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Meet Israel's New Ambassador to Japan – Yaffa Ben-Ari

Meet Israel's New Ambassador to Japan - Yaffa Ben-Ari

hi I'm a finale and I'm the new ambassador of Israel to Japan Israel is a vibrant society it's a different culture we have thousands of years of history so we have great respect for traditional life Israelis are attracted to the beauty of the Japanese culture in tel-aviv there is the highest percentage of sushi restaurants outside of Japan of course these Raley's are attracted to the Japanese martial art and I'm a judo and the Israel is known for its achievements in that art so it's definitely something that brings us together I had a great career of Western cultures my first post was in West Africa then I moved to the west coast of the United States I've had also time in the west of Europe as well as in the West Balkan but only when I reached out to the east all the way to Shanghai China and then to South Korea I discover the beauty and the serenity of the East learning about people and studying about other cultures have been the joy of my life so I'm looking forward to come to Japan I'm a second daughter of a family of five children and I'm so proud to become recently a grandma I think this is the core value of a society that you take care of your own that you take care of your own family as I'm coming to Japan I'm living behind the period of dealing with economic affairs I'm very happy to witness their development of closer relation between Israel in Japan the place where here exemplifies the special connection and great potential that Israel and Japan has bringing Japanese companies Japanese investors into the Israeli ecosystem I am really happy to come to Japan and I'm looking forward to see us all working together in providing their beautiful future

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