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Lori Vallow, mother of missing Rexburg children, arrested on $5 million warrant

Lori Vallow, mother of missing Rexburg children, arrested on $5 million warrant

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. She should be arrested for murder and let a jury decide wether she's guilty or not. Force her into answering questions.

  2. They should have been arrested her. Time has impeded this investigations trail. Now evidence may be lost in the delay. I pray the children are recovered

  3. Finally they arrested her. They should have arrested him also. I'm certain he had a lot to do with their disappearance, and the other murders.

  4. She had her husband killed in front of her daughter who went missing first..
    She killed for the life insurance and she wasn't even in the will…
    She killed her brother because he wanted a piece of that insurance money for killing her husband..
    I'm sorry for these kids who had there life cut short by this horrible woman..

  5. Umm, where are all of the women's rights groups? Why are they not answering questions about this woman's savagery? If this were a man every one of those groups and there attorney Gloria Allwrong would be foaming at the mouth. Too much hypocrisy in america.

  6. Oh he is next thats for sure. They will get him on murder also. They just need more evidence. Hopefully she will talk and give him up. First to talk gets the deal. She's evil and I doubt her time in prison with or without $$$$$ will not be easy.

  7. The husband will be charged for helping her get rid of the kids. He will get his own lawyer and confess. He is just as guilty as her.

  8. I believe Lori has been pulling the strings to cause all the devastation around her. I also don't think those kids will be found until after the snow melts, if ever.

  9. Look at her smug face she's nuts she's not going to say anything about where her kids are because other people want them she's nuts and will just stay in jail!


  11. Lord, the way the lawyer defended Chad Daybell…."He's not legally obligated…" Now that Lori has been arrested I hope he sings like a canary.

  12. Lord I pray they do extradite her and why can't they arrest him on suspicious activity with a criminal. (being her!) I believe those 2 children are in Idaho or Arizona. I just hope and pray that they are safe n sound and not being mistreated! Lord, if they're still here on earth, protect your innocent children. In your precious name Jesus, Amen…🙏🙏❤💕🙏🙏

  13. Good, it's about time….now interview her new husband, hes weak , he'll sing like a bird, now that she cant tell him what to say. Hes a coward. Go after him, chase him down. He can run but he can't hide. He will talk , hes afraid of going to jail.

  14. This lady is delirious!! Pea brain! How n this world could she think she could get away with all this people n her life dead? Kids gone since September! What a wicked witch!!!!

  15. @KTVB Thanks for reporting this! I've been following from the Caribbean and you've provided some of the best coverage!
    So about Chad Daybell. Couldn't he still be arrested for Aiding and Abetting or for lying to an officer if he said Lori had no children or simply aiding in the endangerment of a minor? Otherwise, It's clear Law Enforcement had to be careful about the charges and they did great!

  16. My theory: Hitman didn't get paid for "services," hitman took the kids, held them for ransom. Hitman never got paid ransom or hit money due to botched life insurance pay out.

  17. Let's see if I can get a 0 tolerance policy against the family who is waiting for a check for a label call mental retardation United States need to hurry up with the RFid agenda to put a stop to this destruction 😡

  18. Remember Casey Anthony went out to party after she knew Caylee was dead? These parents went on vacation. I think they were murdered.

  19. I couldnt imagine abandoning my children's belongings in a storage unit or anywhere. It wasn't about money cause she is living it up in Hawaii and the children don't get to be there with her? She's got her eyebrows done and she clearly is well manicured, he even is losing weight- starting his life over with new lady didn't require killing the last one, you can just leave. I think her new husband killed her brother. Maybe she could have? He may have known what happened to the kids? So many questions.

  20. They arrested her just so they can watch what the husband does. If he slips up he might lead the authorities to the kids alive or dead.

  21. $5 million bond for minor felony and misdemeanors listed? What other charges are there? This makes no sense. You dont get $5mill bond for neglect and not helping police….And why was he not arrested?

  22. Shout out to Kauai PD!! This psycho needs to be in prison!! Her so called weirdo husband needs to get off Kauai too! The residents don’t need these two psychos waking among them!!

  23. My grandson's mother lives with the fellon convicted for first degree injury to a child and under probation. She has already a child with him and abother one on the way. He is a Mormon and took my grandson to another state to a Mormon church without my son's knowledge. His probation officer allowed him even to live in another county without transfering a case to that county. My son is helpless, unable to protect his son, nobody cares and we live day by day in a horror. Granson's mother changed so much that she even doesn't let her dad to see the kids, he had to come to see a boy when he is with my son… I am terrified and my blood is frozen thinking about these missing children, praying for them to be alive. Idaho, I hope at least in this case you'll do good!

  24. From Louisiana: We are all so thankful that we are one step closer to finding out what has happened to Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow. We thank all the law enforcement, news media, concerned citizens in America and around the world. We look forward to all future updates. Thank you so much.

  25. She should not be in jail, she should be in an interrogation room with no food or water sitting there for days on end with no end in sight

  26. According to the family tree above, this woman has another son named Colby Ryan? Is he still alive and accounted for? Let's not be so quick to jump to conclusions. Let's wait to hear her plea insanity because she fears the world will end in July, or something like that. If you compare her stone cold mug shot to the pictures of her with her children, she was happier with her kids. I have two friends that used to work in the NY Correction facility at Rikers Island. I was told that once you are behind bars and they find out you hurt or harmed children, they will abuse the abuser. This may be because, those behind bars are still hurting from their own abuse issues. I hope all three of her children are accounted for. Huge debate here: 1) He resembles Harvey Weinstein. 2) If she hurt the kids, what kind of man is he for not turning her in? This is more proof that one person's actions can totally destroy a family and the generations to come.

  27. God Bless them two Children and God Bless the Grandparents I have a feeling them poor two children have been killed or they would of showed up I keep praying that they do show up Bless there little Hearts and Souls !!

  28. This woman did away with everyone who would get in the way of the fairytale life that she intended to live with her new husband. in her fairytale she wouldn’t get caught…she now has a lot of explaining to do and I just hope those children are alive and well.

  29. She's probably going to get a slap on the wrist because women have triple standards in this country and it's just faxed woman got a guy killed 2 days ago in the Bronx because the guy said they didn't sell loose cigarettes so she gets her boyfriend to come in and shoot the guy dead but then yet she gets released but she's the one that put the hit out

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