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  1. I'm surprised how this cop says "well at the very least he'll be getting a very expensive ticket from me " Like WTF are you taking advantage of people or are you trying to destroy their lives or what?

  2. @1:20 he is gonna tow the vehicle for suspended license despite the vehicle already being at the residence of the owner?!
    That's tyrannical! He doesn't have to do that, nor should he..

  3. @3:28 "Assault Rifle?!" There is no such thing as an "assault rifle!" That is a made up term by politicians to demonize firearms and the 2nd Amendment… If this officer weren't on camera he would be a tyrant for sure!

  4. "Your sitting on a machine gun" bro a ak isn't a machine gun it's a rifle cops are so dumb sometimes any gun law is a unconstitutional gun law

  5. Hey officer did you take the 6 day or 8 day drug impairment seminar to become an "expert". Usually when people have to self proclaim they're an expert they aren't.

  6. I have anxitey disorder with other issues it isnt that easy to just breath I have to put my arms above my head lay on my back mainly on the floor and have to touch object and describe what the feel like to pull me out of it if not it turns into a panic attack because I can't breath if it gets to bad I can and have passed out

  7. Spikes that flip up only against wrong way traffic. With detection of wrong way traffic. Does that figure it out?

  8. “I’m a Drug Recognition Expert”

    Suspect breathes

    “So she’s on a narcotic, a depressant, an upper, 4 monsters and sniffed a sharpie”.

  9. If these dealers and illegal gun carriers just drove correctly and maintained a drivers license and the cars lights they wouldn’t get busted

  10. The first one a car full of felons prohibited from carrying all expect one armed she’s wanted for prostitution. It gets better drugs too smh. Plus he driving reckless. Dude and his pal arounds need to go to jail.
    That accident at the end prayers to everyone touched by that tragic thing. Shalom

  11. "LOOK AT ME" Shines Million Candlewatt flashlight in eyes "Slow Your Breathing" Poor kid probably thought he was talking to Jesus lol.

  12. 3:53–3:57 What don't we have here? It's called brains. I hope the idiots in the vehicle get life. They don't have brains. That's for sure.

  13. All the cache weapons and drugs but yet they can't afford to get a better car and get their driver's license situation taking care of!????

  14. 5:20 "I thought the car was going to blow up." Thank you Hollywood, I got this nearly every car fire I ever responded to. Funny in 10 years I never saw a car blow up

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