Mabel – Don’t Call Me Up (Live From The BRIT Awards 2020)

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  1. She was really struggling 1:46 but the performance was great the thing I love about Mabel she goes on like nothing happens she moves her sassy hips and is super confident great Tingz girl

  2. Do artists realise that they’re meant to sound like the song that got released live? She sounds completely different it’s awful

  3. Someone explain to me what the big deal is over this woman? I'm not seeing it. Bille sang a much harder song live, and this is just another dull bit of miming.

  4. I don't know Mabel as celebrity, I just know this song and I enjoy it. After I saw this particularly video I was afraid to read the comments because I don't think the singing is extraordinary and we all know how internet and shitstorm works sometimes -with this thoughts in mind I was shocked when I actually read them comments! I am really really amazed by how supporting and lovely they are! Mabel must have a wonderful chearing supporting fanbase I think and I'm so happy for her! And yes: She looks extremely happy and sympathetic here!
    Best wishes

  5. I saw a few comments saying that she lip synced during the whole video, You can clearly hear her voice😍 and also when She’s dancing OFCOURSE she’s going to lip sync😂🤦🏽‍♀️, Y’all just dumb as fuck Istg🗣!

  6. Kinda reminds me of what it would be like if one of those tiktok girls tried to do their own music. She's super cute though. Maybe just a little nervous?

  7. I like his music… But you have to admit that she can't sing. All the live shows she does are catastrophic. She's always out of breath or I don't know what's wrong… We also notice that her voice in the studio is much too retouched.

  8. She does not have a strong voice, but it is good enough for the studio work. Harder to fake it/fix it live, but I really don't mind. Overall, she is a good pop star. I like her songs, I like her attitude, and I like her.

  9. I’d of liked her sing “we don’t say” such a tune. Would of shown her talents better. Rather then the big stage and dancing and stuff. Looked confident and that tho. Good stuff!

  10. I deffo think she has a new sound engineer. And I’m one myself…. and have grown up in the business. Trust me… the sound guy has improved loads… so much better

  11. She is so confident and a really great performer, she knows how to make a crowd hype and how to make you say wow. She also obviously has a great voice but I find she need to improve on breath control. I can tell at some parts she was gasping for air. Of course I know this is a hard song to sing and she’s also dancing while she’s doing it (wow), but that’s just something that needs improving

  12. Ummm did anyone else notice the lip singing?? Notes were being said before her lips moved really noticed it when she was sitting..

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