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  2. First off, who who slept with this trifling woman 🤔 nevermind 😖 second, obviously whoever let her drive that charger must needed gas money or cigarettes bc they can't be a real friend letting her out the house in that outfit 😲 third, the place is empty you couldn't bring your child in 😒 you just spent $25 getting your nails done but couldn't spend $10 to get a drawstring ponytail, bigger clothes or pay someone to watch your sweet baby while he sitting sweating in a hot car 😡 I just can't deal with these no good parents

  3. It’s fine to leave a 12 year old or teenager in a car for a quick grocery run or 10 minute haircut. Not a toddler while getting your nails done !

  4. He could have been snatched up so easily. Just gone. And she wouldn’t have had any idea. Watching this while 34 weeks pregnant is PAINFUL

  5. I am so annoyed that big broad should be busting a sweat in the gym instead of sitting getting her nails done and leaving that poor child in that hot car!!!!

  6. She says I can see him really ya I bet that’s why you didn’t notice all the cops getting your poor son out of your car and about to come out it takes at least 30 min for the nails to be done it’s different running in the pay for gas and right back out but not that

  7. that woman saying wat did i do cares more for her jelly rolls n appearance than her own kid, i should no i had a mom like that n was in fostercare!!

  8. Yep I didnt do anything…right.u did everything wrong.that innocent little child.anyone cou lk da snatched him up.hurt him.countless things.the heat alone..bugs .smh.

  9. Personally i'm happy for these officers they made the right decission how they stepped in and be a father in treating the kid as one of their own. Good Job keep up the good work

  10. It's sad all these trifling so called women have all these babies. But the ones that would make good mothers can't have them. God please make it make sense

  11. Sick excuse for a mother can’t even see her wrong doing also if someone leaves me in the car can i watch paw patrol and get food

  12. If she can see him why didn’t she step out of the salon when cops approached the car and talk to her son what a selfish butt hole

  13. Maybe she should be going to the gym instead of getting her nails done. After dropping her baby off with a babysitter…….

  14. lady you can not see your child from inside the nail place …. use your brain and take the child in with you for god sake if you can not be a parent and take care of your kid you don't need kids ……

  15. Why not educate her and let her know she’d go to jail next time? Some people don’t have common sense but doesn’t mean they should go to jail if nothing happened. And taking her kid away will NOT help him.

  16. Imagine you’re working your normal job, just doing nails, then all of the sudden two cops come in and take your client from you😂

  17. Yes, what she did was wrong …but she is not out selling drugs, prostituting or hurting anyone and the child is not running around in the parking lot, as this is their routine. i sympathize with this women because work is hard to come by and their are many rules at the job site. She is trying only to make a living and PROVIDE FOR HER CHILD and with the cost of child care and obviously no family to help her…Its ashame that people are so self righteous. People are always so fast to ridicule snd condemn Does it ever iccur to anyone that this lady needs help to have to live this way?
    Jail, more ridicule behind bars for this serious offense Child Protective, Custody, on and on. How will she pay for rent and food, etc..?
    Why not do the humane thing?…People love their dogs and cats but treat humans much worst without any sense of compassion… It reminds me that it is so nice to be out of the police state that is the US…and never drive with a small break light out

  18. She just admitted she does it all the time wtf and for her to say she didn't do anything lol is she mentally ill or something

  19. Lol she just got her nail done and now when she gets to the jail they are going to make her take them off… She says that she can see him from in the salon but I doubt it. She didn’t even see the first cop that was standing outside of the car.

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