Maggie Rogers – Fallingwater (Live On Saturday Night Live 2018) [Official Video]

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  1. I keep finding myself coming back to this video, watching the raw emotion and passion is moving. Thank you for inspiring me in my work @maggierogers !

  2. The day I saw the video of Pharrell listening to her music in a masterclass workshop I SAID to myself ~~~> Superstar.. I just thought WOW, the world is in for a treat soon. .The whole package especially the writing. (As I checked on her over the months it was exciting watching her move upward so fast.) a star has been born…

  3. Big fan of the lead guitarist. She always looks genuinely in to every single performance. Looks like Maggie surrounded herself with Maggie-like musicians.

  4. Pretty incredible live performance by Maggie … although did anyone else pick up the error that the backup singer made during the harmony from 1:07 to 1:10? Awkward moment haha. ^_^

  5. This performance is insane. I did not like her performances before this one on SNL but everything I said about her prior I take back. That performance took me places MUSICALLY that I haven't been in decades. Great Job, beautiful movement and scenery. I love it

  6. Maggie is a really cool mix of the spasticity of Lorde with the grace still of Florence Welch. I'm here for this all day long.

  7. When someone breathes their song out…

    I'm a hip hop head at heart, but Ms Rogers just lives this song from the inside out and it bangs. Love her energy so much.

  8. tears stream down my face, such power, i haven't cried in a while though i have experienced so much pain. another reason why music is so necessary. ty for sharing your gifts,maggie,

  9. i didn't get 'in' the maggie rogers concert last night, i did get To the mann music center, i could hear your music from the road behind the stage, and the septa bus i took had so many smiling maggies rogers fans,satisfied customers, with the @ p's(positive and pretty)i made a friend , Erin!she really like's Kacey Musgraves, Death cab for cutie,Chvrches,Broods, and Of Monsters and Men to name a few :)happy tears=what maggies music does,uncontrived

  10. Such a beautiful woman and song. I am convinced she is not performing the song, but rather "inside" the song. You can almost see at 4:45 when she pops back out and realizes where she is.

  11. Curious as to to how she sounded live. I listened to it and as soon as she started singing I stared blankly into the TV and didn’t move, you sing so well!!

  12. Its very autobiographical, I hope she continues to grow into the hugely gifted and talented musician she is and doesn't get dragged down by the industry.

  13. I had to look up the lyrics to her various songs. Oh my God. She is just incredible. We have some really talented young ladies and they're making beautiful music now that is so raw and so real. It is such a joy to hear. I'm just a 70-year-old broad who is just totally delighted…

  14. I saw here live and she can sing way better that this! She really can sing live and in her concert she didn’t use no help, it was only her!

  15. Thank you for sharing your gift. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to purchase new material when you have it.

  16. Youtube, how about putting suggested videos at the END of the video instead of a few seconds before. I can barely see Maggie come back from the astral plane she visited during her stunning performance.

  17. The musical arrangement is just incredible and it is played so well. The guitar is so sweet, rhythm and hook all in one. Nice! And Maggie, well…just watch and listen.

  18. She's the most interesting, engaging and exciting artist I've heard in a very long time. Maggie Rogers will be around making great music for the long haul. Aren't we lucky?

  19. the last time i was this excited discovering an artist was when i heard Dog Days are Over by Florence and the Machine. Maggie thank you for sharing your light with us!

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