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  2. Kids let this be a lesson learn. Leave the messing around in the bedroom and you will not be throw from the car when he is um…well you know.

  3. If the passenger didn't have a low IQ before this accident, she might have just lowered it now. Buckle up, buttercup!

  4. When I read the title I thought I was going to be a big chase with 15 crashes and still going.

    I am mildly disappointed.

  5. People, PLEASE don't be a dumbass and wear your god dam seatbelt cause it could mean the difference between being the guy vs being the girl in this video

  6. Why is it when there's a crash, with injurys involved and people messed up and in pain, their first thought is to try and jam you up with charges and try to lock you up? Are they really that vindictive to the point they don't even care about you, just to try and get a conviction under their belt? I don't know, it just seems really sheisty to me.

  7. When ever I see someone in my car without a seatbelt I brake check them. They going flying towards the window. They had taught many of my friends to wear a seatbelt when they are with me

  8. Really? They didn’t feel the need to stabilize the victims that just got into a car crash that rolled, possibly with severe injuries to neck and spine, instead they felt it “ok” to allow them to just walk to the ambulance?!….

  9. Flipped my car into a creek going 65 woke up unconscious with water flooding in my car while it was upside down, rolled down my driver window and crawled out, ran to a house and called 911. Literally ran away with 2 black eyes and a bruised lung from the seatbelt, never let anyone in my car that doesn’t wear one. Always wear them, another prime example.

  10. Just to flip the comments, and I am a sealt belt wearer now and beleiver… but I was in a crash that ejected me and everyone with seatbelts on were 2 severely injured and one died. Whatever that means. I was up and walking around

  11. A wreck like that and the cops biggest concern is gathering incriminating statements,
    : I see you have the keys in your hand. (Evidence he was driving)
    : Where you driving? (Admission/Evidence he was driving)

    That’s a good bit of eventual revenue just laying there if he plays it like Daddy taught him tho so great job Captain America 🖕🏻

  12. If people crash there often and he knows what's the whole point of if there on drugs after he knows the lack of signs for the s curve are the real problem

  13. I dont get it. Are people not paying attention when they drive? They need a sign saying the road is curving? Isn't there speed limits posted and these things in our heads called eyes? I bet 99% of these people that crashed weren't paying attention.

  14. Why do these cops move slow af these people could be really hurt and ask too many questions like get to hospital first than question later . Big reason why i dont like cops take two years to get in ambulance

  15. They're both lucky. When I was in high school, a girl from my school rolled her car. She was ejected in front of the car while it was rolling and she ended up being cut in half by the rolling car. It was absolutely horrifying. Wear your seatbelt!!!!

  16. I still cannot comprehend why people do not wear seat belts?
    strangely enough I notice more people in US do not wear seat belts in compare to many other places I been to.

  17. He must not have the Nose lots of cops have 3’ away from you n say “ how much have you had to drink tonight, I can smell alcohol on you “

  18. The guy they interviewed even said they should put up more visible signs on that curve in the road. Why did it take 15 crashes for them to realize that? Wtf

  19. Okay she’s hurt but like how cool is she for not wearing a seatbelt, I wish I could be that cool. I doubt she regrets that

  20. There’s something very wrong with you if your first instinct isnt putting your seatbelt on when you get into a car

  21. Feel like the local council (or whatever you have in the US) should put in a safety barrier/speed humps/signs to solve this issue. Shouldn't be the property owners problem…

  22. I never under stood not wearing a seatbelt. It takes about 1.2 seconds to put on, and it can save your life. People who use “rushing because they’re late” are lying. Right after I start the car I put it on because it gives the car a second to run and the radio system can kick on. By the time I’m done putting my seatbelt on the car is ready to drive. People who use laziness as an excuse, well that’s just natural selection. People who use “it’s uncomfortable” as an excuse, adjust your seat. The seatbelt mounting points can’t move, however the seat can which moves your body in relation to the seatbelt.

  23. “it’s my left lung”

    “You breathing ok??”


    Then it’s not your lung 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  24. See guys, interesting stuff does happen in Montana. I live in montana so I know some interesting stuff happens in montana because I live there.

  25. i thought this was my neighbors house in different state. someone goes off curve through his fence weekly

  26. To people that don’t wear seatbelts : why??? I just lost such an important person to my family over this last week. Rip 😫

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