Live PD: Pick on Someone Your Own Size (Season 4) | A&E

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  1. Dad had the right to pop him good in the mouth. Teach him to mess with someone his own size. Man this guy is so drunk. Should have cited for public intoxication as well. This drug (liquor) is and will always be the worst.

  2. Missoula MT that’s some Bernie supporter on Bernie Supporter crime right there. It’s a good thing that wimp didn’t call the fish cops instead.

  3. So we have a cop who sounds like Kermit and then we have Capt. Burt…so where is Major Ernie?!?!?!?!? Who is this Sesame Street PD?????

  4. Drunk guy tries to clobber a 12 year old child – and yet marijuana is still illegal in most US states because drug cops, FBI, and DEA need to remain relevant.

  5. Man that cop is a MONSTER I don’t think 🤔 people realize it , and plus his Voice, Man is a Sasquatch 👮‍♂️😳😳😳

  6. I'm interested in pursuing a videography career.. just curious what model of potato this video was filmed on.. the quality is the best potato video quality I've seen in ages.

  7. Those making fun of that LEOs voice. That is a huge dude with a deep voice. I bet he’s NOT having any issues with the ladies.

  8. "R U serious' guy is incapable of performing the "made you flinch" gesture like the old man is describing. Something else happened or more likely the drunk dude stumbled towards the kid and the protective father mistook it for a threatening gesture.

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