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all right we’re headed to an armed robber that took place 12 minutes ago so the last time there was an armed robbery, suspects went kind of over here in this way hey we got a picture of a guy that
we’re looking for, see this guy walk in? he’s here now?
David 301 give me the radio he’s 97 at this a roadside diner right right up
north of the Kwik Trip where’s he at? let me see your hands, both of your hands, both of your hands! everybody out hold traffic hold
traffic let me see your hands now let me see your hands! got him at gunpoint, let me see your hands both of them both of them now, right
yeah everybody out let me see both hands let me see em. what’s your name? dude, you almost got killed over a BB gun man, that’s stupid I don’t want you to die I don’t want you to die, not today. ready to get
up buddy? yeah what’s going to get him out let’s set him on a bench over here. hey man what happened to the money that you took in store? I didn’t take no money. What’d you take? Cigarettes and a sandwich. I got six months to live, I’m dying. what are you dying from, man? cancer.
what kind of cancer you got? liver. sorry to hear that, brother. that’s why I want to go out the hard way. even still man you don’t want to make somebody kill you
that’s that’s crazy talk right? what does that do to us? well what does that do to
us? If I had to kill you what would that do to me? they wanted you to shoot me. I would have to go home with that, you know that right? no. I would have to go home with that on my conscience alright? that’s not fair, I got kids who go
home to each night I got to go home the kids. don’t do that to nobody okay?
don’t make an officer take your life, that’s not fair, it’s not fair alright? let’s sit down okay brother. so uh armed robbery took place at a kwik trip down the
street he was trying to get us to kill him, was trying to get us to shoot him he
found out a couple weeks ago – he has cancer and he’s not gonna live much
longer so he wanted somebody else to make the hard decision for him he’s gonna got o David L. Moss and get booked in for armed robbery

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  1. Not armed robbery with a deadly weapon…he should be placed in a hospital ward and given care…mental and physical..He could not have harmed a fly.

  2. Personally I feel bad for this guy perhaps he’s just robbing a diner to get the police to kill him because he’s dying of cancer and he must be in so much pain.

    If he goes to jail I guess he will die in prison One thing I could tell about this guy he must’ve had a really rough life I could tell just by the way he looks.

  3. The is easily the best cop on this show. I've watched so much of his interactions and he is a pure professional and overflows with dignity

  4. It's Arlo Givens!!!😂 props to the officer, that's always a tough situation and it came out the best way possible

  5. These people don't realize how it affects everyone and especially a police officer. Regardless of how you feel about the police they are human and experience the same emotions we all have. They're not bullet proof and something like this stays with them.

  6. I ❤❤❤ that cop, he always treats people with humanity & compassion, exactly how we'd all like to be treated when we are at our lowest point in life

  7. Every time I see a video with this officer, I’m struck by how kind he is. I hope his department appreciates what a remarkable police officer they have here.

  8. Man this dark skinned cop is the best every time I see him he’s so understanding….. may god bless him he’s the best 😻

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