Live PD: Cop Calls w/ Salinas, California Police Department | A&E

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  1. The officer with the taser was incredibly patient. I was thinking two warnings then a ride on the lightning. But the lightning never happened.

  2. OK dude made a left turn not a right turn and only started walking in the direction you pointed.. Which I would expect when he doesn't understand English.. then spanish dood comes up and explains.. I'm not saying he wasnt drunk but I'm also not saying that cop was smart..

  3. If my cat saw anyone trying to hurt me or if cops were to come in my house and start putting hand cuffs or yelling at me he would straight attack them for real. Yes I said my 🐱

  4. You can't just have a law or rule and pick n choose what it applies to. If cannabis is a drug, then so is coffee and chocolate, and should be schedule 1. They would actually be classified as more dangerous than cannabis, because it's modified, similar to dabs. A plant is a plant, a drug is a drug. Cannabis is in no way shape or form a drug. It is a part of earth, and for arresting people for simply possessing it, I hope you endure several eternities of the same torture you dished out to your fellow man. Ruining people's lives for holding their own mother. Absolute disgrace.

  5. @5:00 when homie drops his smoke and grabs for it as a reaction and realizes he could have got shot so he gives up. Get enough rookie cops killing people for no reason and people are more likely to cooperate I guess.

  6. It annoys me that if it was a guy throwing hands on a girl on the floor the officers would’ve been running, tackled him immediately and probably tazed him, but feminism right?

  7. Man. Imagine being a drug dealer and losing $80k in cash and all that weed was another $20+. Smh. Heartbreaking. Give it to me!!😂

  8. So sad for how these high risk suspect's literally have nothing on them there cooperating but yet the cops with the rifles and hand guns are scared like wtf

  9. All the weed charges make me upset lmao because it's just weed "In tErMs oF iTeMs SeizEd ThIs WaS a GoOd SeArCh wArrEnT" like woah you stopped people from getting munchies good job

  10. … wait.. so this lady attacks a dude in front of cops and they ask him if he wants to press charges but my buddy defends himself against his gf hitting him by pushing her away and they not only come to her defense but dont even care if she wants to press charges or not just took him away and charged him with domestic… she didnt even want to press charges. wtf are these laws man!

  11. All this livePD videos make me want to never ever visit the U.S. and i didnt even do anything wrong lol ill stay in europe 🤙

  12. Unfortunately most of those police are scary. A legit overreaction on most of those encounters if you're scared pick a different job stop being little b****

  13. I don’t get why they just don’t do the breath test instead of the field sobriety.
    I don’t drink but I suffer from chronic pain due to arthritis and I can Garantie I would fail the walk the line test…
    Just breath test them straight up, they have so do it, it wastes time doing the other tests

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