LIVE – New Segment – Digital Make-Betters – Realistic, Vibrant & Easy to Maintain

Morning everyone, Sharon here with Two
Tinute Tips. I have had a little bit of technical difficulty YouTube has changed
some things and so has Facebook and a few other things so I just want to make
sure that I’m online okay and that you can see me and if anybody is there
please give me a thumbs up okay we have someone okay great
today is going I’m going to be introducing a new segment I’m a lot
better now after my my shoulder I’m into the next phase of intense physiotherapy
but see I can lift my hand and I was able to do some back combing on my hair
so things are looking good for me my aim is to be able to do a 1960s hairdo Amy
Winehouse style for those of you that you know are on under 21 so our new
segment today is going to be about digital make bettors we have two
contestants and then when we’ve gone through that then we’re going to do our
usual Q&A so let’s jump into it shall we what is this new segment it is a pay it
forward make letters I take digital images of people who submit their
pictures to me and I give them a makeover digitally that they can you
know use however they want to except for commercial use and if that’s the case
the only thing I ask for is credit the idea is that it’s a pay forward you give
of your own time talent or treasure to somebody in your postage stamp of the
world that’s in need that’s all either a person or group or
whatever you think is important and I ask that you give it in my daughter
Andrea mains name now these make betters are free of charge of course but and I
provide guidelines and things of that nature for you to help you when you’re
going to if you’re thinking about getting micro bladed done or you’re
wanting to you know go to your technician your eyebrow technician and
get them reshaped or whatever it’s streamlined and
as easy as possible and what what I like about the term make better is that it’s
more realistic than a make over makeovers – to me it is about making us
different than what we are in other words you’re not quite good enough you
know we get this story all the time in the beauty industry so if we make you
over into something else then you may be happy however when you get a makeover
oftentimes hair is either cut or coloured styled in a way that you know
you’re you’re not used to managing or can’t do very well yourself and there’s
all kinds of products and things that you have to go by in order to maintain
that and if they’ve colored streaked or whatever your hair then you have to pay
dollars to go get that maintained well I say cushaw everybody is good enough as
they are however that doesn’t mean not bothering I’m all about self-improvement
both both internally and externally and self-improvement is one thing but a
complete makeover is something else again
so that’s why I dubbed these as a a make better and that’s what they’re termed as
now on my closed page going gray and loving it
I’ve been doing these for some time and they seem to be quite popular and then I
post afterwards the pictures of the people I give them to them so they can
put them on their smart devices and use them however they want but I also do a
video explaining so that’s what I’m going to try to or not try I’m going to
do for you today is make bettors and we have two contestants now I’m not using
anybody’s name because we don’t need to go there do we so let’s jump into our
make bettors are our first contestant contestant number one oops I put the wrong thing up there you
go you see okay this is her before picture now
she’s quite lovely look at those beautiful blue eyes that she has and
she’s got a lot of good stuff going on for lovely hair a lovely complexion all
that sort of thing now if she were put into a makeover she might look
completely different but that’s not my goal with the make bettors here is how
she looks with a make better I’d like you to just look at this for a few
minutes and see if you can figure out what are the the the subtle changes that
are made to just to improve her already spectacular look okay I’m going to refer
to the four cornerstones of great makeup that is a a segment on this YouTube
channel and then there’s the fifth the hair so let’s zero in first of all on
skin so let me try that again zero in on even skin tone now she has lovely skin
tone in her first picture but take a look at the second all I’m using by the
way is the dual finish powder either by Burrell or Mac Studio Fix powder
foundation I’ve got videos on application methods you know what
what brushes to use and that sort of thing but this is the only thing I’m not
using concealers or anything like that the number one thing that’s important is
even skin tone and as we age its around the eyes especially now she doesn’t have
dark circles or anything but take a look at the before in the after around the
eyes having a little bit more foundation coverage what that does and why is that
important because it creates a canvas so that what
you put on it stands out now let’s take a look at her brows the shape is pretty
much the same except I’ve added a little bit more to the front top and move them
in closer so that they’re in line with your tear duct and on the right brow
I’ve moved the arch in a little bit remember I’ve said that
it used to be you used a pencil between I’m going to just put her aside here for
a second and I’m going to take a pencil and show you the the the rule of thumb
has usually been from the nose right and then you go from the nose again here and
then out to the edge of the corner of the eye well I say forget the nose go in
line with the tear duct as far as this is concerned the arch generally speaking
it should be between the edge of the pupil and the corner on the eye that’s
where your arch goes it’s a little bit different for everybody
depending on their face shape now instead of going here see where that
would bring my brow I say go from your the corner of your lip so you bring that
brow up a bit now why is that important because as we age and our we our brows
fall down in the front and they fall down in the back so we lifting the back
end by just removing excess hair and cutting it shorter if it’s long cutting
it shorter because it causes a shadow it gives the eye a non-surgical lift it’s
really easy to do so let’s bring our contestant back again so you can see
we’re just just lifting the front end of her brows a little bit and and and and
adding a little bit more weight filling in those bare spots okay so that’s the
brows and the even skin tone now let’s take a look at her eyes all I have done
is add a gel liner in her upper waterline now gel pencils are great but
the only one that I would recommend in Canada is Annabelle smooth line but I
understand you can’t get that in the States but somebody is sending me one
from I think it’s L’Oreal or something anyway I’ll let you know what I think of
it but you want a gel liner that is going to stay and here’s the thing if
you have a little bit of trouble if you know you first of all make sure your
eyes are dry before you put it on and blank so it doesn’t transfer down to the
bottom now I I’m gonna just move her away here for a minute I’ll put it over
here one of the reason of the reasons I recommend the fluidline or Bobby Brown
your gel liners ladies if they’re not great they will transfer the fluid line
won’t and neither will the Bobby Brown and neither will the Annabelle but you
have to keep your eyes dry put it on and and try not to blink let it dry if
you’re in a hurry take a little bit of eyeshadow the approximate same color and
just stick a little bit of eyeshadow over top of it to seal it okay so that’s
all that is um let me see what happened here why – why should I
okay I’m gonna do this no I’m gonna do this and that and then I’m going to do
this no I’m not I’m so sorry see I’ve been I’ve been out of practice
for a little bit eh okay let me do it this way then okay
there we have it oh I know what happened it moved over
there we go sorry about that ladies um so the gel liner and you see how that
darkens her line her hurt lash line and and when you put your when you put liner
on instead of using eyeliner a liquid liner just use a flat edged angled brush
and use an eye shadow and just go right into the lash line to strengthen that up
oh and I’ve got them switched I want this one over here and I want this one
here oh yay they let me see thanks for
bearing with me ladies now take a look at her lower lash line in the before and
in the after all I’ve used is something like a Coquette or Brune eyeshadow and
sometimes I mix them to fill in along the lower lash line and not bringing it
around to the front like not bringing it around to the to the tear duct but you
deposit it at the very outside of the eye and then blend it in just blend it
right into nothing so it’s it’s somewhere in you know below the pupil
butts but blend it but look at the differences that makes
you don’t need mascara on your lower lashes at this stage it’s really not
necessary okay so let’s move on to her lips she has lovely lips
but I’ve intensified them just a wee bit and what I’ve done is augmented the
center of the upper and the lower lip in the upper lip I’ve you I’ve created
those little bows that you get you know so she cause hers go straight drop now
this is personal preference of course but I like to see a bit of a bow if
that’s your natural state and it seems to me it may be with hers now on the
bottom I’ve just I’ve just augmented it below now take a look at her first
picture do you see how feet the lipstick is in her lower lip line that’s because
it looks to me like she’s wearing a shimmer lip color taken over the role of
the lip and when that happens the light catches the role and the gig is up
you’re better off to use a matte finish lip color and you you highlighted by
only going into the the center and not going to the role on the top or the
bottom okay so now I’m going to show you her brow guidelines that I did for her
and this is what I provide with this – everything that’s outside the guidelines
should be removed anything that’s bare or faint should be filled in this is and
you’ve seen in one of the videos I did and I’m gonna put the link here my
latest one an update on brow guidelines I have to tell you I do guidelines every
single time for myself because I you know mine are like nondescript
especially my one so put the guideline in and it makes it much easier and
faster for for you to it attain that you know a great brow shape so let you look
at that for a second okay and another look at her before and
after okay so let’s see I’m going to just move
her up here a little bit and see if we have any questions first of all I want
to get back up here and acknowledge everybody hi sherry and Robin and Elise
Joseph good morning Gail Martin Jackie Davis thank you everybody for your good
wishes angel kathy kudamon thank you so much good morning so nice Mary Ellen Jo
Ann sonders and Yvonne rut Kowski for people under 21 should I continue
watching of course listen there’s just some things that you
don’t do for our age and and and you don’t do it at the younger end of the
spectrum either but generally speaking good architecture works throughout your
life Jo Ann sonders a high from the UK Joann and joy and patty yeh found you
your hair is funded this morning thank you I did some back combing
I’ve been sitting with an egghead for like six weeks and it’s such a joy to be
able to do some back on me not very well and my hair is very long it’s Grice
where it’s grown about two inches it needs a cut but I’m gonna wait til I can
do it properly and Sue Silva and Cheryl Evette levert and please share how you
cut it yourself I will do that sue good morning Sharon Prentiss 1 and Victoria
not sorry trouble connecting him but no problem you’re here really polished and
gorgeous yes she does she does look more polished doesn’t she
and and Sydney thank you very much everybody for your lovely comments and
and Laura and Jade and Linda and Susan and Laurie what ok Jackie Davis let’s
bring you up here a key what is the lip color you have on
the make better I would say Jackie it’s a cross between this is perpetual plum
number 55 a cross between that and mm maybe a little forever chestnut because
it’s a little bit more warm or flame like if you use the red flame you you
put just a very thin coat on first and then you you add the perpetual plum over
top you know that you can customize anything that that you want really
and Cheryl yes she is gorgeous isn’t she and and isn’t it interesting ladies that
notice is just a few tweaks that got her there God are there simple streamlined
effective environmentally responsible and and and good with for your
pocketbook too let me see southern light good morning
glad to have gotten in yes eyebrows are the hardest for me I understand that and
you know what it is for most people but the trick with the eyebrows especially
as we age because they tend to droop down in the front or at the back or
sometimes they go just at the back and they kind of slope like this they in if
we some people when they when they pluck too much the hair doesn’t grow back
other other people it does there’s all kinds of things with aging and just life
that will you know interfere with how our brows start to look after 45 so
that’s why guidelines proper trimming with manicure scissors that they’re very
long just trim them down and filling in where necessary with a nice shadow and a
flat edged angle what will will do that for you
Kathy McCaffrey good to see you here and let’s see Donna I’m impressed that you
were able to back home your – back home with your broken shoulder
you’ve done so well thank you so much Donna yeah I was impressed with itself
dude but I have to tell you I’m working really hard and I’m being religious
about my physiotherapy doctor explained so maybe it maybe some of you know this
but especially as we age when it takes about six weeks at every age for a bone
to heal but the thing is the few weeks right after that’s healed all of the
muscle and tendons and everything else are very weak and they they if you don’t
start to move them it’s like new tissues in there you it that’s that’s run to the
of the trauma site to fix everything the bones yield if you don’t start moving
that stuff right afterwards it’s a little bit late later on so I I said my
goal cuz the therapist asked me what my goal is and I said to do 1960 subdue or
for the younger set an Amy Winehouse updo if I can do that then I’ll know
I’ve arrived and let’s see Mary Hopkins what color do you use on
your eyebrows okay mine are I use the print all right for much for me it’s a
print dupe because I have a lot of products from my kit that I that I’m
using up but print is a wonderful color because and and the colors that I
recommend print Coquette carbon and Brune okay that’s what most people need
now if you’re white-haired and very fair and have like very light or white lashes
then Omega and scene Omega is a lighter version of Coquette seen as a lighter
version of print that’s all anybody needs truly so I could put this on a lot
darker which I have at times or I could make it even lighter the trick is how
much you load on your brush and then how how you how much you put on will give
you the look that you’re aiming for okay so I hope that that helps
you’re welcome Donna and Maria so nice to see you back Thank You Maria let’s see micro or beyond vegan hi
Sharon what’s your take on micro bleeding I’m reluctant to have it done
as I have seen how hard it can look without makeup you make a most excellent
point a really good tattoo artist or microbe later we’ll take this into
consideration and here’s something else that nobody’s talking about when you’re
young and you wake up in the morning your your brow hairs are thick and
luscious right they’ve got a sheen to them when you’re younger but your your
skin is different your lips are different everything is different so it
all kind of goes together when you’re older in your first wake up your skin
isn’t the same you know your lips are thinner
they’ve lost their color and the same with your eyes your eyelashes and your
eyebrows have lost their weight in their texture and their color as we as we age
it’s just a fact of life so when you micro blade or tattoo on a brow that you
would wear to a red-carpet event it is not gonna look good first thing in the
morning a really good artist will understand that and we’ll work with
shape getting the shape right is the most important thing and a light version
of it so that you can look when you’re Oh naturelle your eyebrows blend in with
the the look that you have with no makeup on that’s the skill and that’s
the artistry now when you’ve got micro bladed brows that are done like that and
you’ve done your makeup and you’re going to a red-carpet event or you know
something special all you have to do is take a little eye shadow with your flat
angled brush and just just strengthen them a little
that’s it it’s still fast because the guidelines are already there for you you
don’t have to go through making them or anything else that would be what I would
suggest the other thing is with micro bleeding as we age I’m going to remember
to put a link up to a segment I did on eyebrows in another livestream about
about you know the fashion industry and how it is influenced by culture and
things like it is right now with a very thicker caterpillar eyebrows as some
people call them mmm when you’re when you’re the shaping what
you make is let’s suppose you get something done at 40 or 45 or 50 it’s
not gonna look the same when it’s 60 it’s not gonna look the same at 70 and
it’s not gonna look the same when it’s 80 because things are going to draw up
and change or whatever some people change a lot some people
don’t it all depends so you might want to take those things into consideration
and the other thing that I’ve seen with micro bleeding is they copy I like when
you know when browser are pointing down like this when they’re sitting low it’s
it’s just because the way the skin has fallen when you’re sitting down low and
the microbe latest artist uses that and covers over what’s there it’s the wrong
approach if you’re gonna go to if you’re going to get that done or you’re going
to you know get fined a technician or go back to your technician you want to get
your eyebrows reshaped if you do a make better like this I can give you the
guidelines like I did with our contestant number one here I can give
you the guidelines and you can take that to your artist that’s one approach that
a few people have used and it’s been helpful so I hope that answers your
question beyond vegan hi Donna and sandy nice to see you – thank you everybody so
does anybody have any other questions with our first contestant No okay so
then let’s move on to our second contestant now this contestant has beautiful white
hair she’s got very well shaped brows and they’re nice and thick and this is
an another example or a rare example of somebody who goes gray and maintains
their dark eyebrows she’s got great bone structure you know all kinds of things
going on for her doesn’t she so let’s take though with a little bit of
streamlined approached what we can do with just a little bit of simple
touch-ups now first thing that stands out for me is the lifting of the
circumference of her hair which we did or which I did in the last one too now
notice I didn’t change very much the look or feel of her eyebrows but I did
change their architecture and if you look closely I took away from the
roundness and and put in more of an arch for her and lowered that right brow and
thin them out slightly now as far as her skin tone is concerned she has a she did
a pretty good job in the be it with herself but take a look again at how
just a little bit more foundation powder around the eyes and especially inside
corners makes a difference again it’s a canvas that sets up the face for eyes
and lips and brows to be the focal point now taking a look at her eyes she got
lovely deep set eyes again the same approach of using um you know that gel
liner in the upper waterline and you know some mascara what I did with her
though was I I put some eye shadow on the outer corners of her lid and just
spread it across she could fill in her whole lid if she wanted she could not
wear any if she didn’t want to she can she make it darker if she wants or
whatever that those are all options available with just the same the same
products that’s recommended now take a look also at her lower lash line do you
see on her before picture how she on her right brow it her bright brow her right
lashline see how it’s a little bit dark there I don’t know she used a pencil or
whatever but I don’t recommend pencils for this at all at all at all now notice
when I deposit the eyeshadow at the outside corners and then spread it
across again around to the pupil to see that and look at how it makes her eyes
just jump out and balance with her eyebrows so diminishing the thickness of
her brow and strengthening her lash line how it balances the two together so they
aren’t separated they’re a complete statement now take a look at her lips
she’s got a light color in the first one which you know I’m a strong proponent of
wearing deeper colors or stronger colors when you have gray hair I’ve explained
it before it’s because it gives us more vibrancy that we’ve lost but again
notice how I’ve mented the upper and lower lip in the center only and I’ve
used a stronger color but in that same color family and she still has a
highlight but it’s in the center of her lips so she could sew a 3d lip is
created and if you take a look in the first picture again look at the role of
her lip on the bottom and see how the light the the because it’s a shimmer the
light is catching the role whereas in the after picture you don’t see that
because it’s it’s covered over with a matte and of course augmenting the her
hair back home hairspray finger texture with this cut there’s all kinds of
things she can do it she can flatten that right down and comb it back as she
wants she’s got a beautiful head shape and face to do that she can she can comb
it to one side comb it to the other have it all coming forward having it come
forward and up almost like a bit of a fauxhawk lots of different things you
can do with finger combing hair spray and texturising okay so let’s take a
look at her brow guidelines now someone I see was asking take a close look at
the the upper guideline you see all the hair that’s above the guideline and
there’s more on the right than there is on the left that needs to be removed and
on the bottom you can see in the front on the off both where it needs to be
removed and you can see on her left her I’m sorry her right brow at the back end
now it needs to be moved up a bit or pushed out a bit where’s the other one
doesn’t so you studied that for a second okay and let’s take a look at her before
and after and again this is not a makeover this is just a make better all
all strong aspects to work on but it’s it’s a finessing the polishing the icing
on the cake didn’t didn’t it change her hairstyle didn’t color it didn’t go
crazy with you know all kinds of eyeshadows and things of that nature and
you know over the top lashes or anything like that but she looks polished and
beautiful and and I like this expression age-appropriate cuz you know she just
does so let’s let’s move her off and move her up here and let’s see if
anybody has any questions with respect to this contestant over up here and that
we see we have sandy I had micro bleeding done in 2017 the colors lasted
six months before severely fading I might have the morning brows you
mentioned I need to color them when wearing makeup the shape is good okay
then that’s that’s great yes and that’s the thing with micro bleeding they will
be dark at first and they do fade it doesn’t last as long as tattooing but
that’s another consideration what another thing to consider beyond vegan
Thank You Linda Gaber nice to see you back thank you very much
Gayle Martin everything is being repeated I’m not sure I understand Gayle
but if you can be clear that would be great who’s a girl good morning Cherie I’m
seeing numerous white horse hairs in my rut in my light brown brows is there a
way to tone them down I don’t want to pluck them for fear of making them too
thin yes you can use a dried out mascara if the colors right
you can use an eyeshadow with an eyeliner sealant and cover them you can
use a gel pencil mixed with the eyeshadow and just just color the hairs
themselves believe me because I’ve had a few white ones and one eye I just put
the eyeshadow over top and it covers some fine so those are different ways
that you can do that okay I hope that helps
Yvonne Wow love this make better so subtle yet powerful yes it is thank you
and that’s the aim of a make better and Cindy Nelson great nose contour ah thank
you for bringing that up Cindy I’m going to just bring this forward again what I
did here is remember I talked about or maybe I didn’t I may have done it on on
the GG Li page but when you bring your foundation right up and really cover
your nose okay like you see see where I have a bit of shadowing here we all have
is that bone there for the nose depending on the person their
architecture that sort of thing that can show a lot but when you when you cover
that over it automatically contours your nose and if that’s not enough if you
tend to have more of a bulbous nose or or it’s big it’s it’s it’s growing then
all you can do while you have to do is take your contour that you use here and
just go down the sides just a wee bit not a lot just a little bit and that
will that will help – excuse me that will help to just spin it out a little
bit and or you could add a little bit more of the highlight Foundation that’s
the two shades lighter than your regular foundation and just put a little spot
between the bridge in there okay and and that should work – but thanks for
bringing that up okay you see sorry ladies why is it my nose
runs when I get on here nicely nicely done her eyes really pop now yes they do
and all it is is a little channel a little eye shadow strategically placed
how did she lower the right brow she is 100% improved the mouth fixed is lovely
too as I showed you with the guidelines here let me see if I can bring those
back up for you the guidelines it that’s what I used to to give that effect
it gave if you if you take a look at the lines and I don’t make the guidelines
too thick ladies either so that you know you can you can see that you can see
much much easier because if I make them too thick then it’s hard for you to
determine okay so I hope that helps Jackie Davis looks beautiful Sharon
Latour well hello was waiting maybe I
misunderstood where is this going to be this is on YouTube this is on YouTube
this is not on the going grey page Yvonne her eyes look just much happier
it’s amazing isn’t it it’s amazing how it can change the perception of what you
think the person is feeling it’s like eyebrows that dip down too
much it can give people the perception that you’re angry when in fact you may
not be at all but that’s the perception thank you
and Jackie Davis I have a problem getting eyeshadow to stay when I line
the lower lash line any tips to stay well depends on the eyeshadow whoops I’m
gonna have to say call you back I’m gonna have to say if you use the Mac
eyeshadows now as I said I’m not I’m not paid by Mac or anything I the only
reason I’m suggesting macca shadows is because they’re readily available
they’re highly pigmented they’ll last you a long time and when you put the
dual finish powder on first as you should everywhere and you add the
eyeshadow it should stay it should stay quite well so if you’re not using the
Mac and you’re not using a dual finish powder there there will be a problem let
me know if that answers your question okay and
Katherine do you recommend using lipliner no I don’t Catherine because I
recommend using the maybelline superstay 24-hour you know the lipstick color that
the lip color that doesn’t bleed feather transfer or anything you don’t need a
lip liner with that what you can use so if you if it makes you feel comfortable
is get a lip liner brush or a flat edged angled brush and line dip in in wand
like when you open the wand let me see I’ll just see if I can demonstrate here
for you a little bit you’ve got the wand dip in with your brush on the wand and
then line your lips with it okay but you don’t want to use a lip liner because
then you’re mixing product with product and that that won’t work very well so I
hope that answers your question gentleman loves that make better and
Gayle just fluffing the hair did wonders yeah I have to tell you ladies when I
originally did the four cornerstones of great makeup even skin tone proper brow
shaping strengthen lashline and lips I should have said five cornerstones
because lifting the circumference of the hair and that’s around here lifting the
circumference of the crown is an essential component to a great look I
don’t care what hairstyle you have it makes a huge difference okay thank you
for the opportunity to say that and Sharon Sharon you look lovely this
morning well thank you it’s some I’m getting there
see I can lift my hand I can see I can get it up here and I have to I have to
push it up with my elbow but I’m getting there sandy when you do the video info
could you please add links to videos re yes I do that sandy yes I will do that
why not you know when I when I put this together afterwards when I edit it for
the YouTube I will definitely put it in there for you
and you can also go to the playlists and it’s right there to gamma I can’t find
your your gray scrunchies the links you have no longer available okay all right
I’ll have to check that but here’s the thing ladies grace countries are so
popular now you can go on Amazon you can just go into google grey hair scrunchies
and they’re everywhere they’re everywhere now they didn’t used to be
but they are now and I will when I when I get back on track with everything I
will endeavor to go to go through and and check those for you but in the
meantime also check the if you’re referring to the links that I have in
the description box below each video I’ll check that first but I think that
they’re still working so let me know if that’s the ones you meant okay thank you
and Rachel good morning everyone Gail it’s okay now thanks oh all right not I
can’t remember and Cyndi Nelson my nose is longer and maybe hooked sounds lovely
how do I fix that and eyebags even your skin tone all round around the corners
of the eyes look I’ve had bags those of you who’ve seen my other pictures I’ve
got bags but what I do is I really push in I use like I said I made this I made
this little don’t brush with an elastic band because I cannot justify I cannot
justify me going and buying more brushes I just can’t do it so what I did was I
put an elastic around this one and what I do is I go in and I push product in
like this the dome because it made this a little stiffer and push it in it’s the
it’s the coloring don’t don’t if the color is the same as everything
else don’t don’t don’t be upset with it let
let just let it be it’s the color that’s important so when it’s evened out the
skin tone all matches then that’s what’s important not whether you have bags or
not because you know that will require surgery and
or special effects but I’m sure there’s an anybody on this page is willing to
spend an hour getting ready with just their makeup that’s not even their hair
okay so I hope that helps okay and what you can do if it’s where it where it’s
hooked like what you do is you put a line down the center and then and then
darken anything that isn’t you know that isn’t kind of around that line take a
picture of yourself print it out and then use it as a template and use your
eye shadow on the paper I’m practice drawing that way I’m telling you that
that really that really does help to hone your skill Mary have you got a list
somewhere of the products you recommend yes everything is below the description
box below all the videos and where it says show me on the I think it’s when
you’re looking at it it’s on the your left left hand side of the page if
you’re on a computer so show me you just click on that the drop down box opens up
and all the recommendations and other things are there for you joy what if our
hair loss is in the circumference of the area well I I have to see a picture to
be able to better an advice but if that’s where it is then if you
considered a topper because today’s toppers are magnificent they really are
fabulous and in fact I may be showing somebody if you guys like this segment
I’m going to put up one of a woman who had quite thin hair and she’s been she’s
been doing she’s been following the guidelines on the other page and she’s
been practicing and honing her makeup skills and I gotta tell you she’s got
she got a topper finally looks amazing and she’s thrilled so that’s what I
would recommend that if there’s no hair there for you to back home then
you know the other thing you can do is turn your head upside down and depending
if your hair is long or short and spray your hair or your hand and push your
hair up turn it upside down and and and and texturize it with your hands that
will help to or you can clip the hair when it’s first shampooed clip it up or
push it up and hold it and let it set like that okay use some rollers to lift
the hair that’s another thing that you can do to help with that I hope that
that helps joy how do I feel about makeup primer uhm I don’t use it I’ve
got some I’ve tried it I’ve tried a few of them I don’t use it because I don’t
need it it’s um to me it’s an extra step and
what I find I don’t like about primers in the summer or in the humid months
when when you know we’re listening you know women listen men sweat and you you
know you want with this just the dual finish powder you can use a Kleenex or I
like to use paper towels you know you know those bounty I think I showed you
this before those Bounty paper towels that come you know you can split them
they’re layered and I separate the layers and then I I use those as a blot
all you have to do is plot and if you need to add more if you need to touch up
clean finger or even you know a blotting paper or your sponge just put some in
touch up around the nose here thats usually here and the inside corners of
the eyes it’s not necessary to use a primer but some people do I just don’t I
don’t think it’s it’s necessary but but some people like it they feel it is
necessary for them Linda amazing difference thank you yes I
think she looks fabulous but I look at I had really good you know architecture to
work with joy towns and toppers difficult to find in gray curly hair ah
well you know what go to they’re coming out with a lot more
grades now because some of us have been on their case about making go to
Godiva’s secret wigs and there’s a couple of others where they do have some
curly Stoppers they are there believe me and it all depends on the length you
want to and let’s see Sydney Sharon thanks for all the great
info you’re more than welcome and Lori proved it
spry with that I’m not sure I understand Lori and Yessica a good day Kathy I use
sunblock spray as a primer well that’s interesting I don’t know how it would
act as a primer though that would be just something you’d put on before but I
don’t think it’s considered a primer but you know if it’s working for you that’s
great beyond vegan Sharon can I can I mature
skin go without foundation um if it’s if it’s in great shape yeah um those of
those who have been on I’m just going to change this because we’ve got to our
questions now so I’m going to go over here um so I’ll put this up here if you
have great skin sure you can but you know what I think that the the the
foundation powder is especially ones I recommend and the Burrell has a 15% SPF
in it you’re protecting your skin from the Sun the elements everything else and
a mature skin most of us not all of us but most of us have spots discoloration
rosacea uh broken capillaries all kinds of things and most of us have
discoloring around the eye okay so with the products that I recommend you can
apply it with a brush apply it with sponge
just a little bit and only put it where you need it you don’t have to wear it
everywhere but just where you need it maybe just put if you’ve got say some
discoloration from driving your car you know on your left hand side so just
maybe put some there and then you can use a brush just to put it on every
place you have to play around with it but I personally think that women look
better with their skin toned even if you’ve got perfect skin tone and you’re
older great if you if not then this is a way to do it that is fast easy simple
eco-friendly pocketbook responsible and and does the job hope that answers your
question let me see sorry spray with what to cover thin
spots hair spray I think I think you’re talking about you’re talking about the
hair the thin hair and you might want to look at using topic to help fill in –
that’s another thing that you can help Jackie do you use a sunscreen yes I do
in the summer Neutrogena but I also wear a hat I have a parasol
that I use absolutely I absolutely do I stay to the Sun as much as possible and
because I have for more than 30 years my skin for my age ain’t that bad it’s in
pretty good shape actually so yeah I I absolutely I would if I know I’m going
to be in the Sun I absolutely would let’s see Victoria how about the peach fuzz do you
recommend shaving enough I seem to have so much of it on my lower face
yes I do and I’ll show you right here in my handy dandy office where my Muir’s
know everything what have I got a big eraser so once a week take a look at the video I did on
example asthma and our contestant there Marcella she had example asthma around
her eyes those are like cholesterol deposits and I just used the Mac dual
finish powder to cover them up because she didn’t wear makeup and I knew she
wasn’t gonna go in for a lot of you know creams and powders and fixing powders
and all that sort of stuff but the dual finish powder worked quite well and she
was more concerned about the peach fuzz on her face than the cholesterol
deposits but one when we when I shaved your face it was like she started to cry
she was so grateful so it you know absolutely um just do that and it’s so
easy and because as we age hair comes out in places we don’t want it and
leaves in the places that we do want it right that’s just that’s just the way it
is wigs calm yes vogue wigs sister wigs
name-brand wigs all very reputable wear toppers and wigs because I have little
hair thank you so much southern light yes you’re absolutely
right I’ve heard of all of those they are good and and women who do wear hair
toppers love them absolutely love them in fact there was a friend of mine who
had fairly serious breast cancer when she was going through chemotherapy and
lost her hair I had a gal come in and fit her for a wig and it was a synthetic
wig and this is what a lot of the toppers are made of and but today’s
synthetics are so great they can be curled if they’re heat friendly use a
lower heat on them they’re much lighter weight than natural hair and they hold
their they hold your style better than natural hair does too so I’m a big fan
of the heat friendly synthetics today which a lot of the toppers are made out
of anyway when when her hair was growing back in again she said you know what
Sharon I’m sorry in a way I’m the sounds crazy she said but I’m sorry
in a way not to wear my wig anymore because she said it was so easy it
always looked good I just had to wash it once a week and you know let it let it
air dry on the forum put it on in the morning because when when it shampooed
it goes right back into its memory curl and it was great and I know women to
have hair Stoppers and love them love the love love them and I’ll tell you I’m
I am not adverse to getting a topper for myself should the day come where I need
to have one in fact I do have one you saw it but I cut it into bangs and I
still have to take more hair because it’s too thick for my head but yeah that
side so and thanks so much southern lights for those names I’m going to
hopefully I’m gonna put this up here so to remind people to watch this or take
note of this right now while I’m talking with you yeah you know a lot of women do
lose their hair there’s such a thing as female pattern baldness you know a lot
of women suffer with hair loss it’s just a fact of life like men do we just don’t
we don’t suffer quite to the same degree but but some of us do and a topper is
just amazing and the thing with the topper too is that so great is because
it only sits like it doesn’t come any lower than about this on both sides and
just around the back you can wear your hair up so where your hair is thicker
which is usually at the bottom you can wear your hair but nobody would be able
to tell that you’ve got a topper on okay nobody would be able to tell so you know
I’m a big fan big fan of toppers and you can wear them for short hair or long
long long hair you know they’re they’re just great okay you can tell I like them
don’t you so s math can you use mineral powder in place of liquid foundation
absolutely I totally recommend that over I’m not a fan of liquids and creams
because they melt they require more maintenance than powders do really
and they also have to be sealed with a powder so that’s two steps you need if
you’re wearing a liquid if you’re wearing a powder it’s only one step and
sherry is the dual finish powder you speak of good for dry skin I have flaky
skin on my nose even when I use an exfoliant yes
the trick is follow the recommendations in the videos you have to moisturize
your skin first with a moisturizing lotion don’t use your serums and creams
and heavy duty stuff in the morning that’s reserved for a clean face in the
evening you put a moisture moisturizing lotion like a vino Total Effects or
whatever let that sink in for a little bit and then put your dual finish powder
on and it will be fine and if you find that you have a sort of a spot that’s a
little bit dry after you put it on it’s a little put your a dab just a dab a
pinheads worth of that same moisturizer in motion and just tap it over top of
the powder that will that’s another method to okay and sherry is the duo
finish foundation you speak of good oh I just answered that one didn’t I let me
see how can you avoid dark circles in your eyes instead of sleeping more drink
more water hydrate yourself and eat high water content foods with a proper
combination of complex carbohydrates healthy proteins and healthy fats okay
that’s essential and then use your makeup to to cover to cover them up if
you’ve still got them Denise I have seborrheic dermatitis and I haven’t
found a foundation that doesn’t irritate it well you know what I would suggest
then go to the mat counter and test drive it
on half your face and see how it feels because I very very rarely do I have
anybody that’s ever had a problem with either of these two recommendations now
how you apply it – you can just stipple it on if you’re rubbing your face that
may be a problem if you’re like you know putting it on like a trowel but if you
stipple it on just Pat it on you could Pat it on with a very soft brush like a
kabuki brush or something or just use and just use it in the areas that you
need to but test drive at first and see if that works for you Lynda I have to use 70 SPF and it needs
to dry to settle on skin or makeup can slip my 24-hour lipstick doesn’t stay
what am I doing wrong well first of all do you really need 70 I the only thing I
can think of is that you probably have very sensitive skin so that that may be
the reason that if you but 70 is like really heavy duty 45 usually can you
know can do it okay if it’s if it’s not settling into your skin if makeup is
slipping off it then you’ve got too much on okay you just got too much on excuse
me sorry ladies you just got too much on and and that’s why things are slipping
off or if you’re now if you’re working outside that may be a bit of a different
story wearing a hat will keep the Sun off your face – protective clothing an
umbrella your collar turned up at the back of the neck where it comes around
here that protects your face – so those are all things to consider it Olinda put put less on you know we have a
tendency if like let’s say an anti-wrinkle cream
if a little bit works then a lot will be a lot better right we all we all know
we’ve all we’ve all done that right something’s working okay so let’s get
the trowel up and put it on it doesn’t work like that sometimes less is is
better it truly is it truly is so see if you see if you can put see if you can
put you know only to remove a third of what you’re putting on or try a half of
what you’re putting on see how that works and again try these two products
that I recommend the others don’t work as well okay I recommend these because
I’ve tried all all the others but I find that these are the best so let me know
if try that and see how that works then done joy Polly Young has some beautiful
hair toppers and wig let’s very reasonable thank you joy yes she does
and Kathy I too have uneven skin I think that boomsticks
would not be good for me oh no I want even skin tone ah I don’t support boom
products sorry guy I just don’t I’ve made it very clear on my other pages
that I don’t they are not something that an older woman should be wearing there
you don’t put um you don’t put something that you’d wear for lipstick or blush
unless it’s powder on your eyes – you don’t put cream on your eyes and just
like let it go that’s made for somebody who’s got perfect skin and perfect
architecture no I don’t know no no no no no no Sharon ature Cathy they’re they
are not good for our age yes that’s right I guess you were answering that
question yeah for lots of reasons Maria Nia I use waxing strips on my face
well that’s fine if it works for you Maria but some people have difficulty
with with wax it can really irritate the skin whereas shaving won’t
in fact shaving exfoliates the skin why do you think men’s can play
actions look so good when they’re older it’s because you’re exfoliating it every
day right okay Kathy or Karen do you think a matte foundation is better or a
luminous foundation that gives a glow what do you think looks best on over 50
skin I struggle with what to buy so I bought both do you know in the in the
lips in the lip color we were talking about where I said when you have a
shimmer and it goes over the roll the gig is up
you can see the roll it’s the same with too much moisture or too much glue truly
it’s just a trend in a gimmick you have a glow to your skin oh please please
please you know where that’s come from that’s come from the Southeast Asia are
Korean sisters and that the you know Philippines that that is very almost wet
looking skin or I call it a grease slick wet looking skin is very popular there
so what has happened and in Japan what has happened it’s worked its way with
our major beauty corporations it’s worked its way to North America saying
this is the look this is the thing to aspire that’s a cultural thing on a 20
year old it’s fine not on somebody forty five-plus no and it shows up all kinds
of problems matte lipstick for your lips matte finish for your face that doesn’t
mean to say that when you use your highlight you know in this triangle here
your your your it’s a matte finish powder but you use the highlight here
and you can you can you can use a the the highlight or that lighter shade you
can use it here you know you can use it down the front of your nose its shading
it doesn’t have to be it doesn’t have to be a glow that way
you can have a glow that isn’t wet okay so I didn’t mean to pounce on you there
but yeah I guess because I get so sick of seeing the the makeup industry push
for this stuff they have no idea about what old what looks best on older women
in my opinion okay Southern Lights I get compliments
on my hair every single day and no one including doctors her hairdressers can
tell I wear Stoppers or wigs they are amazing even if you don’t need hairy yes
yes Southern Lights I totally agree with you totally agree with you listen you
guys know I’m a big fan of scrunchies I’m a big fan of hair extensions I mean
III I don’t wear a wig but look I’ve got a hair extension yeah well you know I
wear that one-piece I can’t even find it but you know I usually wear it up here
because my book because my hair is growing I have to wear it down here
that’s about two inches out today I have to wear it down here so that it’s the
same length as the bottom of my hair but I I couldn’t wear oh I’m so happy I can
knit my arm up I couldn’t wear my hair this way without the help of extensions
extensions hair padding scrunchies toppers they’re all the best and thank
you for reiterating that nice to hear Sharon you’re welcome
they are only good for the young 20 year olds not our age yes yes exactly and
Southern Lights yep I never lose my hairstyle rain Sun always looks perfect
yes Thank You Love heat friendly synthetic hair pieces loved love loved
them and wigs and demi weeks I mean you can get wigs that are a lot lighter now
and only only go part way I mean you know maybe I should do something on that
later Yvonne I bought my grey sketch at Eve’s beauty 8th Avenue 47th and 48th
love it it’s the best for transitioning to gray Thank You Sharon greeting from
New York wonderful Yvonne thank you for sharing
yes scrunchies are great you can wear them on the top of your head or the back
of your head you can put all your hair in or you can if you’ve got thin here
put it up in a ponytail and then put the scrunchie over top and put your and then
wrap that you put your own hair over top of it I mean their greatest hair fillers
and padding – I mean it’s a grey haired scrunchie is something in fact – is
something that every Dame should have in her in her hair wardrobe past the age of
45 as far as I’m concerned how do I know what colors are bir LT is okay check to
see whether you know what I’m putting up another video on this very thing in a
week or two maybe three because I’m going to put up curly hair curly hair
back back combing for curly haired beauties next week but I have intended
to check my check my videos I did a recent video on how to apply foundation
again I’m going to put this up here if you can’t it’s in the Beauty playlist as
well that that should be able to help you on how to determine sandy the
scrunchies I have four different styles are wonderful for post transitioning
quick hairdos also Polly Young has 10 different gray combos and probably ten
styles they are also clip-on ponies Thank You sandy yes I prefer the
scrunchies to the clip-on ponies because the clip-on ponies are a little too
heavy the ones I’ve seen but if you’ve got thick hair then then that works fine
thank you for that yes Pat Thompson Olay has a 50 SPF that
soaks in as well as the regular total effects Thank You Pat appreciate you
sharing that with us wonderful wonderful let me see
snowy owl thank you great tips good glad you’re enjoying rosemary Turner I am
from England and have learned so much from your tips wonderful rosemary thank
you and thank you for letting me know snowy owl wood hair pieces eventually
cause you to get more balding in the spots that it is sitting on it shouldn’t
it shouldn’t and and you can also move the toupee clips to a stronger place if
you want because what holds them in is a thing called a toupee clip and that’s a
clip that opens up there’s like a little comb it combs right into your hair and
then you snap it shut so it holds on I don’t find that I’ve had any trouble it
now if you’ve got very thin hair that is having a lot of difficulty maintaining
itself then you might want to take a different approach but that that but
then that’s that’s customer-specific okay and sharon yes a class on make some
scrunchies and toppers okay I’ll see what I can do
when I get my hand up over my head would be really over my head after I create
that Amy Winehouse thing awesome thanks for the tips choosing foundation colors
okay great well I don’t it doesn’t there doesn’t seem to appear to be any more
questions so I just want to you and just to make sure I am NOT sponsored
I don’t get ad revenue I don’t do any of that so if you could if you haven’t
click on the subscribe button and click the little bell and please share with
your friends okay because because I’m not monetized I don’t get out there the
same and for those that are interested in the advocacy work that I do you can
go on YouTube and I have an advocacy channel and if you could
besides subscribing if you could share and please thumbs up the video when you
like it that that helps me a lot too again I’m not sponsored in any way so
these are the things that I really need to have now if you want to follow me on
my public Beauty page please please feel free to do that at sharing Danny Beauty
or on our closed page which is which is what going grey and loving it in groups
and for make betters you can if you’re interested in doing this on here or on
the other channels you can go and request a make better now I have to go
back here because I I think that I had something here in the summary that I
wanted to show you yes before I finish off it but I’m going to answer some more
questions so the thing with these make bettors is you wanted it and to help you
with this these are the things to focus on okay even skin tones number one and
here’s the thing makeup is more important than hair color or style hair
style is more important than hair color but no matter what your hair is like you
have good makeup your hair is going to look better and as far as makeup is
concerned even skin tone is number one with brows corrective brows constantly
fighting for first place strengthen lash line is essential and you know your
corrected lip with a Berndt color is is really important and
of course the lifted crown okay so it’s not much how much makeup but how well
you apply it I don’t believe in a lot of makeup dual finish powders foundation
lighter for for highlight darker for contour that’s all you need and for
eyeshadows and your lipstick and one blush and maybe two blushes a warm and a
cool okay so that’s important remember practice patience and persistence in
doing these things you will realize your goal now I had on here somewhere and I’m
going to go back to it to see if I have because I had some things that I wanted
to show you and I’m sure you will understand me making a mess of all of
this yes now no not there oh okay what I
wanted to say was I’m gonna see if I got it back in questions let me just see let
me just see apparently I don’t so um I’m going to try this one let’s
see if I if I have it I don’t so I guess I’ve lost it so I’m just going to go
back here and and what do we have a few more questions here so I want to just
bring this in Sharon thank you for a great class going to re-watch as I miss
some that great great to see you on YouTube Robin thank you so much joy so
good to have you back thank you joy Catherine all great advice you’re the
best thank you and Linda Martin thank you my first time
with you love it your work is wonderful thank you so much
and Sheryl love this class thank you and do you know if most lipsticks will
contain lead III I don’t go with wax lipsticks I only recommend the maple
leaf 24-hour not maple leaf Maybelline 24 hours super stay that’s all I
recommend then there’s a couple of others too I think the Lord there’s
l’oreal infallible and there’s some covergirl too that are all great but
that’s all I recommend I’m ement along where who needs to be spending time
touching up all the time and Serena artists loved your hair well
thank you so much and Leah make vetti back ever did never
mind hi and Beyond vegan thank you for your
videos thoroughly enjoyed this class okay so what I wanted to ask you you
ladies is if you like this segment I need to know okay I need to know and if
you want me if you would like to get a make better
then you can send me a picture either on my public page or on my grey-haired page
the the thing is uh if you’re already on the grey-haired page or you want to join
it if you don’t want your mug up on youtube then you have to declare when
you request okay but if you want one just go to either one of those pages the
public the public page sharing deadly beauty you should do it all i ask you to
do is no filters none because i can’t work with a filter number two stand with
stand straight with your chin parallel with the floor no angles nothing like
that it has to be straight looking into your
cameron’s and if you’re doing it with your phone don’t look don’t look down
like this looking at yourself in your phone you’ve got to find where the
camera lenses and look into that okay and stand in front of a window not
outside in the sunlight stand in front of a window where you’ll have the best
lighting and no hair on your brows like see my hairs on my brow so that’s no
good so best to have it back a little bit so
I can have clearance and don’t look up like this or down like this I want your
eyes so that your camera lens is absolutely parallel with your eyes okay
see that way I can work with exactly what your face is then I can I will post
those pictures for you on the page that you presented it on so that you can then
download those to your smart device and use those as guidelines for yourself so
let me know in the comments below afterwards if if you liked this segment
and if you would like to do more of them and if you’d like them done separately
or with some other thing at the same time like a another little talk about
something or if we should just have the questions because they seem to be they
seem to be answering a lot of the questions that pee
we’ll have so now let me take a look you on the outside too so thank you very
much ladies I hope that that you’ve enjoyed it seems like you have and again
remember if you if you want to if you want to get a makeover and be included
in this segment just to go to my either one of my facebook pages and post your
pic as per the instructions okay I can’t think of anything else so it will and
we’ve been we’ve been a long time so yeah I think only two makeovers is
better so thank you so much ladies it’s lovely to be back and it’s lonely to be
spending some time with you too you know and remember you are what you focus on
so if you focus on all your things that you consider not so good that’s what
you’re going to think but if you focus on all your strengths and and the beauty
within and everything else that’s going to shine through your makeup – okay
lovely spending time with you and we’ll see you in two weeks time next week I’m
going to put up one for the back combing for curly haired beauties. OK, I think
that’s it. Take care, enjoy the rest of your day and be sure to watch it again
if needed okay MWAH – see you later.

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