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  2. So why…why not hustle that hard at something legit? I don't get it. The only way he sells this junk is to cut the price waaaaay back.

  3. Mistake #1 stepping out of the car when you don't have to over a traffic violation and then giving concent to search: # 2 way too much talking, never for any reason quilty or innocent answer questions, they are meant to harm you never to protect you, you have the right to remain silent so exercise that right

  4. This guy did nothing wrong. He didn't commit any violence, he is free to defend himself by the 2nd amendment and intelectual property is not a thing. He should be free to go.

  5. All thoes jordan are fake a true sneaker heads Wouldn't notice that curvy tongue on thoes 3 right away.

  6. how you gonna drive & not pay your insurance/tags/registration with all that money beforehand? SCD Stupid Criminal Disease

  7. So the gun is in his possession and he doesn’t get charged with it? But if that was me I’d go down for the gun in Illinois!? Lucky guy

  8. this officers havent been to the flea markets 😂😂 all people be selling couterfeit movies there the movie not even on theaters and mexicans already selling them 😂😂😂

  9. I see it everyday, these hustlers will pull a wad of hundreds and put in 3 dollars of gas,im brown so I can get away by saying this ghetto garbage will always be ghetto garbage no matter how much money they’re carrying

  10. Love how everyone’s saying he has the money to pay for the tags so he should pay it.. but nobody’s talking about the child support. Lol

  11. The officer approached the wrong side he's dumb an dude shoulda brought plate,dumb&dumber…however dumber gotta take this BIG L

  12. People going to jail for smelling like weed and this guy has a loaded handgun in battery concealed in an unregistered car, and he still didn't get charged even though that's a few felonies?

  13. Cant pay support because he has no job where the courts can legally send his place of business papers to pull child support. Even though he makes money hes his own boss.

  14. Cops just jealous that he is an entrepreneur and makes more money than he does. That's why he keeps calling him the ultimate hustle man

  15. Too bad. Once he figures out that paying child support is alot better than not paying child support he'll be home free.


  17. Wait, since nobody really watches things on DVDs and stuff, (don’t get mad at me), why are people even bothering anymore?
    (Don’t give me hate, I know people do, I still do)

  18. i had a dad like that, he never paid for anything n left my mom with the responsibility to take care of me n my brother by herself n thats why women are stronger then men bc there always there for u!!

  19. Imagine a cop pulls you over and you try to make up something to get you out of trouble from the cop I would say my husband is in the hospital because he got stabbed in in the chest

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