LIVE – Selfies as a M/U & Hair Tool – 2 Make-Better Reveals + Q&A

Good morning and welcome to Two Minute
Tips for Healthy Aging and Confident Beauty I’m Sharon danly and this
channel’s focus is on inner and outer beauty through simplicity strength
style and grace. I need to check and make sure that we are online here before I
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up that would be terrific okay we have a couple of people okay so today’s
discussions are going to be to make better reveals for contestants
9 and 10 and then we’re going to talk about how to use selfies as a makeup and
air tool and then of course we’re going to have our usual Q&A good morning Kathy
alrighty let’s just jump right into our selfies portion and using selfies as a
teaching tool gives me allergies or something is just a great great great
tool believe me but do some things that are important with respect to taking a
good selfie one is to stand in front of a window you know to avoid your shadows
any shadows coming in and you want decent pixelation like you wanted you
know a decent picture you want a headshot but which is just like your
head and your shoulders that’s what they call a headshot in the biz okay you
don’t want you don’t want a whole bunch of feeling or you don’t want you know a
whole bunch of background if you can keep your background clear is good and
and if you’ve got dark hair then you want a lighter background if you’ve got
light hairs and you want to darker background so that it shows you
knew your hair can stand out from it with a teaching tool perspective you
want to make sure to the ear wardrobe is fairly neutral
so that it doesn’t get in the way of your makeup or your hair design or
whatever it is the cleaner you can keep your background the better your hair and
makeup will show as your tool you want to keep your chin move in my case
parallel with the floor you don’t want up you don’t want it bad
you don’t want any of that sort of thing because that will distort okay I’m going
to look directly into the camera lens not not over here oftentimes what
happens when we’re using our phones as our camera where we’re looking at
ourselves on our camera rather than looking into the camera lens
good morning Sydney so that’s really an important thing to do and your body
stance now this is something that isn’t talked about very much having come from
the old school of modeling it really does make a difference on how you stand
with how you picture concept one of the things you can do is stand with one foot
in front of the other slightly and the heel of the front foot turned out the
opposite that a mistake let’s let’s suppose you’re using your left foot to
go out okay just it is in front of your right foot so so you take you turn the
toes of your left foot to your left okay and you turn me and and the the toe of
your right foot is behind the heel of your left foot and you turn your right
heel to the left as well what does that do it gives you kind of a nest shape in
your body a lot of what they do today is when you’re showing modeling with you’re
showing pictures and things women have their legs stuck out it’s like it’s not
very pleasant at all it doesn’t help the costume of the Wardrobe so standing
standing well is important another thing that you can do is you turn around turn
your shoulder drop and then turn to look over your
shoulder like this but if you’re doing so you know those are fine for your
profile pages but selfies as a as a tool for your hair and makeup you want to be
just straight on and straight forward and the other thing of course is to
smile and when you smile you don’t want to smile
let me take my glasses off here’s a smile there’s nothing behind my eyes is
there but when I think of something it gets the whole click the whole face the
whole smile something too so it just it just fills out the whole look now what
I’ve done for you is I’ve taken a bunch of selfies of myself this morning to
show what not to do here’s our first picture notice where my eyes are here
they’re not looking right into the camera lens can you see that and the
other thing is the head is tilted to the side so I can’t see how the other the
side of my left eyebrow looks and now if I’m using it’s for makeup then I need to
I need to look straight on if I’m using it for hair to see a bit of a profile
then that gives me that gives me what I’m looking for for for that number two
here’s an example of not looking into the camera lens you see that and it kind
of it slightly distorts I’m looking into the picture of myself
on the camera and let’s pull up another one here that I have for you now here’s
one I don’t have to say anything I’m just not smiling there’s no expression
on my face nothing and look what happens to now I have a very crooked mouth and
when I don’t if I’m not talking or expressing myself and just relaxing but
that’s what happens and it shows more sand if I’m in it if I’m in a feeling
sad see that shows even more but if I smile
it takes that away and look at how how don’t and and and you know my eyes look
I look like I’m in some kind of pain and that’s just because only because I’m not
smiling okay now when you’re looking to use these as tools you you want them to
you want you don’t want to do any of this I’m showing you what not to do next
here’s a great example of standing with your chin for the chins you know when
you’ve got your head back like this that’s not what you want to do well at
least those of us at this stage you know I need to trust for my Chin’s so what do
I do I mean forward as if I you know what
it’s like when you go to shake somebody’s hand you put your arm up and
I’ll do it sideways that your chin goes out like this that will help to get rid
of so don’t don’t stand like this okay stand more like this with you chin not
out like this but you know there’s a reasonable distance okay with your
shoulders back and down and your head forward it does make a difference
now all you young dames out there you don’t have these problems yet but mark
my words the time is coming but not too soon I’m sure
now here’s an example of a shadow no I I had to I had to try to enhance that and
you can tell but what happens is when you have a shadow you don’t get a true
sense of the color and you don’t get a you know a just just the right scent and
if you’re using this unless it’s an artistic sort of profile or whatever
that’s one thing but not if you’re using it as a learning tool for yourself okay and the last one here now here I’m
looking right into the camera I’ve got a smile and yes you can see my
wrinkles and all that sort of stuff but I’m thinking about something that makes
me feel you know happy or you know warm and fuzzy or whatever what I got to turn
my my mirror on here sorry about my mirror but my lighting there
speaking of shadows and you can see you can see the difference that that makes
compared to the others this is all the same hairdo all the same outfit but now
this is just a sampling of what you could do I’m going to be very honest
with you I had took probably three or four of each one of these to get the
right one to show you okay the thing was a digital with self uses you can take
thousands of them because you can just delete them now the trick is is to take
enough of them so that you so that you are you have enough that you get the
right one for that day and then what you do is file them into
you know either into a digital file or print them off if you want you know and
put them in a file or something and when you’re learning something new or you’re
trying a new hairstyle or something like that taking selfies is
really important too to see if you’re getting it right now
here’s another thing some of the tools you might need is a is a what do you
call these things a selfie stick okay so you can so you’re not home you know
how you’re holding your arm at like usually what people do this they take a
pictures and stuff they hold your arm up like this and it just stores but if
you’ve got a selfie stick or set it someplace where it’s the right it’s the
right height so that the camera lens on the phone the camera lens not the phone
face itself that the camera lens of the phone is even with your eyeballs okay so
set it on a counter or something you’ve got something I’m sure you
find out what you’ve got that you can use stand it there and then use your
timer on your phone that you most phones up a three-second or a ten-second timer
get everything set the way you want it and then click the timer gives you a few
seconds to get in place and click away and take as many of those as you need so
those are two things that will help you get a non distorted selfie and if you
yep find some kind of a mounting system I
mean I here’s I’ll show you something I got this from the dollar store and I can
put my phone I’ll even show you I can put my phone in this and I can set this
on my computer so that’s right above where my my web camera is and I can set
and I can set it so that it’s high enough and it’s right in line with my
eyes okay or I can put it on a counter someplace or put it up on a shelf
whatever but this is like a buck at the dollar store so those are just you know
simple little tools is all you need to help with this now another thing that I
did say how did the other they shoot was remove all filters I know this is a
difficult subject for some people but removing filters is essential it’s
absolutely essential because if you don’t then you will you won’t get a true
a look of who you are and and what what what products you use you or whatever
you will not get a true representation ah back to hair when you’re taking your
selfies if you’ve got a mounting thing then you can put it on a timer and do a
profile okay then you can put it on a timer I do the back of your head when
you’re doing yourself it’s essential to see all sides you want to see all the
topside back so that you get a true representation from there
these selfies they help you adjust a little bit more eyebrow pencils or I
shadow gear for your eyebrows no you know what I gotta I gotta bring this
side of my lip down just a little bit more or I don’t I don’t need to bring
that side down as much or you know any number of things when you get a true
representation of yourself and a tight shot this is like a headshot head and
shoulder now the other thing that’s really good about selfies is you can do
this on your phone and make it much bigger you can zoom in so there’s any
particular spot you want to look at say your eyeshadow or your or your gel liner
or anything like that you can see much better when you can do
so it’s what it’s selfies I think are the best teaching tool in the world
along with getting some coaching if you’re having difficulty and you know
don’t know what to do about a particular aspect so anyway I’m going to I’m going
to leave that now for you and we’ll come back to it but next we’re going to go to
our our first contestant for our make bettors and our first one is this person
here now she’s got she’s got lovely gray hair now what she’s got is you see the
size of her hair do you see how it’s a little bit fuzzy that happens to all of
us you know it’s a nape of the neck and the sides by the ears those hairs tend
to become short for some reason this is where hairspray in a toothbrush you know
works wonders to hold those little suckers down she’s got lovely brows nice
skin but let’s see what happens when we do some tweaking now what I’ve done and
I have a little something here to show you to in a second what I’ve done is
brought the eyebrows got the arch down a little bit and I kept them in the same
color because that’s pretty much a natural color for her
and I’m going to bring this no maybe I’ll just finish the thing first and
then do the bars notice also when we look at her eyes how they stand at warm
what did I do she’s got a fairly hooded eye I’ve just added more on up like a
balloon colored blue mixed with print eyeshadow along her lower lashline and I
strengthened her eye liner her waterline eyeliner in at the top that’s all I’ve
done but it makes a huge difference then what I’ve done is notice the darkness
around her eyes at the outside I have just stippled on some more powder
foundation and down the nose as well and append and the line that she has between
her eyes is still there but it’s softened okay now we take a look at her
lips and you can see that I have raised a little bit the upper lip and removed
the bottom lip from the right side a wee bit and added more to the center now I’m
going to try these up these bars I’ve tried this the other day on the Facebook
page and it seemed to go over well to just zero in on certain aspects okay now
can you see with doing this how lowering that arch it’s a lovely arch but
lowering it a little bit and raising the front end and how do you raise you just
take away a row or two of hairs from the bottom you look at that for a second okay now we’re going to go to our eyes
you can see the difference at the brows make but let’s just go straight to her
eyes notice how in the after picture how her eyed ball has much more strength to
it or weight you see that and all that is is strengthening the lash line for
her and cleaning up this another thing when you want to
strengthen something you clean up the background that it fits on so having
more even skin tone helps with that a lot okay now we’re going to go to her
lips you see just the slightest little tweak you just make a big difference okay now I’m going to bring in her brow
guidelines now this is if you can see the guideline you can see where I mean
all I did was removed from the bottom front and added underneath the arch they
didn’t I didn’t take anything off the top of those arches I just added in
underneath and that’s what gait that’s what helped to give give it a visual of
lowering and if you take a look at the guide lines around her lips you can see
how it was the left side of her face I had to raise that top lip a little and
augment the bottom center and slightly at the side let you watch that for a
second okay now can anybody tell what else I’ve
done with this picture I lifted out the circumference of the crown see what a
difference that makes in her before picture with your eyebrows being a
little bit more pointed in the front end and her hair giving an impression of
being more pointy do you see how that adds to kind of a more pointed spheres
not pierced might not be the right word but it’s meaning in that direction
where’s on the other side she has a look of being much more approachable now
before we go any further I just want to see if we have any questions with this
contestant so I’m just going to go back up here good morning to everyone Oh sounds a little echoed does it excellent
tutorial thank you okay okay the audio is a little off today okay let me try
something does that make it any better if you could does that make it any
better just let me know and we’ll go from there and Linda says hello Sharon
and Multi scrappy-doo I heard it’s better to angle to shoot down I would be
looking up even a couple inches helps me got a couple chins I hate not when
you’re using this as a teaching tool there’s a difference between
photographing for a profile or force for things of that nature but as a teaching
tool no you want app you want to see absolutely the truth about what you have
or don’t have does that make sense love the haircut I’m not sure if you’re
if you’re talking about me it’s I I don’t I just I have my hair
rolled up but I haven’t shown any other pictures so I’m not sure and we have a
Wow great change it’s amazing how just a little bit doesn’t does a lot she’s
gorgeous you just made her more gorgeous the
brows the brows the brows they make such a difference yes
JGF I oh they do make a difference always on everybody I need to do that
same thing to my brows oh my god I’m so excited
yes well you know you can always you can always send me a picture and I’ll talk
about it later and and you know I can do a thing for you they make better for you
with guidelines etc an ancestor around the eyes makes her seem refresh she
looks more relaxed in general thank you and yes foundation around the eyes okay
let’s let’s let’s just say and this isn’t true but let’s just say the
foundation is going to show up your wrinkles more think about it do you want
discoloration or do you want to see your wrinkles seriously think about that me
my choice I’ll take the wrinkles every time for the for the right color because
when you have a clear skin tone then the then the eye and the brow and the lips
stand out when you don’t have a clear skin tone it interferes okay
and when DJ so much better thank you yes it’s better for me okay I’m not sure if
you’re talking about audio or what so anyway yes yes yes much better okay
yes the eye okay the audience but Mary Emma Matt oh ma thank you for saying
it’s the Auto Audio is better okay I’m sorry about that ladies mmm oh god she
makes perfect sense I’m not sure what that was in reference to but that’s okay
much better audio CJ thank you the sound is much better Thank You Louise thank
you your honor okay okay hairline big difference in
making her softer yes Louise yes and I posted a picture and didn’t hear
anything I posted it on the going gray and loving at Facebook page is that the
wrong place no please go into the search bar pull up your
picture again if you didn’t hear from me that you are in the queue then you’re
not what you have to do is make sure you tag me and if you have trouble tagging
cus you know facebook is acting up as usual then just ask somebody one of the
other members to tag me and people are very good about doing that okay so so
search it out first and let’s let’s see what they get you know fine solve the
missing picture and Wendy I use a tinted moisturizer never liked full coverage
well um that’s fine Wendy if that works for you I’m not a fan of anything liquid
or cream I’m just not for all the reasons I’ve
said over and over and over now there are some people who love it that’s great
if it works for them the reason being in the summer and in human weather it melts
it melts but for some people it it seems okay depending on your lifestyle where
you live on the planet all those sorts of things so it’s you know if it if it
works for you then that’s wonderful and char what did you do with the lips I
can’t see much of a difference all right char let me just pull that up for you
again and take a really close look and you know
what I’ll bring these bars back up again take a really close look on the on the
makeover side or let’s know let’s look at the before picture do you see how on
her left side her her top lip and her bottom are smaller than her right side
so what I did was I augmented I made it a little bit bigger on the top left and
that and the bottom left can you see that now hope that helps you and Denise hi from South Africa love
your makeup tips hi Denise and thank you welcome I live in the desert not humid
ok so then that works for you see different climates you know humidity
factors and all those sorts of things play into makeup eye that’s why for for
many on this channel too humid weather is humid and hot so the approach of the
dual finish powder is much better and especially you know you can put your
sunscreen on underneath and or you know your moisturizer you gotta give it you
know two to five minutes for it to soak in and then you apply the powder and the
powder just wears really well you can apply it just a wee bit just a little
bit with a brush you can get out the trowel if necessary you know there’s all
kinds of ways of applying it so you know anyway let’s see Cindy the coverage is
pretty wrinkles are softened and hardly noticed yes
Thank You Sydney for that observation and that is the fact I mean you could if
you if anybody wants to go on to my what do you call it my channel in the beauty
or makeup playlist you will see I didn’t do this too long ago foundation how I
apply my foundation and you can see the before and after picture and it’s what
I’m wearing now it’s what I always wear I you know and it wears really well for
a long period of time and it to touch-up it’s so much simpler than if you’re
wearing a cream or anything like that underneath instead so and you’ll see in
the before and after pictures how the powder helps to smooth out the wrinkles
end up and the pores the pores especially make a huge difference I
invite you to just go you know at take a look on that on that video and it shows
the process and the end result and you know it speaks for itself okay
and I love full-coverage not really great for wrinkles though guess what
nothing is good for wrinkles no thing but the powder will soften it but it
stays better okay and it’s far less work it’s streamlined it gets you out the
door faster and you’re not spending time with layers of different products on
your face these that’s my the way I like to do things and Denise with eyebrows
that are going gray does a brown pencil work best or those sets of powder plus
brushes work better I’m not a fan of pencils one of the main reasons is they
don’t make good gray pencil no we’re still forgotten you know demographic and
if you do find them there very often they’ve got too much green in them there
they’re not a true gray Bonnie Bell used to make a pencil called pebble which was
fantastic but they went out of business so that’s why I like to use the eye
shadows with a flat edged angled brush and the thing is if you put your dual
finish powder on first it acts like a primer I’m not a primer fan I’ve tried
them several of them just not a fan of them but the dual finish powder will do
it then when you put your eyeshadow on as your brow or over your lids it will
stay and work really really well hope that answers your question Denise your
get getting full coverage with that and need to change that too oh you just
answered that oh okay no problem and Wendy Sharon can you I guess give some
quick advice on how to fill in an icepick scar covering pores can be
difficult but filling in a deeper hole has been even harder what
Niq would you use uh well if it’s really really deep and you don’t want to do
special effects okay because i’m not we’re not I don’t go there on this
channel can I can do it but most women do not want to spend the time with that
what I would suggest is using the dual finish powder and a sponge and stippling
it in push it in push it right into the scar now if it’s still if it still has
like a it casts a bit of a shadow underneath then take a fine flat edged
angled brush and dip it into a highlight some same product same do a finish
foundation only two shades lighter and draw in the center fill in the very
center of the crevice okay because it’s the shadow down deep it’s showing that
but it’s so if you lighten that up then it’s going to camouflage it okay so then
go in and then take your sponge again with the with the the powder that
matches your face your main foundation and then stipple in over top and just
press it in like that and you can also dampen your sponge and and you know grab
the product and stipple it on and that will give you even stronger slightly
heavier coverage let me know if that works for you okay IG fi oh I started wearing the Mac
Studio Fix powder foundation and will never go back to liquid yes thank you
for that confirmation thank you and Gwen lovely lady and lovely improvements yes
yes very pretty and Wow cheerful worth checking into yes if
anybody wants to check I always put what I’m wearing that day in the in the
description box below the video you know it says show more click on that and a
whole window drops down with all kinds of links what I use what I recommend all
that sort of stuff is there for you so you don’t have to go shopping around
anyplace else and Shelley what brand of foundation powder to use I personally
use the Burrell and I like the Mac Studio Fix powder foundation again links
and everything are in the description box below the video seems to be
straighter I’m not sure what you’re referring to Shar maybe you can let me
know and Wendy brilliant Sharon thank you thank you thank you
oh you’re welcome and Yvonne hello Sharon hello ladies do you ever wet the
sponge when you apply powder foundation the powder doesn’t really give me that
dewy glow and my skin looks kind of looks kind of dry okay Yvonne there’s
all kinds of ways of using it but like I said earlier you have to moisturize your
face first okay just with a moisturizing lotion not an oil not a cream a lotion
okay and Neutrogena light something Oh I never remembered the name but I’ve got
it listed I use that when I’m going to be out in the Sun I put that on give it
time to do its thing and then I apply my powder over top give it five minutes
it’s wonderful you get a beautiful glow to the skin you see with the dual finish
powder your skin glows with everything else it melts and when you’re using a
liquid with a powder which you must do with powders and liquids you must seal
them with a powder so it’s a two-step process no matter what they tell you no
matter what the propaganda is you need to seal that stuff so in order for it to
wear it work well and wear well so why do two
and by two things when you only need one that does the job in a superior way in
my experienced opinion and believe me not only you know I I try this stuff on
myself and have for years and I come to these conclusions having really
test-driven them so moisturizing your face first okay and then put it on and
give it give it about 10 minutes for it to settle in okay if you’re gonna put
the powder on then look like when I put mine on this morning I you know I only
they because my face is going through another change things are dropping and
all that sort of stuff it is what it is but I look now Oh remember remember
it’ll soften up and it has and it and it will even more so I can feel my I can
feel my my soap box knocking on the door Clinique makes an eyeshadow powder in
charcoal I’ve used for years is that okay is a nice if you like it but here’s
the thing charcoal on an older face for brows is too dark unless unless you
already have dark hair unless you have dark brown hair in your in your brows or
it’s black and that’s a different story but in that case you only feel in where
you need it you don’t go over top of the hair only where you need it okay I I’m
not familiar with that I’m I don’t use Clinique I like the Mac print because I
can make it is dark or as light as I want it’s it’s finely milled and it’s
got excellent payoff it’s it really does so but if it’s working for you great
just make sure that your brows aren’t too dark lip seems to be straighter
correct um they’re not straighter they’re just they’re just they’re filled
in more and just augmented on the one side I hope that
answers your question because I haven’t made anything straight I’ve just
followed the lip line in the you know in the curve that it needs to be but
lowered it rather than keeping it in line Denise thanks Sharon I’m learning
so much wish I could send you a pic of me and my makeup for advice while you
can oh and I’ll show you I’ll tell you about
it at the end okay and and Louise Louise asks desperella many sun protection it
has a 15% SPF in it okay I can’t remember what Mac has so who do I look
for on Facebook sharing I will tell you at the end of this you just go into
Facebook and go to Sharon danly beauty or which is a public page or to
facebook-dot-com forward-slash groups forward slash going I in only gray dot
lovin it I’ll put the links and the links are below the description box for
you anyway Sarah Bay moisturizing lotion p.m. is
recommended by my dermatologist well for your nighttime yeah yes that then that’s
great I’m talking about daytime nighttime is the time that you put your
that you use your more emollient lotions and potions and serums and that sort of
thing not so much for daytime if you’re wearing it under makeup okay all right
so we are finished with this femme fatale let’s go now to our next
contestant and let’s see her before picture there’s this woman is has
decided to embrace her gray good for her now let’s take a look at she’s got some
beautiful blue eyes huh and very strong brows and it’s a lovely color but look
what happens when we do some tweaking just study that for a second the Browse
notice this is and I’ll bring the bars up in a second the Browse and then take
a look at the eyes where they have been strengthened and the lips and then of
course look at the circumference of her hair the circumference of the crown of
her hair okay let’s take a look at her brows do
you see how her brows at the end of her brows are art long they’re there and
what they do is let me move this one a bit they pull her eye down you see that
they pull the eye down and notice how her eyebrows are set back in especially
her right brow it’s set back in so you have to bring that more in line with the
tear duct on both brows as you can see in the after picture shorten up the back
end take away some of that hair on the bottom side of the back end and
generally groom the brows now also while I’ll leave the bar here do you see how
her eyes have been strengthened in the after picture I’ve gelled the put gel
liner in her upper waterline and I again that the powder eyeshadow fan for the
lower lash line deposited in the corner and brought around to about the pupil
and then added a little bit more to the lid at the back end now notice how her
eye the color of her eye and everything just seems to jump out just with these
little fixes she’s she’s a good example too of it unless her brows become
lighter she’s a good example of going to be a gray-haired beauty with dark brows
so in her case I would not recommend a charcoal pencil or I would recommend the
print mixed in with with what she has and and then that way it pulls in the
gray of her hair and yet still honors the color of the brow hair okay let’s go
to her lips do you see what I’ve done here first of all um I brought the bow
of her top lip into the center a wee bit more I’ve augmented the center of the
bottom lip just just the center that’s all doesn’t take much but what I’ve done
it’s really important is i matted down her lip color if you need to do some
brow correction doing it with a with a shimmery lip color is not the way to go
you need a matte finish and then what you do is you add a shimmer to the
center of the bottom lip with and avoid going over the roll why because when you
put shimmer over top of a roll it catches the light and the gig is up okay so let’s remove the the bars here
and let’s take a look at her guidelines I didn’t put lip guidelines on this one
but do you see her brows take a close look at how I brought them in removed
some off the top where it’s rounding and the back end took off a fair bit to Anne
and what that does let you study that just for a second you can always pause
this too if you look if you wanting to study more now when I when I
that take a look at how it gives her almost the illusion of a lift is for the
illusion of a lift okay so let’s see if we have any questions regarding our
contestant number 10 let me go back up here okay Linda no Sharon my hair is
white once was black but a little darker brow seems right for me who knows well
um how can I put this it can look good it happen it has to be done skillfully
okay I don’t I don’t know what your skill level is but it can look good but
I would I would recommend that a you know that the if your hair is white
completely white then the Mac Omega and as seen seen by
Mac is a lighter version of the gray okay it’s a lighter version for women
with white hair it’s really a good color and it’s good as an eyeshadow and it’s
an under liner you can get use it for a lot of things that’s what I would
recommend for white white hair and the Omega is a lighter version of the
Coquette which is a true taupe you can use that for a lot of things like I use
I use Coquette in here because this is the shape of my eye so I just tend to
enhance the crease because it’s you know I I just do and I use like today I’m
using let me get a little closer I’m using print I’m using and because I’m
wearing a warm red I’m wearing Brune and Brune and then what I’ve got in here in
my eye here is just the dual finished powder two shades lighter I don’t even
do a nice for that anymore I don’t bother it’s not
necessary so you know i i’ve made my eyebrows darker i can if i want to admit
the other day on facebook i made them quite thin and very light so you know if
if your brows are you know what if you can send me a picture linda then you
know I can I can certainly advise a little better but it’s it’s hard it’s
hard when I can’t see anyway if do that and we’ll we’ll take it from there okay
and Joyce lovely to see you Joyce so soft looking now you really make us
shine with these make bettors Thank You Joyce I appreciate that
and Gwen you have made her face more symmetrical that is the quality of
beauty yes apparently like Marilyn Monroe apparently had an absolute
symmetrical face and that’s why you know they photographers loved her yeah
symmetry and here’s the thing too with symmetry and thanks for bringing that up
Gwen they’ve done studies with babies and babies COO and and smile more and
enjoy adults with a more symmetrical face in the hunting season for for for
finding a partner symmetry wins out every time you know is it fair no but it
is what it is however with some good tools and product and with a little
know-how we can bring symmetry back to our faces and as we age where our
symmetry is changing because most of us I’ve discovered have one eye that looks
a little smaller than the other or one brow that’s falling down more than the
other you if I could show you let me see where it is I’m gonna show you this
picture of myself again do you see do you see where the the one eye looks
smaller than the other that’s just a fact however I can I can I
can help change that by how I apply my makeup so it’s just it’s just tiny and
and like when you’re tweezing your brows to get the right shape
you only tweeze a row maybe two at a time a hair’s width makes a big
difference when it comes to adjusting your symmetry so just work you know
hairs width or two at a time and and you will get there okay let’s see wait a
second and Mandy good morning all just got here well that’s okay you’ll be able
to see the replay and multi scrappydew whoa gorgeous yes she’s quite a beauty
huh and let me see what else Louise says I still have issues with gel on water
line but eyeshadow and water line seems to work any reason not to do that not
really I’ll tell you Louise I put when I’m putting my eyeshadow down in through
here I often put it right in the waterline there too and if I’m using a
pencil I use the Annabelle gel pencil what a minute
in a real hurry if I and I found that it will last longer if I take my a detail
brush dip it into my shadow and just go over top of the gel liner and it helps
it to stay longer I’m finding that I’m rarely using the gel in the pot like the
fluid line or whatever but that’s got really good staying power so it all
depends yeah so I I find it’s okay for me so you know and everybody’s a little
bit different everybody’s got different eye issues all that sort of thing and
that’s where your own everybody is individual common sense has to take
place and Susan I’m loving this good Susan I’m glad you are and scrubby she really does look like
she’s had surgery yeah and she hasn’t she hasn’t this is this is the this is
the beauty of good makeup done right with not a lot of product and not a lot
of tools it is not necessary that’s the demystifying I’m carrying the
banner for with respect to beauty and let’s see Rosalyn Newfoundland ah
welcome fellow Canadian and let me see and here we are again great to be here
Allen will glad you are here and let’s see Louie says I love Maybelline Matt
Inc should I add mint with darker color in Matt Inc yeah I I’m always about two
toned lips gives you a 3d look like what I’m wearing right now is flame number 25
cuz I’m wearing red but because I’m wearing a kind of a warmer red I’m using
the number 150 timeless toffee in the center do you see that see how it
catches the light but I haven’t brought it over there roll see so yeah you just
have to experiment that’s all that’s necessary Cheryl thank you for sharing
your mini Chelsea you’re welcome well you know what I’m going to do too is
we’re going into questions because that’s that’s where we are aren’t we I
just got here two is the first one of these I have been able to see live so
excited ah great well pose your questions Megan that’s
what we’re here for oh we got somebody on the line here that’s pushing stuff
and I don’t know how to get rid of it Michael Green
you’re not welcome this is not a political channel so please leave now
does anybody have any questions with respect to with respect to the selfies
did did I give you enough information there to help you with that I’m just
waiting for some more questions to come up and for Megan you know when you put
them when I put the replay up afterwards you’ll be able to see you know right
from the start and I hope I hope the sounds okay gang
anyway so see I switch over to question said there isn’t any I’m going to wait a
minute because I understand there’s a bit of a delay sometimes and I’m gonna
decipi caffeine on a Saturday morning is and hanging out with a bunch of great
Dame’s as good isn’t it and Linda Linda a gabber good morning I’m a little late
it’s okay Linda because it’s never too late to come back and watch the replay
which I will be putting up man yes ma’am you did I’m not sure what that’s okay
and then we’ll watch the replay yes yes and like I said if especially with those
gray bars then you could you can you can just pause it and just study it and make
sure that you if you’re on your computer you can enlarge the picture okay so you
can see it even closer and how do you get rid of filters I’m I’m assuming
you’re asking on the phone all cameras now have beauty filters on them I have
an old iPhone se and I will keep keeping that till who knows when there is a lot
of information on the internet now about how to get rid of them Sam’s
is the most notorious one it’s not just the filters that have you know the cat
things and that sort of thing it’s in it’s in the settings it’s in the
settings in the camera that has to be adjusted so what I would suggest is go
on to the University of YouTube posed your question how do I remove filters
from and and and put the name of your camera in and there’s all kinds of young
ends out there who do you know wonderful help tech videos that you can help with
and there’s stuff online as well for that okay great and let’s see okay I’m
just gonna call you Jay from here on in because for some reason going from J to
G is difficult always loved these videos good I’m glad you do that’s great
and let’s see and Louise says yes selfie instructions were perfect great
glad you liked and Megan says thank you Sharon that’s just what I was thinking
I’m not sure what it is but that’s good and Mandy good gave good info on the
zombies okay great great and Kathy do you have a tutorial on how
to fix ultra-thin brows not particularly because whether they’re thinner through
thick or whatever size they are it doesn’t really matter but I do have a
video and it will be in the makeup playlist on brow guidelines the three
different ways of doing them okay so take a look at that and I do it on
myself where I’ve got nothing on and you can see a huge how just the trick is to
draw in your guidelines first that’s number one and while you’re learning
it’s it’s a good idea to just to draw them in heavy like so like this is print
which is fairly light but I can make it as dark as you know my
rune underneath here by just putting a heavier hand on it so draw your
guidelines in first check out check out that video and I think that will help
you Gabby and let me see what Rebecca has to say how do you use the toothbrush
and hairspray for the frizzies just spray it on the toothbrush and comb
lightly yep that’s that that works or you can spray the hair and then comb
with the toothbrush but uh you know either way whatever works for you
sometimes I will spray like seethe it okay let me see if I can do something
yeah cuz I always keep my stuff with me see this piece sticking out well I give
it a little spray and then I hold it puts it back in place Oh until I until I
pull it out again the other thing with hairspray its water activated when you
put when you put water or like so if you dampen your comb and go over top of it
it reactivates the hairspray so you don’t have to put more on okay hope that
helps char lip sorry I’m not Shh and she says
the lip seems to be straighter with the augmentation I don’t see that that’s an
interesting observation I don’t see that can you tell me where exactly and Linney
Martin whoa just let’s hold her down here maybe not the right time but I wear
my hair like yours I’m 71 years young with sandy blonde hair all my life but
what to do I’m balding fast and it changes the looks of my make what do I
do um okay I I appreciate I appreciate what
you’re saying I’m a huge fan of extensions clip-in
extensions not so in not glue in not anything clip in extensions and
scrunchies and toppers now if your hair is thinning through here depends on how
much it’s thinned a topper is the way to go a topper it just sits like just sits
on this area here and you can get them long now you can get them in all kinds
of colors you can get them in grey if you’re gray-haired and it’s very cool
and lightweight and they come with a monofilament top meaning they it looks
like your scalp when you part the hair it looks like your scalp you don’t see
the West so the monofilament is usually in this area right here so that you can
part your hair any way you want and it looks as natural as anything the other
thing is the top is that they’re making now in the heat friendly synthetic
fibers are so improved they’re wonderful I love them so that would be the route
I’d go and the other thing with the topper is you can wear your hair up and
nobody could tell that you’ve got any kind of a hair accoutrement on on your
head anywhere they’re fantastic love-love-love toppers and with the
synthetic they retain their memories so if you buy a curly one and and because
they’re heat friendly you can kind of straighten them not using too hot a heat
but a certain I think it’s no more than 290 or something like that you can
straighten it out but when you shampoo it and you just you know shake it and
let it be it will go back to the form that you bought it in I think they’re
just fantastic I think they’re just fantastic can you
see how I I love them that to me is a huge answer now if you’re thinnings
throughout then this is what I’ve been doing is sitting throughout I use
extensions I clip from here to here now today I only have an extension in the
crown I didn’t bother with the sides because I knew
wearing it back I have one that’s the same length it’s about this wide that I
that I place in my crown to give me that extra bulk that I don’t have now I
didn’t do my hair great I just sort of threw it up and I used some hair padding
at the bottom here to wrap my hair around but what that does is it gives me
the extra hair that I need to have it to have it come out or you know give me the
bulk because I got a pinhead on monoliths body so I need my head to be a
little bit bigger to help bring back to symmetry does that make any sense I hope
that’s answering your questions and I’ve got some links in the description box
below that will that to go to take check out Divus Godiva’s secret wigs – just
off the top of my hat so I hope that that helps you lynnie I
love hairspray but it makes my hair feel like straw well depends on how much
you’re using it I like the and I don’t get paid I’m not sponsored
I’m not monetized I get no benefit I just share what works I have been using
the John Frieda Frizz Ease in flexible hold you know what I love about this –
it’s when I wear this after directly after I’ve shampooed my hair and but
about about do my hair the next when I comb it out there’s no there’s no
stickiness there’s no stuff that comes out none of that and I find that the
next day my hair feels thicker because it’s got the hairspray in it so I think
it depends on the kind of hairspray you’re using and how much of it you’re
using it’s not necessary to use a whole lot remember that um Rebecca and I know
what you mean I think I will try the brand Sharon uses I I think you’ll like
it I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t like
it myself and that’s that’s what I use I wouldn’t
recommend what I don’t use so III think that you’ll find a difference and a
couple of other people that have started to use it find that they like it too
okay char looking to try the Mac did there try the Studio Fix
back shop in my area but don’t know what color to wear well judging by your
profile and that’s not you know it’s that’s all I’m going by so don’t hold me
to account I would say that probably the NW we would be because because it looks
like you have some cool undertones let me just bring this up a little bit more
looks like your skin has more of a cool undertone so the NW probably maybe 20
ish something like that go from go there but when you go to the MAC store go with
it you know a clean face from here down okay try it
try try the NW on this side then and and if it’s not quite right or you’re not
sure a color that’s close to a trial there’s take a picture in the store and
then go out side and take another selfie okay and study those selfies see which
one looks the best in the natural light that’s what you want to go by and if
neither one of them are good then get a wipe take it off and try another take a
selfie go outside take another selfie once you’ve got the color you just order
it okay so I hope that helps so I look forward to hearing that you you’ve got
something that works well for you and Tanya where do you find silver
extensions in the description box below where it says show more on the page show
more click on that and a whole window will drop down and I’ve got a list of
where to get extensions there and many thanks so much I can smile again of
course you can smile you know um the other thing you can do if your hair is
is not that thin is you can use topic to help you know camouflage your the pink
of your scalp you can use babe baby powder you can use baking soda you know
you can you can use those things as well what color does your number two model
have on her lips let’s just pull that up Linda and see is
seen you see go to number two model I would say I’m a maybelline superstay 24
hour of fan liquid matte the matte ink is fine doesn’t wear as well as as the
liquid but you know everybody has their preferences I would say this looks like
perpetual plum to me number 55 and I would put a number 110
pearly pink over top okay I hope that answers your question okay okay well it
doesn’t look like we have any other questions so I’m gonna go to our summary
here and be sure to take lots of selfies keep the best one for that day date file
it in a digital folder or print it and file them you will be so glad you did do
that and of course practice patience and persistence will absolutely realize your
goals it truly truly well I just want to bring your attention to if you haven’t
subscribed to this channel please do so the links are in the description of us–
and that sort of thing you can follow me on my advocacy channel so again i’m
going to ask because i’m not monetized in any way shape or form
nothing i get nothing so if you could share with your friends and click the
notification bell so that you get you get bells and this particular video if
you liked it please put give it a thumbs up it just helps with all the algorithms
and things like that with with youtube you can you can send me a picture to my
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welcome to join us at going gray and loving it which is a closed page just
for us dames and for your make better reveals you can send you can join either
page and send me or post a picture there for me to put you through the makeup spa
okay and remember if you’re searching for something to just on on the front
page of the YouTube there’s a search bar there just type in whatever you want and
it will come up or you can go to the playlists and it will take you to a page
where all the playlists are on a particular subject that you’re
interested in like whether it’s hair or it’s extensions or it’s you know
wardrobing or voice I was a voice artist in back in the day and modern day
etiquette which is like something we all need there’s all kinds of topics there
for you to choose from okay today is quote an authentic smile active
listening a tenth of all anguish with a well-groomed presentation is beauty at
its best well that’s it everyone thank you so so much for spending time with
lovely to see you all and I hope that you remember to take good care of
yourself your loved ones and the world around you
and if you’ve benefited from this video please pay it forward with your own time
talent or treasure in my daughter Andrea Mane’s name in the in whatever postage
stamp of the world you live in I really believe in sharing what we have
more than trying to take and and and grab more we need to share more so
that’s it for today thank you so much for spending time with me I really
enjoyed your company and we’ll see you next time.

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