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  2. What's Indiana gun laws.. just need a gun permit and you can carry in your car like that? Don't need a s eperate conceal carry permit?

  3. I’m sorry but it sounded like he was a little sad they did what they were asked I think this is what all these stops should look like. I mean I’d rather they not be pulled out and their weapons looked at but no one was really hurt. But dude stop speeding or whatever

  4. That cops dumb af said the ar wasn’t a pistol because he took the buttstock off bruh it’s illegal to have that on because it’s a PISTOL because how short the barrel is🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  5. Lol he’s upset he couldn’t take them to jail… trying to throw everything at them. Handicap spot, no turn signal, no seat belt, guns, bullets, loaded.

  6. Can you believe how people are just driving around with deadly weapons that I personally only think of the military using those high power weapons there’s no reason for people to be having assault rifles with them in their daily life

  7. Insane. Loaded guns and an military grade assault rifle in a car! America is nuts! No wonder over 11,000 die in gun related deaths every year in America. 😔

  8. so he took the time to traffic stop those guys, search their cars, and have the decency to cite them for the turn signal infraction. I mean dude, it's already trouble for a suspended license jesus christ.

  9. Another pointless stop by asshat police. He has a VALID CCW so why would you run the gun to see if it is stolen? Because your are trash people looking for ANYTHING to arrest people for. Also, if he is a LEGAL CCW holder you had no right to tell him he has to go somewhere else to reload.

  10. Ok, I’m from Australia, seeing people allowed to have weapons like this is insane. In Australia, you can’t keep ammo with guns whilst transporting and they need to be secured. To me, this seems crazy that you can just have this amount of arsenal and all is good. Like why do you need that much?

  11. Not sure who's dumber: the cop who didn't know his weapons, or the the dude rolling around with a loaded rifle ON FIRE just bouncing around in the back seat

  12. 2 things.
    1. I can’t believe there isn’t a comment about how dis man look like 21 Savage.
    2. That cop is a condescending dickhole.

  13. Now that's how it's supposed to be handled. He legally own them and that's his right as an american. Props to everyone involved.

  14. Let me simplify this for yall. The cop was bored, doesnt know his guns, and is trying his hardest to get his arrest Quota up for the month.

  15. Why do cops always note that the gun is loaded an unloaded gun is better than throwing a rock at someone! All of my weapons are loaded at all times! Makes me wonder if he is dumb enough to carry his without it being loaded!

  16. This cop clearly knows nothing about gun laws. That gun doesn’t have a 16 inch barrel meaning it is considered a pistol.

  17. Its called the 2nd amendment permit you Jackboot traitorous thug!!! I dont need a permit, to say I do, IS TREASON, And you all will be dealt with accordingly in due time!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Everyone in the comments talking about the cop not knowing much about the guns, but no one talking about how they was just looking for trouble with the guns ready to go in the backseat 😂 they was out there looking for opps 👀

  19. So… I'm all about 2A and all that… but dude… You are probably up to no good with so many guns in your car you forgot about them.

  20. My only question is why do you need to have so many guns in your car. I get self defense. A nice solid handgun, mwah! But three? Why?

  21. I seriously hope this car literally does not have a job in law-enforcement anymore or is not allowed to leave the department period. Absolutely how Brain dead

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