Managing Legal Dove Fields

Hi I’m Spencer Bradley Regional
Extension agent with the Alabama Cooperative Extension system today we
are going to be discussing managing fields for legal dove hunting these
regulations are going to vary by state so it’s important to first check your
state’s local regulations before planning a dove field before any
agriculture or wildlife planning it’s important to first take a soil test the
Auburn University soil laboratory offers these tests at a low cost the soil test
boxes can be picked up at any local Extension Office
there are several different types of fields that can be legally hunted over
wildlife plantings commonly called food plots can be hunted over common
plantings for doves include milo millet corn and sunflowers
you can also plant into an untilled seed bed using a no-till drill aerial
broadcasting into standing cotton or broadcasting in the cotton stubble or
standing soybean or cotton you can also manage agriculture fields like this one
for dove hunting corn is the most common method harvesting it and then hunting in
the stubble but you can hunt in any harvested or unharvested agriculture
crop the last method and the one we’re going to concentrate on most today is
top sowing wheat onto a prepared seed bed the top sow wheat you must have an adequately
prepared seat bed an adequately prepared seat bed is one that produces good seed
to soil contact in this field half has been adequately prepared and half has
been inadequately prepared the legal rate in Alabama is 200 pounds of wheat
per acre this field has been sown with 200 pounds
per acre and this is a visual representation of what 200 pounds per
acre looks like when broadcasting wheat you must use a
certified seed wheat normal planting dates here in Alabama range from August
1st to November 30th for spreading the wheat you can use a PTO driven seed
spreader an electric ATV spreader or even a hand spreader like this one you
can manage these fields using normal agriculture practices such as burning
disking mowing or raking be sure to always check your local regulations
before starting a wildlife food plot for more information about managing mourning
doves check our publication ANR1467

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