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  1. I like that they were nice to the guy at the end. It was great to see that they didn’t hurt his balls or take him in for those traffic warrants cause they could of

  2. They allow that purple sparkle nail polish at the El Paso PD? Interesting…and we're not going to talk about that lady, first thing out of her mouth "i don't know him"

  3. I’m not walking I’m moving my legs in an orderly fashion so that way my body moves to the living room

  4. the moment he told the cop "Im not driving im travelling" and that pause shes like wow its one of these guys

  5. It seems that everyone they stop, doesn't have a driver's license!!!? Those people who don't have a driver's license, also, are on drugs!!!!😉😄🔤

  6. License plate light? Really …. this is our police … fishing , and first step to violating our rights. Too many cops out there with a chip on their shoulder. YOU WORK FOR US. End of story… show your ID .

  7. “I can smell marijuana that’s coming inside this vehicle”

    “Ok so where’s it coming from? Are you high officer?”

  8. He coulda shook his hand, chump. If those cameras weren’t rolling they woulda had afield day with him

  9. 'He who spares his rod hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines him promptly.' (proverbs 13,24)

    'Chasten your son while there is hope, and do not set your heart on his destruction.' (proverbs 19,18)

  10. Cop: "I can smell marijuana in the vehicle"
    Guy: "Who cares?"
    Cop: "It's Texas"
    Guy: "It's Earth!"
    You're not even American.

    You swore an oath to the United Nations

  11. If my mom found out I had crack cocaine, I would do whatever necessary to be in jail until 18.
    I genuinely respect the last guy, “there are no bad kids, only bad parents”

  12. The last guy, LMAO what a character Prison didnt change him. The wife did. LOL
    If my mom found out I had crack cocaine, I would do whatever necessary to be in jail until 18.

  13. The one with the traveler the female cop says it's a couple ounces. If he was told that was an ounce he got ripped off it was like a 1/8 if that an ounce is pretty much a sandwich bag full

  14. I held my breath when he said you aren't even American behind that badge… I thought he was about to call this cop an Illegal. But no he said United Nations…..

  15. Why do they always say they found more weed than they actually do that was 4-5 grams at the most. “under 2 ounces” it’s most definitely under a quarter of an ounce

  16. Driving and traveling has two definitions by Black's Law the law is worded differently as everyday speech so what he is trying to say he has a right to travel , driving means that you're under the commercial code which gives them the right to stop anyone that travels on a public Highway so please do not reticule this guy for trying to express a constitutional right and I'm not defending him but when you call him dumb and try to blame his parents are you not also under educated own constitutional rights you have inherited by being American citizen.




  18. Can't believe she's waiting for a dog after smelling weed. But locking people up for weed is just wrong, and it's still happening Every day in this country.

  19. If my mom found out I had crack cocaine, I would do whatever necessary to be in jail until 18.
    “You swore an oath to the United Nations” Hol’ Up is this cop helping maintain global peace?

  20. When someone says I’m not driving I’m traveling, and they try to go down that whole sovereign citizen route, it’s so baffling. Primarily because it never, ever works and there is plenty of evidence of that right here on YouTube, but second and perhaps more concerning, that whole movement has its roots in white supremacist organizations. Many of the original hate groups with far right libertarian leanings intentionally or due to their own stupidity, misinterpret some lines of text in the fourteenth amendment, and the Louisiana purchase treaty. These sort of moronic, inane anti-establishment musings and interpretations of law have been adopted by every petty criminal with a buddy that spends too much time on forums. They think they’ve uncovered some sort of precedent abolishing legalese that will get them out of their crimes. It’s insane!

  21. Guys is right what right do we have as human beings to tell each other what we can or can’t do.

    The only problem is. If I have the power to make you do or not do certain things, I will, because I don’t like it and neither does Texas or the law.

  22. That first officer is annoying af. STOP arguing with him and STOP repeating him. She looks stupider than he does.

  23. It is not healthy to feel self righteousness being a cop and out telling what trash people are. It's just a matter if a law was broken not to legislate from the badge. Has nothing to do with righteousness. Nobody is righteous. Everyone has committed an offense.

  24. That last cop sounds stupid calling the kid bro. Sounds ghetto. That is not the way to get people to listen using ghetto slang.

  25. Did they ever locate the license plate for the vehicle ? I don't recall hearing that mentioned . Maybe they had it in the car ?

  26. that traveler guy to fellow inmates: I'm not a prisoner I'm a tenant here.
    "Im not driving im travelling"
    Oh boy here we go

  27. im confused i clearly dont understand these laws fully but that dude who wouldnt allow the cop to search his bag. all someone has to do is say no you cant search this or that and that cop cant do anything about? what if dude had a gun or heroin in that bag

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