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Mayor Caldwell cancels Blaisdell renovations due to ongoing rail costs

Mayor Caldwell cancels Blaisdell renovations due to ongoing rail costs

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Anyone else think this rail is a joke on us? There is a Simpsons episode where Springfield built a monorail and it was a big scam…some guy sold the idea to the people then ran away with the money..check it out on YouTube

  2. I think if the highways are crowded just build another highway on top of the existing one that we can all enjoy…not a monorail

  3. Haha no money because of the rail…… The idiots in the city would have saved Hawaii's taxpayers millions if they listened to the people. I had an idea of putting more buses on the road and a dedicated lane for only buses but they didn't listen and went along building that ugly pice of junk. Now the city can't even afford toilet paper for the tourist to wipe their ass. We still have a chance of saving ourselves and that would be to stop the rail at Middle St if not the city has just screwed over the taxpayers again. Caldwell thank you for making the taxpayers poor you idiot. As for the Mufster he already hung himself, he knew he killed his political career after only getting approx 8,000 votes. He was a joke to begin with.

  4. I'll say this again: Hawaii Government is too large for Taxpayers to afford.

    Hawaii cost of living is expensive, high income tax, low minimum wage, and yet the Government want all these projects in place that we (Taxpayers) can't afford? Hawaii Government should consider downsizing themselves.

  5. Wait wait wait… the "state" spent $16.9 Million for architectural PLANS ?!?! He's thrown away almost $17 million dollars, wasted, for nothing?! He SHOULD have been able to renovate NBC for $17 million, not paid that amount for architectural plans. We dont need a damn taj mahal of stadiums, just an upgrade. Do you guys think we're made of money?!?! This kind of frivolous spending needs to stop immediately! They spent $2 million on lightbulbs, paint & new sinks & toilets for a public restroom in maile a few years ago… yeah right, maybe if the toilets were made of gold! AUDIT!

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