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  2. Whenever I hear the description of what their wearing, I always think “that doesn’t sound like that goes together.”

  3. That’s why when your walking you should not have headphones on that do not allow you to hear outside because if you walk away from the cops, they might shoot you.

  4. Wtf. He commits a armed robbery an even with a k9 yal ddnt want to look for suspect ( even though he has a gun) ????

  5. Hmm, it seems like a setup against the subject. It was an armed robbery without any goods and yet they found the Beats headphone case. I am not sure about you all, but I leave my headphone case at home when I use my headphones and not carry it around me with jewelry inside lol.

  6. That was awesome police work! Officer 1 puts out a great description, the K9 officer puts his dog through the fence, and his fellow officers just automatically lift the fence for the K9 officer to go through. That was really impressive. Teamwork at it's finest! All my respect to these guys…

  7. That's gotta be the easiest job in the world! Drive and scream and pull weapons on people that are intoxicated or mentally ill I'm signing up asap. Yea there dumb criminals!

  8. How dumb do you have to be to rob a bunch of randoms sitting in their car I mean come on there’s so much better ways to commit that similar crime without being violent

  9. A bunch of comments on his use of the English language but barely anyone mentions the crime… unbelievable 😂 . On another note the K-9 officer should not be fat. How can he keep up with the dog, if the dog started running??

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