Man caught on fire!! News story.

Coria neighbor was outside fixing Christmas lights when he heard an argument next door between the couple here on Dara Drive I was over here minding my own business I keep my Christmas lights up are you around like perky titties I just keep him up there and I just heard mark police say the man and woman are going through a divorce and she has a protective order against him when she came home she found him hiding under her front porch with a machete and crossbow I seen a partner bundle up on the porch like a little possum or something I said I thought Rambo was coming back for another movie I did he had a big old long knife in a crossbow oh no what was going on the man been barricaded himself inside while police say the woman was able to run to the end of the road for help imagine this is my neighbor now she I just know she don't like that people so I'll just wait for him to jump out like gotcha bitch investigators say the man lit a fire inside the home the flames grew making it difficult for first responders to get inside so I feel his pain or whatever so I just snuck over there I just gave him a big old bundle weed I said smoke it and this fool almost broke the damn house down I said hold up started trying to kick in some doors and simply couldn't make the entry due to the smoke you're supposed to smoke the weed we not supposed to smoke you the man was taken to the hospital on Life Flight he remains in critical condition as soon as they put him up in the helicopter and let him go I said crazy ass won't be seeing her Momo and I know Lauren calendar – works for you

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  1. Makes blacks look very sober, intelligent, and articulate. I would hire a black man immediately after seeing this! Anyone who can witness an attempted home invasion, attempted murder, and arson in stride & infuse his own brand of comedy like that deserves an elevated position in a competitive field, with great opportunities for advancement. : l

  2. bruh they put this on the new?!?

    LMAO that’s hilarious! 🤣🤣 your suppose to smoke the weed not the weed smoke you

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