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  1. aaaand thats what happens you ya dont put the lug nuts on right and tighten the correctly….wobble wobble wobble…LMAO!

  2. @15:14…."…a non-anatomical bulge…" BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA….i hope so…else this video would be on another 'type' of site >;) XDXD

  3. …bruh…soooo… had a concussion, don't know your address, or name…but ya think you're fit enough to drive….naaaah sunshine…time to try on these bracelets….

  4. I really don’t understand the system. They don’t rehabilitate anyone on these drugs just lock them up and give them a record so they can’t apply to jobs and most likely end up back on heroin to start the whole cycle over

  5. Moral of the story is: if you got drugs on you, make sure your car is in tip top condition and obey all traffic laws. All of these busts started with simple traffic stops

  6. it is not illegal to drive on a rolling tyre..why else would they provide one with the car. If they under the speed limit on the tyre its fine

  7. Mr. Beans you're under arrest for being so darn cute you have the right to a ear scratch if you cannot get a ear scratch I'll be happy to do it

  8. “They look nervous, so I’ll deploy the dog”… how is that a reasonable reason? I’ll be nervous just watching them in the divider..

  9. If someone is doing drugs, y’all shouldn’t send them to jail, y’all should send them to get help to get of the drug instead.

  10. Y'know throwing this out there I ain't a liberal snowflake, but it's really sickening how they dehumanize people that do drugs and make light out of the situation. What if it was their son or daughter, or mother that was addicted to drugs. And they're just joking and laughing at making peoples life worse than it already is. It's honestly disgusting.

  11. Thanks god . Get all that stuff off the street. Heroin is taken away from me so many friends. I have never in my life touched it and I won't. That's is disgusting. I can't believe the things I've seen on the streets that people do. I completely understand wanting to have a good time. I don't get how that is a good time. There's only two ways it ends dead or in jail. That ain't worth it

  12. 4:59 the dog didn’t even do nothing and he said the dog alerted lmao 😂 a good lawyer and that cop is done and the white dudes will get a good piece of money

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