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  1. One girl sounds like a man
    One girls dresses like a man
    Can you guess which is which??
    Lolol welcome to American people !! Lolol

  2. “Keep them from beating on one another in front of us.”

    You know full well it’s going to be on like Donkey Kong the moment the cruiser leaves the parking lot.

  3. Yeah its your sons fault that his scheming x girlfriend put her name on a title for a car she didn't buy and now she is trying to take it say the police. Once again live pd unwillingly shows the police bias and inability to deal with the smallest issues.

  4. 1:14 – "You stole the title out from my top drawer!"
    …a few moments later…
    1:50 – "I gave it to my son, and then he gave it to her"

  5. She said "we bought you cheap" to the woman who was smart enough to go get that title signed and now owns the car! Think granny has been hitting the crack pipe a few to many times.

  6. The mom gives to her son who chose to give it to her then it’s hers. Duh. You don’t give something away and say later she was never meant to have it because that’s where it ended up.

  7. I know right where the tulsa one is it's in the meth area… lol just north of 244 crappy side not quiet the ghetto 3 more miles north and that's the ghetto

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