Maggie Rogers – Light On (Live On Saturday Night Live / 2018)

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  1. OK, this is so obviously lip-synched to a pre-recorded track.
    It astonishes me that nobody here can see that. There is no way a microphone like that can pick up a whisper when she turns her head away from it. Such bullshit.

  2. Saw her when she was touring with Mumford and Sons in England. She captured me that day and have been a fan ever since

  3. People say she started out flat, I say she was flawless. The way she sings is beautiful. From beginning to end. The enhancement is when she starts dancing, and her clothes are perfect for her and this song.

  4. Her performances were the only good parts of that whole SNL episode; it felt like the sketches were all written an hour before they aired.

  5. It's refreshing to see a singer that just moves to the music!!! I am so tired of dance routines with a little music mixed in….She reminds of the GOOD OLD DAYS of REAL MUSIC and real singers…I like her…

  6. why do all modern artists affect a speech impediment when they sing?? who decided that was a good idea? or is just that none of them have taken professional voice lessons?

  7. I actually remember watching the Live performance and wondered who you were with such a Beautiful and Sweet Voice that I have Never heard before. Now I know. Keep singing Beautiful Music Maggie! ❤❤❤

  8. How does an amateur who sings so flat that Simon would roast her back to her parents basement end up on SNL?
    Oh yeah… the face :/

  9. Maggie mentioned in an interview that that speaker thing in her ear failed until the chorus, which is why she was off key at the start 🙂 she couldn't hear herself.

  10. to people commenting on the flat beginning: poor thing, she said in a new interview her earpiece wasn't working and she couldn't hear herself the first verse :/ then it turned back on and she could hear in the chorus! and that's why she kicked so much energy into Fallingwater to prove herself even more! Interview is called Rise of Maggie Rogers: from viral video to SNL

  11. Her look is pure fresh air for us nostalgics! A beautiful face in plain jeans, little make-up, no tats, and a long "natural-flow" looking hair. Very common in the mid to late 60's than later. Unfortunately, the music is not up to par to the stuff created those days. It is just the same boring motif + bridge + layering after layering of meaningless tracks leading to a yet another "pop tune interruptus."

  12. In the interview with q on cbc, she stated that her ear piece wasn't working at the beginning with technical reasons and it got sorted at the chorus, so you can tell she ROCks out from that moment forward 🙂 She's amazing

  13. wow.. no autotune AND this girl can SING…. emotional, good structure & movement… building to a crescendo. natural stage presence, really becomes the song. Reminds me of early U2… the new Bono is a girl.

  14. There are very few performers that perform with so much emotion that it literally makes your heart hurt but Maggie is indeed one of those. She’s out of this world.

  15. Wow…….Hot diggity dog!!! Woo-hoo! this girls got the moves yo! great voice & she can dance "us" into her trance 😉 we feel ya Sis-Star! very much so we do!

  16. Holy shit from that 3 minute mark till the end I felt like we jumped thru the TV screen into some weird dimension and we're dancing all free . Damn Maggie Rogers. 40 year old woman over here dancing by myself, feeling like the first time. Thank you for that.

  17. Maggie Rogers I was desperately searching for some relatable music I could fall in love with deeply. Thank you for that gift. Ever since I saw you on Colbert and found your music on Spotify, you have no idea how wide of positive net your music casts. Captivated and snuggled by that net, thank you so much.

  18. she said in an interview that her in-ear wasn't working for the first verse until the chorus. she totally kept her own and did great !! go maggie!

  19. This young lady is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! She doesn't even know how good she is!! You're going to see her for a very long time. I am so glad I found this voice! Dance BIG girl…you're making me DANCE too. She's got a little Carly Simon in her right? Takes me back to a little 70's vibe! God I hope nothing changes this perfection! Maggie, you are so real and soulful, its like MAGIC right before my eyes! She's a Taurus and you can tell! Keep writing YOUR OWN SONGS….you got chops girl. KEEP GOING….we are all watching and waiting for you to BUST DOWN THE DOORS MAGGIE!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Way to pump up the crowd Jonah. Geez it infuriates me when hosts do this. Even Sir Patrick Stewart gave a way better intro to his musical guest was on. Yes we all know you lost weight we are all happy but fuck dude get a little bit excited

  21. I saw her with Pharell also and now she's taken off! she's doing what everyone else isn't, and that's a good thing. but when you take your shirt off for no musical reason… Phtttt?

  22. Such a pure and beautiful performance.Will b Big winner @ grammies this year with breakthrough vocals,best new album,and just great talent👍🌄.

  23. The second she leaves the mic stand she loses herself in the music and becomes magic. Instant. Most people's voices get worse when dancing and it FUELS hers. Incredible.


  25. A little reminiscent of Joanie Mitchell, but Maggie is a singular talent. And just finding her voice and confidence.

  26. Ireally am enjoying her performance. Love how she starts dancing during the hook so comfortable with herself. She is Awesome.

  27. Thankfully she's wearing jeans and a blouse…let's cross fingers she doesn't come out with some glitzy obnoxious outfit…she needs to stay herself….

  28. Awesome written song and great talent… she is too a natural performer… for some reason but after hearing of her writings, I have that wish to hear her in duo with Peter Gabriel…

  29. Genuine, honest, real, shy and making the music that is in them. No apologies, no bars. All the great artists are. Maggie Rogers you are GREAT!

  30. I love watching someone who is spectacularly good at what they do and knows it, and doesn’t care if YOU know it or not. Is it odd that Maggie actually reminds me of Prince quite a bit? Can’t put my finger on why but something about her puts me in mind of him.

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