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  2. How do u let someone drive off with no insurance, in jersey its automatic tow your car then go to impound and show em insurance, and ounce u get to court and you dont have coverage on the pull over day you loose your license for 6 months at least. How can a cop let someone drive off with no insurance what if he hits someone with all those dogs jumpin around. The person he hits is screwed.

  3. If that knobhead has an accident whilst driving, which he probably will coz he definitely would not have a clear view of his surroundings, those poor dogs will get hurt for sure. What a friggin tool he is.

  4. To deter crime should be higher on the priority list than to prosecute and punish crimes- and thus unmarked cars should not be doing traffic stops. Not to mention anyone can put a siren on their car– and you never know who it really is until you've already put yourself in a vulnerable position.

  5. I'm pro cop but if you're sworn to "protect and serve" how would I know you're there to help me if I cant see you or give me the ability to " ask for help?"

  6. Wait… a cop driving within the speed limits? that's unheard of. Most cops are total self-righteous prinks on the roads because they have a "badge".

  7. The police officer was standing VERY close to the car that he pulled over!! I’m in a police explorers group and we’ve been learning about proper pullover procedures, you’re supposed to stand up against the car but behind the black divider between the front and back seat of the car. It makes it far more difficult and less likely for the driver to be able to get the upper hand and harm you!

  8. Imagine if he opened the door to take off on foot & all His dogs ran After him thinking that he wanted to play & his own dogs tackled him for the easy arrest 😂😂😂

  9. It should be illegal to run unmarked vehicles, anyone can buy those light bars and start jacking people on the roads….oh wait…it's already happening, but who cares right?

  10. It's legal, but I wouldn't even be confident that was a real law enforcement vehicle with barely any lights on it, private plate, no markings, etc. Everything about that vehicle spells imposter. It absolutely does not belong on traffic duty without an associated marked vehicle. I'd be calling dispatch to confirm this one.

  11. In my area, there are some of the police cars that are marked, but the lettering is just barely a shade lighter or darker than the vehicle. I guess that way they are marked, but only noticable close range.

  12. Had 2 undercover MINIVANS with Disney passholder stickers on the back window fly by me with lights and sirens on chasing a charger on huge rims on i4 in Orlando the other day, beware!! They are everywhere!!

  13. I’m concerned for the dogs, like he’s either doing something bad with the dogs or he’s running a dog daycare service and he had to go to the store and he couldn’t leave the dogs alone

  14. Ha come to Ontario. There are no such thing as "exempt" plates. All cop cars have the same plates as everyone else.

  15. Trust issues start when people say “oh he don’t bite” that cop said “u know how many times I heard that” 😂 relatable

  16. The bad thing about unmarked vehicles is people impersonate officers. I've read that it's a good idea if you're pulled over on a road without much traffic, or even at night and the vehicle isn't marked, to call 911 immediately and tell them. They can check dispatch and make sure it's actually an officer that has stopped you.

  17. kindof annoying that this officer was basically laughing through his speech voice. Condescending actually. The driver's incorrect assumption is a somewhat reasonable lay belief. So he's wrong. Big deal but dont laugh at him. Nice he only got a warning essentially.

  18. Warning warning don't vote for Bloomberg he's a rich loser Izmir he really messed up his City so everyone vote for Donald J Trump in 2020 thank you

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