks make the biggest
difference very beautiful yes she’s beautiful isn’t she
and Thank You Cheryl yes you know this is why I call them make better because
they’re not makeovers they’re taking the person and making them the best that
they can be every single person on the planet can be made to look their best
with just a few tweaks just a little bit it’s all it takes seriously okay see
what else we have here Linda Lee wow that’s a huge difference
yes it is isn’t it it’s some it makes it does make a big difference with with
small incremental steps it really really really really does yes and Negro is
makeup real I’m not sure I think you might be asking did I do these people
personally no these are digital make bettors and they’re used as a teaching
tool template for each person I I give people their pictures afterwards I post
them for them online then they can download them to whatever devices that
they want so that they have them to emulate they can copy they can they get
a good idea of how to do it for themselves but I have to tell you even
though I use Photoshop to do it with I do not use Photoshop filters or anything
else like that I simply use their brushes and their
colors I apply in Photoshop as close to real life as if the person were sitting
in my chair the only other tool I use is the liquify
to help with the hair that just to lift it
that’s all because otherwise it would take me forever and you know we I have
got that kind of time anyway um yeah that’s how it’s done and so anyway does
anyone have any other questions with respect to contestant number 11 doesn’t
look like it so let’s move on to contestant number 12 shall we whoops
what happened here all right here we go all right so here’s our before picture
of our contestant and this is a blonde and very pretty woman she’s got
beautiful skin tone but got a lot of things going for her but watch what
happens when we add just a wee bit of tweaking you see how I stand out more
now and take a look at her brows do you see the difference that her brow makes
in lifting up the front end and lowering the arch of it and the usual gel liner
gel liner in the upper waterline mascara and or lashes and eyeshadow in the lower
lash line at the back end and not and blend it out to the pupil look at the
difference that makes in her eyes and of course I treated her eye with the hooded
eye approach with probably I think I would have in this case I would have
used Coquette maybe mixed with a little bit of Brune but Coquette for sure uh on
her eyelid with the hooded eye approach and I would have only used Coquette on
her lower lash line now I’ve taken down her
blush a wee bit just a wee bit and I have added just a bit more foundation in
the corners of her eyes under her eyes and across the bridge of her nose and just a wee bit on her chin now what I’ve
also done is I’ve taken that pink lipstick and I I know that this woman
loves her Pink’s but I’ve toned it down a little bit added a bit of brown to it
so it’s not quite so bubblegum pink if that makes any sense so let’s take a
look at the guidelines here now you can see in the more so on her left because
her right is fairly covered do you see how I’ve lifted up that front end a fair
bit so she has to take off a bit off the bottom but she needs to fill in on the
top front end of her brow and add and and take off a little bit at the top
part of her arch and add more in and extending it you see that for a sec all righty let’s take a look at the two
of them and let’s bring them closer together and we’ll bring in the bars it’s a little bit difficult like I said
because you know she’s on an angle here but we can still tell can you see the
difference how pointed the the brow is in the before picture what happens with
that is guess it can give people the wrong impression it can make you look
like you’re a little bit angry or fierce or whatever now let’s take a look at her
eyes only again you can see we’re cleaning up this the skin tone around
her eyes making for an even skin tone or clean canvas then her eyes you know
become the focal point rather than it being confused with a discoloration of
skin not sit through so much but it does make a difference and you notice how her
eyes jump out more they’re stronger looking in the second picture now let’s
add the brows um you you you can see in the after picture with the front and
lifted on those brows how it gives a completely different feeling about what
she need be thinking and the other thing is the color of her actual eyeball jumps
out now people will talk about use if you’ve got blue eyes and you want to use
a blue eyeshadow or a blue line or a mascara no no no no no no no no no no
don’t go that route these neutrals are all anybody needs no matter what there’s
their their their hair color is okay whoops sorry about that now let’s go
down and take a look at her lips can you see the difference it’s very slight but
there’s there’s a little bit more of a warm and matted look to her pink lip
color okay now the other thing I want to bring
your attention to is take a look at the circumference of her hair notice how on
though on the after picture I’ve over the left eyebrow do you see where I’ve
lifted the hair a little bit up by the crown and the same on the right side
I’ve lifted it out just a wee bit on the crown and on the left side do you see in
the before picture how that piece of hair or bang is sticking out a bit while
I push that back in on the after picture okay let’s see if we have any questions
for contestant number 12 okay let’s see Lindy I just joined what type of
foundation did you use around the eyes it looks great I use the dual finish
powder for everything dual finish powder as is recommended on this on this page
or this page this channel constantly I go this route as m’p lay back which will
be up in a while after about an hour after I finished we finished doing our
livestream I just do a few technical things and then it will be up so you can
watch the replay talking about what makeup you know to use I don’t know
about you girls but I am sure many of you have other lives to live you do not
want to spend a lot of time doing makeup every day if you wear makeup every day
not everybody does but when you wear it you want to make sure you’re getting
your you’re wearing what looks good for you what enhances your strengths and
diminishes your weaknesses okay the dual finish powder is fast easy it’s
wonderful in humid and weather it it is it is just the bomb in so many ways
because it wears well and when you don’t have you know other products on
underneath it except your moisturizer which you should always put on and or
your sun block or sunscreen underneath it but you have to give it time to to to
you know soak into the skin and you put it on and it wear as well this is what I
wear all the time this is all I have on I’m 73 and my skin doesn’t look too bad
for my age I’ve got wrinkles yes if I’ve got pores
yes my gut lines yes and they’re still there makeup the foundation doesn’t make
it go away but it looks pretty good for the age I’m at what it what it looks
like is it’s it looks cared for there’s a video that I’ve done on
Foundations go into the search and you know it was
done fairly recently and just just type in the word foundation or powder
foundation and a bunch of videos will come up to help you with that okay
and let’s see mister does it close the eyes up to place darker shade on mobile
eyelid or should you use light I don’t go that route at all if your it depends
on what you’re doing as an example I have a I have a lid like I have a crease
in my eye so because this is the way my eyes are you know are built I use a you
know a Coquette in my crease line but I always use a lighter color here and what
is that lighter color together glass is just a lighter shade of foundation that
I wear on the rest of my face I also put it you know under here and down in the
in the Triangle of my face oh and down the center of my nose um if you have
hooded eyes then I would recommend dropping some eyeshadow along the edge
of the lash line and then taking your brush and blending it a clean brush a
clean brush and blending it up and out okay not everybody has what they used to
call a mobile lid I don’t don’t don’t don’t go by that go by what your eye
shape is and here’s the other thing at our stage and I’m talking about the 45
plus gangue wearing eye shadow in here unless you’ve got exquisitely clean
canvas it tends to make us look too heavy and too made-up really it does
this is a much better approach for both the hooded eye the slightly hooded eye
or the the eyelid some women are you know have a very deep set eye I’d still
take the same approach unless it’s very deep and there are some cases where they
can wear like a color and it would look fine because they have the eye shape for
it but generally speaking I find that most women this age either have a bit of
a lid or they have a hooded eye okay I hope that answers your question okay and Negro I’ve a question about contestant
number 13 I’m sorry to disappoint you but there is
no contestant 13 today that’ll be the next time unless unless you meant for
this one or our previous one that is that was contestant number 11 so but
stick around Rock contestant number 13 will be coming up in a couple of weeks
okay so here we have a question Cheryl crevice my crevices between my eyebrows
need Botox but it is very costly what can I do
people think I’m angry but I’m not makes me feel self-conscious even at my age
and stage I understand Cheryl most of us have you know they call them hockey
sticks they call them 11s they call them all kinds of things look you can see
mine one of the things that nobody seems to pay attention to when you have these
lines is your eyebrow shape if your eyebrows are going down here that’s just
gonna accentuate because you’re gonna have this you’re gonna have this look
you know what I mean if your eyebrows are going down it’s gonna make you look
like you’re angry when you’re not I would suggest taking a look at your
eyebrow shaping take a selfie and study it
you want to send it to me on my public Beauty page or our join the going gray
page and bring it there you know we can just we can certainly discuss it and get
some feedback for you I I’m not this is me I wouldn’t do Botox I could do it but
I’m not I’m not gonna do it You Know Who am I trying to kid I am the
age I’m at I’m 73 and because I know how to do makeup because why I’ve practiced
that is all and I fiddled around and found myself about you know five or six
here’s to us I can use depending on my situation I present well for my age not
trying to look younger no interest in looking younger ah I just want to look
the best I am for where I’m at so you know I can feel that soap box knocking
can you guys Botox pillars all those sorts of things keep
us off the track of who we are where we are what we do how we contribute and
what our relationships are like seriously we put as much attention to
other things in life as we do thinking about what needs to be failed to talk to
plucked fixed you know we would be better off but there but that’s not to
say not to bother at all there’s a fine line of balance so I would use the dual
finish powder that I recommend and take a look at the foundation page and you’ll
see what I mean you’ll see how it kind of it kind of evens out pores it it um
it doesn’t get rid of the lines but it it softens them makes them look well
cared-for I remember saying this about 30 years ago
it just hit me one day and I thought I saw a woman who just looked fabulous now
this is a woman I worked with and when she came to work a couple
after I can’t remember I hadn’t seen it for a couple weeks when she came to work
up whoa she looks amazing I couldn’t figure out what it was and I studied her
like I do I just studied her and because she had a lot of wrinkles around this
part of her eye she still had them but they looked softer and more cared for
another that’s it what was compelling was that the
wrinkles were cared for when you see a face that is cared for the underlying
message in that that gets you know put out is that this is a loving person they
care does that make sense at all so trying to get rid of them I’m sorry is
just a beauty propaganda make billions of bucks on the backs of you know
women’s manufactured low self-esteem because you have some lines between your
forehead you’ve lived your life you know God knows you know how your life has
been in it but you’ve lived it and that’s part of the badges of having
lived that doesn’t mean to say you don’t shine up your badges okay I hope that
makes some sense believe me the dual finish powder
applied and if you have a spot or an area that’s you’ve got a deeper crevice
like here’s a good example my nasal labial folds see how it looks darker in
there what if I am if I I don’t see I don’t care because because it’s not what
people are people are drawn to my lips in my eyes they’re not if they’re
looking at this then they’re either standing too close to me or something
but what I would do is because here’s a good example take your dual finish
powder that’s a couple of shades lighter and use a very thin brush and fill in
the center it’s like you see a valley like this in the deep part of the valley
is where you want to have it lighter so it brings it up okay just do that and
then your regular powder are of foundation color over top and just
stipple it on and just push it in I hope that helps and if it doesn’t well let me
know okay thank you and let me see Kathy Kidder man do you ever use a touch of
Matt naked lunch or something similar in the middle of your lid um no no because
um the the Naked Lunch has a wee bit of shimmer in it and I think that the lid
on an older eye looks better without shimmer but your matte colors are better
what I do use though is I have this green blouse it’s kind of an olive color
and I’ve had it for like 25 years but it still is almost as good as it was
when the day I bought it but I but and I bought it because it went with the the
green and the blouse cuz I have green in my eyes it just looked nice and I’ve got
a green eyeshadow let me see if I can show you this is a kind of a green now
it may look taupe it may look gray on on your monitor but that’s a green and all
I would do is this green is I will add after I’ve done my eyes like they are
then I will add a little bit along here and I will put some just along here just
in the center not up the lid but just along the lash line does that make sense
and that’s the only one I do if I you know sometimes I have blue but I don’t
know I don’t do it I have you know God I’ve got a lack of colors but I don’t do
it because it could be my lifestyle and that’s another thing to consider Kathy
what is your lifestyle mine is not going up to business anymore my business is on
online my monkey business is online you know and I attend church and things like
that but I’m so I’m not out and I’m not as social as I used to
be so I don’t find the need but if I do have to I have to tell you the
strengthening your slip your lip color a little stronger making it a little like
a stronger red or something and adding some false lashes and maybe just
intensify your liner that’ll that’ll that’ll get you wherever you need to go
for whatever situation you’re in anyway I hope that answers your question okay
Kathy thanks for asking and Cheryl thank you I’d rather use makeup tricks okay
and Robin great talk today I’m happy I caught you oh good Rob and I’m glad you
did too and let’s see is there any other
questions there doesn’t seem to be so that being the case where do I want to
go next ah I want to go to questions but we’ve
already all the questions unless anybody has any doesn’t look like it so let me
just step on to the next one a summary a summary is of your makeup remember you
don’t need a lot to make you look fantastic and fabulous for any situation
what I suggest here can you and I’m going to I’m going to do a very
minimalist look the next time how you can get by doing very very minimal using
the same products well you can do a very minimalist look or you can do red carpet
with the products recommended you don’t need any more than that okay Oh have a
couple of questions here so let’s see are you fond of boomsticks
no no not at all they just know they’re they’re a cream
and no at this stage powder is better powder is better and especially given
when we and it’s it’s an overpriced product too and and what the ways they
suggest using it I don’t agree with so that’s why I don’t recommend it with
with the climate we have in you especially in the southern states it’s
you know what where it gets really hot and what am i what am I thinking
southern states right here in Toronto you can get pretty darn humid too
so using this product it it doesn’t melt if you’re putting on liquids or creams
they will melt and all liquids and creams must be sealed with a powder no
matter what they say okay using a dual finish powder it won’t melt it glows
alright and if you have to do a touch-up you all you have to do is just touch up
and I’ve showed you before my little little trick for just I put some
foundation in a little round pan clean finger or Kleenex around around around
that’s the touch-up that’s all you need to do but if you’ve got concealer
underneath and all those sorts of things then you got uh then you got a real mess
you have to for touching up you don’t want to go there right you want it easy
to apply in the first place and you want it easy for upkeep so that that’s why I
I go that route and let’s see Sheri hi Sherri Hill and Lori Hamilton how do I
get personal tips from you sixty years old and never really worn makeup well
Lori there’s a couple of ways one of the ways I would suggest to subscribe to and
watch the YouTube channel there’s over 300 video tutorials on hair makeup
extensions best beauty tips like really quick little things and there’s also the
inner you which is all about you know the inner beauty and others these live
streams that have you know I I try to do a teaching of something and then have a
couple of contestants when when I do their lives every other week but that’s
where I would go is start watching those and you can and I’ll show you in a
minute how do how to work through that the the
channel the thing is you can join me on my either of my Beauty pages
and you know we can talk more there but really follow up follow this channel and
there’s lots there for you Laurie and good for you for Trump for getting at it
and Lily I’m from Louisiana and glad I caught broadcast before we knew his
Wi-Fi due to the storm oh yes I understand there supposed to be a
massive storm blessings to all of our sisters who are going to be in the way
of that big storm please keep safe and keep safe with your
family and friends too okay so you’re welcome Laurie
all right so speaking of how to get in touch make sure if you’re not you
subscribe to the YouTube channel okay and for those that are interested
in the advocacy work that I do which has been pumped up lately you can follow me
on my advocacy channel and make sure please – like ship share or subscribe
and share please and if you would give the in a thumbs up YouTube is just ah
the censorship and everything else that’s coming in if you could do that it
would be it would be really helpful for me because I don’t get paid
I’m not monetized I receive no benefit I do this I share my skills with with
Dame’s in the forty five up category and younger ones – with the idea that if
you’ve benefitted that you pay it forward with your own time talent or
treasure and my daughter’s name to somebody in need okay
alrighty and you can follow me on Facebook at which is a public page
sharing danly beauty or if a private group or not private it’s closed group
so only the people inside the group you know get to see everything and it’s
going gray and loving it and if you want to make better you can
post a picture on either one of those pages you have to join the going grey
group first and make sure you answer the question or
I don’t let anybody in who doesn’t answer the question to know what the
group is all about and how we operate okay so you can certainly do that or you
can put a picture up on my Beauty page or contact me through my public Beauty
page with a picture and I will take it from there
all right now as far as the channel is concerned this is the main page do you
notice where there’s playlists you can go to the playlist directly or you can
go to the search just type in what you want and it will come up all righty if
you go to the playlist they’re all listed there for you on and and they’re
their category combined so everything on makeup is together everything on hair is
together and so on and so forth alrighty so our quote for this week
well styled natural gray hair is a statement in strength self-acceptance
and healthy confidence alrighty I see we have a couple more questions so let’s
just take a look and Laurie from let’s put you here Laurie where I can see
behind all my little things there you are so right it’s very hot and muggy
here in North Carolina and the powder works much better than the creams thank
you for that confirmation Laurie much appreciated and from Dana you are very
helpful many things you’re most welcome Dana and Laurie Thompson new follower
here you mentioned the powder foundation and humid climates but do you also
recommend them for air at high altitude ears I recommend them for everything
Laurie honestly the trick with it is just to make sure you put on your
moisturizer whatever it is over a clean face and here’s something else ladies
cleansing your face thoroughly every evening is essential is essential for
good skin care and then you know rinse warm water in the morning and apply your
moisturizer give it a you know but five minutes just sorry I have to have a
little bit of caffeine Saturday morning caffeine there’s nothing like it is
there let that soak in a little bit and then apply the dual finish powder and
just about any climate it should be just fine
it’s it’s the bomb and Kimberly Dale I get so overwhelmed and not sure where to
start with my makeup not sure how to choose the correct foundation color well
what you can do Kimberly is go to your Mac counter I’m just gonna move this
over here nah maybe I’ll go here go to your local Mac counter and test okay
test have a clean face from here down test the dual finish powder take a
selfie and go out into the into the into the natural light and not directly in
the sunlight but natural light excuse me take another selfie and make sure that
it’s matching okay if it’s not go back in and try another one until you get it
right that’s the best way that’s it’s it’s really hard online to do this but
but that would be that would be the thing that I would recommend and I’ll
tell you most women most Caucasian women who follow this channel most of them
would fall into a light warm or a light cool generally speaking now there’s
products of course for our our middle-eastern sisters or our Asian
sisters that have a little bit more yellow in them and our and our Black
Beauty sisters there’s there’s this same products come are in much darker colors
too they have them with red undertone and they have a more with a golden
undertone but you have to test drive once you’ve got it then you will you all
you have to do is just reorder once you’ve got it but that’s that’s the
thing but if you’re if you’re if you don’t
know what it is and you’re gonna have to do a little testing yourself to make
sure that you get the right color okay all right I hope that helps well it
seems like we have come to the end of our time here let me see is there
anything else here that I wanted to say I can’t think of anything I just want to
say thanks for joining me today it was a pleasure to keep your company and
communicate with you as always please remember to take good care of yourself
take care of your loved ones and your little corner of the world do the best
you can and if you’ve benefited in any way please pay it forward in my daughter
Andrea Mane’s name to help somebody somewhere with something OK? Next week
it will be a video I’m not sure what yet but it’ll be something. In the meantime, take good care, thank you – MWAH – and we’ll see you next time.

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