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  1. It's .192 not 1.92 dumbass she would be dead lol cop doesn't even know how to add. The legal limit is .08%. Brain damage starts to happen at .40. she was double the limit but she's be dead if she was 1.92 lmao

  2. This lady is driving under the influence and driving in the snow, and could have very much have hurt herself and others. I hate people like this that think nothing is gonna happen to them after getting intoxicated and driving.

  3. If someone gives consent to a chemical test and it proves that they’re under the influence, how can it be used against them in court? If they’re over the legal limit to operate a vehicle, they shouldn’t be allowed to give consent to waive their rights without an attorney present. Just food for thought.

  4. Why did the cop say say she blew a 1.92? She wouldn’t be alive if she blew that. Double the legal limit is .16 (.08 x 2) and she blew a .092 so she was not double the limit. She was most likely on pills or dope. Good to see this cop knows what he’s talking about

  5. Drunk driving in the snow is extremely stupid! Don't drink or drive. But especially don't drink or drive in the snow!

  6. 3:34 & 3:38 it's says .092 not 1.92 but I honestly never used a breathalyzer before so have no clue on how that works. Anyone want to explain?

  7. "I was driving on the median so that you guys knew I wasn't trying to drive on the median."

    People who drink and drive are scum.

  8. Lady: so what is this breathaighhuruufor?
    Cop: to see how INTAXICATED you are!
    idk who was slurring their words more 😂😂

  9. This absolutely infuriates me. The snow & icy road conditions are bad enough but add in a drunk driver? I know where this is and add in the various hills makes for horrible conditions. That stupid women could have easily killed someone. I hope she served jail time!!!

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