Live PD: Most Viewed Moments from Tulsa, Oklahoma (Part 2) | A&E

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  1. 11:14 who tf uses turn signals when running from cops? I thought the whole point was to shake them, not give them directions.

  2. >When a running black kid with gun instead of shooting at the police and getting killed raises his hands up and calmly informs them he have a gun like civilized human… I realized one thing – some of them are starting to adapt for surviwal and honestly… it's kind of scary.
    Or maybe he actualy wasn't lying when he said he didnt knew how to use it idk😂

  3. 😂😂😂 such a nice car thief. After the owner gets it back the thief tells them the mechanical issues with the car. Only in Oklahoma

  4. I watch the show all the time but this is the only time I have ever seen sticks actually on live PD. Anyone else? Obviously I missed some episodes

  5. Funny cause he says “everyone calls me stix” but all I heard was everyone calling him Shawn! He’s really trying to push a nickname HAHAHA

  6. So we have to continue speeding Cuz that’s what so, every web a cop without lights going 80-90 in 55/65. Everytime. But god forbid have been maintains speed and you come to a steep him and going up to speed at the top(just above the limits and don’t get on the break fast enough come back down. Because they will write you a ticket Then raise your insurance in a sec and have no sympathy.

  7. That was the weakest attempt at ramming a door. Swat you always see that door go flying in. That guy barely tapped that door 😂😂😂

  8. Why these criminals so nice tho!!! I love it.

    – yo , fix your muffler!
    – how old are you?. You still got it.

    The respect after the capture is funny, yet good to see lol

  9. These kids need to understand breaking into someone’s home WITH GUN Simone of us are armed and ready to stand out ground I have FOUR mags if hollow points from my pistol. They will end up dead that way

  10. Don’t run from a cop with cauliflower ear. He likely has good cardio, and when he catches you, he’ll tie you up in

  11. ❤️❤️❤️ God bless all the camera people that have to run with all the equipment into danger so we can be entertained. We appreciate you!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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