Max Headroom 1987 Broadcast Signal Intrusion Incident

you’re looking after the young lady is it quite frequently miss? is it?
Oh don’t touch that please miss, oh yes it’s a lonely life in the lighthouse you see.
well I get, I go out sometimes and talk to the seals you know just to get eh a change
from ruben and beth seals are animals?
Well yes But it’s stupid you should walk with the old
ones if your’re tired, but it’s the only way to learn
I’ll get you a hot drink miss That does it He’s a fricken nerd heheheh
Yeah i think i’m better than Chuck Swirsky! Fricken liberal awoooooh
hah oh jesus baba oh awhooo (unknown)
Yeahhhhhh ha ha ha Catch the wave?
hahaha waohhhhh Your love is fading
do do do do do do do (Theme of Clutch Cargo) I stole CBS
Wa do do do do do (Theme of Clutch Cargo) Wahoooohh my piles! Waooohh
I just made a giant masterpiece for worlds greatest world newspaper nerds! Hahaha waoooh
My brother is wearing the other one But it’s dirty!
Looks like it’s got blood prints on it Waohh they’re coming to get meeeee!
Bend over bitch! Ahhhhhhhhh
Oh do it! Ahhhhhh

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  1. First of all, it's terrifying as fuck. But why? Just why? I want to know who's this son of a bitch that interrupted a good show at that time. Good grief. Good thing I wasn't born in that time. But it's bygones be bygones.

  2. Back when Coke and Pepsi were duken it out with commercial's.
    I prefer Coke myself, Pepsi is too sweet for me.
    I wish this would happen again.
    A son, daughter or relative of the original.
    Now that would be classic.

  3. The girl at the end hitting him is clearly a child! So there's a woman in her 30's out there now, who knows all about this. And it was a memorable event from her childhood that she can't tell anyone about! I hope there's nothing sinister about her having to hit a man's bare ass as a kid. Let's just hope it was only a prank, and that's her brother or something.

  4. he's a frickin' nerd hehehe
    i think i'm better than chuck swirsky
    frickin' liberal
    oh jesus
    catch the wave waaaaaaaaa
    your love is fading
    dood dood dood dood doooooo dood dood dood dood dood doord:clutch cargo
    i stole cbs or i still see the x
    my files
    i made a giant masterpiece on the world's newspaper nerds
    my brother is wearing the other one but its dirty
    oh no they're going to get me aaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  5. "I just made a giant masterpiece for all of the world's greatest newspaper nerds." He probably meant that he knew he hit it big with this thing and that the "newspaper nerds" as he calls them will be obsessed to find out more about this and will consider it a classic after the video ended. I have to admitt, he is a badass whoever he is or wherever he is right now.

  6. I love how the first line from the show after the Max Headroom guy disconnected was “as far as I can tell, a massive electric shock. He died instantly.”

  7. it should be pointed out that Max Headroom was played by Canadian actor Matt Frewer, who's likely still around . . . though he may not have been part of this initial intrusion . . . idk …

  8. I don't know why but this still CREEPS me out no matter how many times I see it! The fact that the weirdos who did this were not even caught makes it creepier!! I'd love to know who did this and WHY!??

  9. Its really to bad they or he didn't do or say some weird cryptic statement or special effects or even act like a martian alien to freak the population.

  10. The first time I saw it I was a bit freaked out… I’ve seen it a bunch of times since and I swear it gets funnier every time

  11. Whoever did this was about 30 years ahead of their time, as far as content is concerned. No one would look twice if something like this showed up on a cable channel today

  12. А ведь эта хуйня и правда довольно жуткая(но в тоже время и смешная)

  13. Просто какой-то пацан в маске стоит и говорить нечего непонятное

  14. The big question is, who set up their VHS camcorder for the event. Then, who posted this? Come on, neoscottlynyard

  15. Someone just uploaded possible leaked footage of the intrusion:

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