Local News Anchors Pronouncing 'Acela Primary'

with all due respect to Amtrak seems like you all have an empty bitty problem with your branding they're called the Acela primaries but what does that mean for what's billed as the ace left primary for what's billed as a Selah how you say it for what's billed as the SLM primary the Isla primaries the eighth Allah primary the accelerated primary is it a cèlle train Melissa a cèlle train what some are calling the açelya primary the primary what some are calling the a Ella primary okay anyway akela Acela Amtrak primary it's being called a lot of different things today so named because em trucks famous a salut train Amtrak's famous a sila train the s Allah the primary's the eighth LA primary Amtrak's famous Cecelia train it's called the eighth a la primary

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