Live PD: Three on the Run (Season 4) | A&E

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  1. IT AMAZES ME that dudes are that stupid to get caught. Word of advice, STOP selling in your hood. Diversify your clientele to working professional ppl and there’s no need to carry a gun. ALL the White Kids that went to Universities that popped pills, smoked weed, and snorted lines, have all grown up now. And from time to time they still get high. They have money to by product and u don’t have to run from cops dumb dumbs.

  2. They Literally could have just walked off and told the cop they don’t answer questions because technically at the time they weren’t caught doing anything illegal. They ran and made themselves look even more suspicious 😂 idiots.

  3. This pants hanging down phase is one of the most craziest and _ayest looking styles since a man dressing up as a _oman ever.

  4. This is pathetic. They got arrested for Flower… If you are going to attest anyone for cannabis, arrest God who created it… The plant has more of a right to exist – it's part of the ecosystem. This is absolutely devastating to see.

  5. Lets all run from the cops they said , they wont catch us they said ….yeahh rite they dun did all y'all is screwed …now ya is going to da pokey downtown …

  6. If they would just stop wearing their 'Underpants-pants' I bet they could run a little bit further, faster; when they think the police won't find, and arrest them. LMFAO Thanks to the Blue line.Idiots.

  7. It’s a bit interesting that one of them had a gun in their pocket and yet they took off running without even pulling their gun out. I guess it goes to show that not everybody has the guts to pull out the gun and shoot somebody. LOL

  8. I fail to see what people like so much about marijuana. It's bad enough to be a smoker, but that stuff is destroying the mind and the lungs. Imo.

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