Melber: Lt. Col. Vindman Was Most Devastating Witness As We’ve Seen To Date | MSNBC

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  1. You are so stupid I may die laughing. Devasting? Vindman’s mother was devastated because she had twins. Two of him. Call us both Private Vindman.

  2. Either 145 bots o 145 delusional republicans at the time of this post. Unfortunately, whoever or whatever recorded the thumbs down need help. Ironically, Obamacare helped us all to obtain that care. The GOP has yet to provide a reasonable alternative. A talking point Trump heavily campaigned on but never offered an alternative. Remember? “Cheaper, better,…, bs, bs”. My tax return last year was $500 less than ALL OF THE LAST FOUR YEARS! How was yours? Answer now middle class.

  3. you goin to find some goost in you home witchwill bad spirts warc than wickin and hindo and boutda vido all coumbined and i not joken

  4. “where is a Fake Whistleblower?” @realDonaldTrump

    Replying to @realDonaldTrump

    “…asked the Fake President , with Fake Hair , Fake Tan , and Fake Aliases , who spreads Fake Pols , and whose Fake Administration made Fake Maps , and who as Fake Billionaire ran Fake University and Fake Charity , and has a Fake Wife with Fake Boobs , and Fake Einstein Visa”


  5. Ari broke it down. As a citizen, I am even more suspicious because all these career people working in government are all of a sudden blasted by a known liar as a mob of undercover Judases who have it out for the President. Sure Jan. #GTFOH

  6. It strikes me that, Lt. Col. Vindman would be a guy that his fellow countrymen in Ukraine could hold up as examples of the basic honesty and civic incorruptibility of the Ukrainian people. And for American people, for that matter.
    Thank you, Lt. Col, Vindman for your service.

  7. With Vindman, this was the worst day in Trump's life. Tomorrow with the Sondland testimony will be the absolute worst day in Trump's life

  8. This is also showing how the system is not working. In any other impeachment investigation subpoena's from Congress carried weight and could be enforced. This shows exactly how weak and corrupt trump is and how little regard he has for the institutions of governance. The man is a coward and morally bankrupt and removing him from office is the only right thing.

  9. LOL @ "DEVASTATING" haha… Vindman is a liberal hack just like every other clown Adam Schifft will parade before the cameras

  10. Schiff talks about how vital a security issue for the US it is that Ukraine is fighting Russia. But then it begs the question about the bribery and quid pro quo that Schiff is supporting. Isn't paying Ukraine to fight Russia, in our stead, the worst form of bribery? Isn't trading money for blood the worst kind of quid pro quo? Don't get me wrong – I am all for bribery and quid pro quo. It's just that Schiff is a hypocrite here.

  11. Yeah, traitor Vindman got caught lying and shifty Schiff had to halt the proceedings before he got caught on record. Hahahaha…the whole sham is falling apart before our very eyes…as we, the sane people in America, knew it would. Those who hate (degenerate baby killing and child abusing demokkkrats) will continue to baselessly hate on nothing but what their psy-op handlers tell them. I'm really enjoying seeing how a focus group gets to change the narrative from Quid Pro Quo to…..hahahaha….bribery! Keep it up Piglosi, give us another lesson in Latin. How's this….Tu stupidus es!

  12. This is what happens when your party has been taken over by corporate money.
    The Democratic needs to wake up an clean up your party or you will end up hollowed out just like the Republicans

  13. How come there is a need for the media to "translate" instead of showing clips of the footage from the ACTUAL hearing to base their opinions and statements? Sound Brainwash

  14. The reality TV show keeping up with the white house should be a thing.

    A bunch of Incompetent glorified clowns running around delaying the process.

  15. ‘Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts or evidence.” – John Adams

  16. As more and more evidence comes to light, I believe more and more, that Mueller FAILED in his investigation of this P.O.S. P.O.T.U.S. As Trump fails the country, so has the Republican party. They have failed to put country before party, failed to put truth before deceit. All of congress needs term limits.

  17. The Americans better get use to living under dictatorship and start dismantling the Statue of Liberty there will be no Liberty while a Trump is still in power 🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽

  18. I told you the swamp monster's would be showing their butts and here are four of the real ugly ones nicolle walrus and ari melber are some real lying swamp whores

  19. According to MSNBC: "Most devastating witness". According to Fox News: "Star witness flames out". Just showing the comparisons in media.

  20. Out of all of you on the panel is there a COMPLETE brain between all of you idiots your all involved in the coup attempt.

  21. lol the true Vindman

  22. Do media even do any journalism anymore? Col Vindman was reprimanded for being disloyal to US

  23. Nobody at MSNBC cares about the truth. "I heard" "NO it's not illegal" isn't grounds for anything, much less impeachment. This hearing isn't about anything but politics.

  24. The President gets to hire/fire all the Diplomats as Obama put all new into his ranks
    so those people crying is pointless ….. it's a Human Resources problem & those who
    want to give their feeling about Foreign Policy that's fine, the President is the person
    who sets all the policy so that's two "Perks" the President has & that's all they can
    complain about because the Official Transcripts have been out for a while and most
    these people are angry for getting fired or stating their opinion about policies that
    are not theirs to dictate….. big waste of the People's Tax Dollars. No one can add
    anything to a Transcript that's already out….. Read It.

  25. Vindman was most devastating to democrats. He’s the one that leaked to the whistle blower. His own testimony revealed that.

  26. We want to know the truth about Fartgate. Produce the tapes and transcripts of Swalwell’s toot! What to know what Mathews knew and when did he know it and what Swalwell had for lunch

  27. You dumbasses need to watch the hearings for yourself, dont listen to what these talking heads have to say. They are lying badly. Vindman thinks he is above the President. He is in the wrong.

  28. Vindman showed up to the hearing thinking he is Colonel Nathan R. Jessup. You want me on that wall, you need me on that wall. What a joke.

  29. He is a show-off, wearing his uniform to this hearing! He was stating his opinion as to what he thought the President was saying; the President did not demand, he asked for a favor!!!


  31. "Devastating"?? Only the most rabid progressive would see this as anything other than yet another witch hunt. We get it. You don't like Trump and you think that the people that voted for him don't count. Just remember that this standard was created by the Democrats, so as soon as the next Democratic president is being investigated we don't have to worry about "high crimes and misdemeanors". We can "impeach the m-fer" with "innuendo and inappropriate".

  32. The headlines are FAKE!! I watched the complete testimony and I came away seeing that Vindman did not prove anything! Hence CNN is indeed FAKE NEWS!!

  33. Gotta call BS. Vindman said he saw no crime at all! Fake NEWS HERE. No Impeachment on innuendo! Unfair process leads to flawed impeachment. DIMs are not wining hearts and minds here. No public support. Partisan politics at its worst.

  34. Dumpster, Pompeo, Barr should all be impeached and jailed as traitors to our nation. The extent of the damage they have caused on the domestic & international level is astounding!

  35. Let col vinham is bogus and incompetent.he knows who the whistle blower is,just look closely at how he shifts in his seat,clears his throat and continually breaks eye contact.the real reason for his testimony is his loyalty to a corrupt hidden agenda to unseat the president, secondly even before the Ukraine circus lt col vinham was more than likely not to see a promotion over concerns of compitency on the job in regards to Ukraine!

  36. Vindman , No i am not a Never Trumper but my brother my lawyer hate him, have helped ,want, and openly state over and over a Coo , treason act, overthrough of the votes of the people by force . Ummm well seems like Vindman is just stupid and clueless about guilty by association the libral left so eager to dish out these days or he is Out To Get The Pres

  37. Business are ran like that… and businesses fail. We shouldn't fail… we should work together for a stronger America. A United one that separates facts and fiction. Good bless us..I only pray we don't have a catastrophe in times of divide!

  38. It doesn't matter how devastating any impeachment testimony is, the republican cretins in the Senate will not vote to convict Cheeto Jesus. We're stuck with this pig until January 2021.

  39. when will these useless, corporate bullshitters start talking about TERM LIMITS and BRIBERY / LOBBYING, and the ONE CORPORATE PARTY, and ELECTION RIGGING ?

  40. Why would the Ukrainians, in the middle of a war where they are trying to defend themselves from a world power that also "just happens" to be our enemy, decide to interfere with another world force (U.S.) that is TRYING TO HELP THEM, and indeed had already promised to help? How would this benefit them in the long run?

  41. When
    Trump withheld military aid/assistance to Ukraine (causing Ukrainians soldiers
    to die every day from the hands of Russian soldiers); Putin benefitted.

    Trump uses Rudy Giuliani instead of a real Ambassador to officiate foreign policies
    to that country, Putin benefitted.

    Trump ignored helping Venezuela during their national crisis, Putin benefitted.

    Trump relieved career ambassadors and replaced them with inexperienced “bribing”
    loyalists, Putin benefitted.

    Trump left our Kurdish allies alone to fend for themselves against Turkey.
    Putin benefitted.

    Trump blames Ukraine for the 2016 elections hack, Putin benefitted.

    Trump declared the Chinese company Huawei as a National Security Threat, local
    businesses that use cheaper Huawei technology for security applications had to
    spend more in replacing all their equipment; Putin benefitted since most of
    Huawei’s parts are from the USA. Now China is buying parts from other countries
    including Russia leaving our manufacturers behind to go bankrupt.

    Trump invited Russian oligarchs into the White House as his first guests. Putin

    Trump said NATO is obsolete; Putin benefitted.

    Trump left the Iran treaty, Putin benefitted.

    Trump withdraws from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, Putin benefitted.

    Trump raised tariffs to China, Putin benefitted

    Trump left the US bases by the Turkey/Syria border, Putin benefitted.

    Trump stopped military exercises with the South Koreans, North Korea, and Putin

    Trump sells patriot missiles to Turkey that also buys weapons from Russia,
    Putin benefitted.

    Trump shook hands with the Saudi Prince and Turkey president, Putin benefitted.
    All roads lead to Putin.

  42. Lt Col. Vidman 👏👏👏👏 you have balls……
    . You really did this corrupt republicans respect you.👊👊👊. In the near future you have my vote. Yang 2020

  43. So no one is above the law, including Trump. But you can’t investigate Biden because he is running for President. Even though he bragged about the crime on air. Right. This is the dems trying to get rid of someone that has been corrupted for years and the people that they have been taking advantage are defending them

  44. I would love for any AMERICAN that has any kind of dealing's with DT to write it on put your real name to it and mail it to you guys to the Justice Department and to MSNBC. Let DT's past of honor and valour talk for itself.

  45. Trumpsters argue that Trump said there was no “quid pro quo” he said he wanted “NOTHING”.
    That date? …..9th September.
    This after he had been caught by his own petard.

    I say this for the few and diminishing Trumsters who remain oblivious to this fact.

  46. For the ignorant civilians: LTC Vindman has violated his Oath of Office, and several Articles of the UCMJ.

    He is an embarrassment to the U. S. Army’s Officer Corps and the United States Armed Services.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    By an Army Officer and a former Marine Officer of the Vietnam Era.

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