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Live – I Alone (Official Music Video)

Live – I Alone (Official Music Video)

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Cool Group. Lead singer kinda looks like lead singer from Red Hot Chili Peppers. At end of video, he looks like he has a migraine.

  2. Lean into the heartache with ""live"" they have been my go to song if I feel down… but in a good way! Such beautiful vocals ❤️

  3. MUSIC OUTRAGEOUS. SOMEONE, PLEASE, BRING BACK THE PASSION. 2019. p.s. this is what happens when you cut off the little boys' balls– a 25-year drought from REAL "BALLS" JAM !!!!

  4. Being black my family was always open to exploring different musical genres. I was never told just because I was black that I could only listen to black artists. For that I am grateful I was allowed to explore different types of music.

  5. LIVE is still one of my fave 90s band im listening til now and always in my classic iPod 160GB playlist… Throwing Copper and Secret Samadhi albums are my faves… next is the Distance to Here…

  6. What my eyes and The Exodus and the yacht cuz I need a yacht because the Oculus lands in the ocean and I'll leave and you will never believe the show you going to see

  7. Glob is dead brahs.


    We're still unsure of what happened to Grob, Gob, and Bob.
    Last seen on Mars with Lincoln. ☮

  8. My friend and I loved this band in our teens. Then my friend told me she won a contest to meet the band. She broke her collarbone a few weeks before and when she met Ed K. he looked at her injury and asked, "did your husband do that" ? Her husband was standing next to her. Unbelievable! That was that.

  9. Fuaaaa que temazo de la puta madre!!!ya no hay bandas de rock asi…por suerte vivi esa epoca con los mejores años y ahora disfruto como recuerdos…

  10. My mom was jamming to this and completely forgot about this gem, im only 19 but i feel like my soul belongs in the 90s… hate to be that person to say that i was born in the wrong generation but i truly feel like it lol

  11. It’s February 2020.. it’s started , we can’t stop it now. If you can read this there’s still hope .. go back to the 90s

  12. Me and my buds went to a concert just outside of Pittsburgh somewhere around 95' or 96'. It was Live,PJ Harvey,and Varuca Salt. It was a damn good show, however, looking back now, what was really important was the audience. I know now that I was completely surrounded by a cross section of teen and and early adult grunge fans. All of which were of similar age and backgrounds. That was a very important in recent music history and I am so glad to have been in attendance in that era. Anyone else feel that way?

  13. Ο Ed Kowalczyk είναι σαν υβρίδιο του Colin Farrell και του Κωνσταντίνου Μπογδάνου. (Γελάω και μόνο στην σκέψη ότι κάποτε θα δει αυτό το σχόλιο Έλληνας) 😂😂😂😂

  14. when the music is worth millions and the video set couple hundred lol
    Ed Kowalczyk, an amazing and criminally underrated vocalist.
    This album is 25 years. Holy shit! It's still a masterpiece.

  15. I love this song. The children of Donbass streaked faces from stress and hands. Greatest of teachers does not cross Styx. Wayne. I AL One. Sting chippy sets sail, teacher won't hesitate to uproot you without replacement. HHDL does not do that. Look at Tibet. Learn faster. RU Donbass. Leave you by yourself chained to fate. Hey, you did well. Amazing. I love this song, frig. Hidden aggression? It is sweet and loving and arousing. This is Fatima and MIcrobiology of the vedic stars. Very good. They did studies on dopamine through tears measuring it.
    Fear is not the end of this!
    (fear of the Royals and God is PPhalguni curse or blessing)
    I alone love you
    (extreme bullcrap but is true with God, intellect building, only God loves, Uttara Phalguni)
    I alone tempt you
    (Mula owl crow hasta dendrites sending sweet signals)
    I alone love you
    (light of light chitra tiger king of kings)
    It's easier not to be great
    (hiding out then justice Swati scales, judgement, opinions)
    And measure these things by your eyes
    (swati seer into the vishakha extremes)
    We long to be here by his resolve
    (trying to get graces from goddess for Wayne Alexei Tsar, Christ, Anuradha Krishna)
    Alone in the church by and by
    (Jyestha, satan outcast, without God but misfortune, Vatican gone wrong as Mother Mary says)
    To cradle the baby in space
    (Mula dark, baby Jesus, in occult moloch offering, Elon and baby but also unoccupied space, to expand freely, selfless, cold dark without God light in black, cradling us trapped. Keep asking about this one)
    And leave you there by yourself chained to fate (purva ashadha humanitarian feels all this flow in, chained, chaining of star enzyme behavior, step by step, to fate. Fate of what? You have been swept away hit by the darkness and misery, baby is floating away in space, haha, without divine scripts, find it yourself, without a teacher. 2005. The world got damned. Sting went silent. Anna RU supernatural power determines your outcome and events rising and falling and the babies of Donbass RU are getting it right anyway. They had to walk the trail we took up without much info on us and still find the wisdom, resolve for Wayne, for God who is Krishna) Chippy Sting song. I am silent. Leaves us. Does his thing over and over so we need to practice our self and journals over and over. Then you can remember last ship sailing, chippy Sting and say, oh, this song. Yes. then find the cosmic miracle. When you cry, the supernatural takes over your fate. What world is she from? This is not Earth info. RO? Where I'm going if someone does not catch up with me. Thank you for wonderful music. Mario says good songs to realize, ANNA. Never twine someone to you if you don't know who they are. Twine to the one who loves you, God AL one. Amen. He enjoys it when I say go study for yourself. He is that way so he feels his soul wrote this with Wayne. RU realm angels. Humbling.

  16. I have a feeling Tenacious D could do a killer cover of this.
    Time has slipped through our fingers , 1994 was a blink of an eye.

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