Mikoy pretends to be Marga’s suitor | Kadenang Ginto Recap (With Eng Subs)

What are you doing in my office? What did I tell you? You can leave us. Who gave you the permission
to enter my office? It was the board who
made the decision. So, if you have a problem,
go straight to them. That means nothing. I am still the CEO of
this company, Romina. And I can overturn
their decision. Don’t overestimate
your power as the CEO. Because it’s you who could
end up losing your position. They can’t do that. They don’t have a reason
to get rid of me. Is that a dare, Daniela? You might end up
regretting it. You better cling to it, because you might
end up losing it. Now that I’m back, your days as a
CEO are numbered. You shouldn’t have
convinced Tita Romina not to throw them out. Cassie, that was your chance
to get away from Marga. That isn’t our house,
Tope, it’s Daddy’s. And I’m sure he’d get upset
if we really threw them out. Besides, no matter what I do, Marga and I will still
see each other in school. But you won Maxwell
Prime, right? And you have the money now. Aren’t you going to
study in London? You want me to? No, no. Of course not. I don’t want to be
away from you. But I want the best
for you, Cassie. This is such a wonderful
opportunity for you. I don’t think I’ll go, Tope. I’ve already decided
that I won’t leave Mama until her feud with
Ate Daniela ends. We’ll overcome this
problem together. No matter what you decide, I will support you. Is that the latest trend? H-H-W-W? Holding hands while working? Marga, please just
leave us alone. Okay, Kristoff. Fine. You don’t have to worry. I’m too busy to
worry about you. I’m only here to invite you
to my launch tomorrow. Thanks but no thanks, Marga. Why not? Are you afraid you might
cry out of jealousy when you see how
successful I am? No, Marga. My parents didn’t raise me
to be envious of others. Then prove it. Attend my launch tomorrow, okay? Take everything out and don’t
leave a single dish behind! What are you doing, Daniela? What’s happening here? Marga, we need space. If they want to celebrate,
they can do so, but not here. I had a table set up in the
garage, where they belong. What are you waiting for? Go! Put those back. Don’t you dare!
Follow my orders! Don’t forget that this
house belongs to me. Put those back! How dare you say that you
own this house, Romina?! This is my house! You’re unbelievable, Daniela. This house is legally mine. Everything here is mine, including the ground
you’re stepping on. You don’t have the right
to claim this house. Tell that to the court. But you already did that. And the court
still favored me. My patience is wearing thin. I can have you dragged out
of my house if I wanted to. Mom, just let it go. No, Marga. I won’t let that woman act
like a queen in my house. Dad’s on his way home. I don’t want you to
fight over this too. – But, Marga–
– Mom, please. They’ve taken
more than enough. Don’t let them
take more from us. Fine. I will let you celebrate. But I’ll make sure that your
happiness will be short-lived. When are you going
to stop, Daniela? Are you really going to
make an issue of everything? Carlos, I’m just fighting for
what’s rightfully mine. If it’s not clear to you yet,
you’ve already lost everything. This is my parents’ house. And I will not let all of this
go to that woman. Even if your daughter’s
already being affected? What, does she really have
to jump off a building for you to stop all this? That’s just unfair. Unfair? You’re the one
who’s being unfair! You didn’t even consider how
this would affect our family, especially Marga. For Pete’s sake,
think of your daughter! She shouldn’t be
going through this. I need a plan to
win back Carlos’ love. Well… Why don’t you just have
another baby with him? I mean… You got him when you got
pregnant with Marga, remember? Why not do it a second time? Five million… …in exchange for
everything I know about your rape case. I can double that. If you want,
I can even triple it, if you can tell me
who raped me. That’s all I need. Another man was there
that night. I didn’t see his face, but he’s the reason
why I left you there. I’m sure he’s the one
who raped you. Did you find out who he was? No. Then we’re done here. You’re just wasting my time. But I know
where it all happened, because I brought you
there myself. In case you’ve forgotten, I have the testimonies of all
the people you bribed before. I know where it all happened. Well, you said it yourself. They were bribed. How sure are you that
they’re telling the truth? Gino, where’s Carlos? He won’t be here till later. Today is the launch of
Marga’s new endorsement. He and Ate Daniela
will be there to support her. Really? How about that? My granddaughter’s
going to be famous. Are we invited? Tay, what are we
going to do there? Plus, no one’s going to
watch over the shop. I just want to show my
support to my granddaughter. I know that, Tay. But we don’t have to
be there to do that. You can just send her
some flowers. And we’re also expecting
some deliveries today. Hey! We’re all busy here, and you’re just playing
with that guitar? I’m sorry, Mr. Kulas. Do you need me
to do anything? Tay, why don’t you
just ask Mikoy to deliver the flowers to Marga? So you can be sure she gets it. Is that all?
Sure, I can do that. See? Just send him out, while he’s not yet
needed in the shop. Fine, make yourself useful. Just make sure that
my granddaughter will receive the flowers
that you’re going to buy. Pick out the best ones, okay? Of course, Mr. Kulas.
You can count on me. Do you know who owns this house? No one has lived there in years. When’s the last time
someone lived here? I’m not sure. All I know is that the bank seized that property years ago. But I don’t remember
the last time someone lived there. I see. Thanks anyway. But just the other day, I saw someone looking
at that house. Do you know who it is? No, miss. He didn’t look like
he’s from here. He just got off his car and stood in front
of that house. I was actually curious
to know what he’d do. I’m sure the guy you were
talking about is also coming. You know, the one you told us
you really like? Is he here yet? He couldn’t make it. Really? Or maybe
he just doesn’t exist? Excuse me, girls. I just want to talk to Marga. Marga… Here, these are for you. Excuse me? Y– You are…? Marga’s suitor. This is Michael. Michael? My suitor. Hey, where are you going? I’m going home. I already gave you
the flowers anyway. You’re leaving after I
introduced you as my suitor? Are you out of your mind? You have to stay. I thought I wasn’t your type? And now you’re blaming
all this on me? You’re the one who introduced
yourself as my suitor. Then take it back. That’s not a problem. My gosh. You’re so impossible. How can I take it back? I’ll look like an idiot for
saying you’re my suitor. So, all you care
about is your reputation? You’re unbelievable. Who told you to leave? You really want to
humiliate me, huh? Do I look like I care? Fine. Don’t ever show
your face to me. If you don’t
want to see me, why don’t you
close your eyes? Our princess… She grew up so fast,
I barely noticed. I used to carry her
in my arms. Marga will always be
our baby, Carlos. But now that she’s
all grown up… …I think it’s time
we give her a sibling. I’m serious, Carlos. I think it’s the perfect time
for us to have another baby. You can’t even handle Marga. And now you want another baby
you can spoil? Are you saying I’m a bad parent? I’m just telling the truth,
Daniela. It’s hard enough to
keep an eye on her, what more another baby? Why did your husband leave? That’s none of your business. I was just asking, Daniela. This is an important day
for your daughter, and your husband just
up and left you here. Maybe we should just go out
for dinner after this. I’m sure Roxanne
will be thrilled! Let’s celebrate,
so you can cheer up a little. What gave you the idea
that celebrating with you would make me happy? Don’t overestimate yourself,
Hector. This isn’t the amount
we agreed on, Romina. Did you think I’d give you
five million pesos so easily? Alvin, if you want to get
the amount we agreed upon, you will help me find
the person who raped me. Romina– Take it or leave it. What else do I have to do?! Testify against Daniela. That wasn’t part of our deal. That’s my only condition. If you want to get
the money so badly, you will testify against
Daniela. All you have to say is
Daniela paid you to rape me. Do you think anyone
would believe me if I say that in court? Daniela can simply deny
everything we say! I’ll help you win
your case, Romina. But I’ll do it my way. Just make sure you
won’t turn on me. I should be the one
reminding you of that. I know how to keep
my end of the bargain. And you don’t. I was hoping
to talk to Kristoff. – Me?
– Yes. Is it about the summer
music festival? You’re so excited that
you spoiled the surprise. You heard it right. I heard your
performance earlier, and I’m so impressed, and I’m sure
everyone here is too. So here’s my business card. We were invited to
attend a music festival before this summer ends. – A music festival?
– Yes, and I was wondering if you’re interested in representing
Cordillera Models for that. It’s going to be a competition,
but it would be best if an agency is going
to manage you. Right, Marga? So, Kristoff,
are you interested? Music… I just want to apologize. I really thought you were
Tito Alvin’s daughter, that’s why I agreed to pretend
that I’m your sister. I just wanted to help him
get closer to you. You still lied to us, Roxanne. Whatever your reason was,
what you did was still wrong. And that’s why I’m apologizing. What’s done is done, Roxanne. What’s important is
we already know the truth, that we’re not related
in any way. You just had to choose to
have a reunion here, huh? My fake aunt and
her fake sister. Marga. What else can we expect
from you two, anyway? Marga, I only came here
to support you. Congratulations. And you think I’ll believe
a liar like you, Roxanne? You’re so fake that even
China denies making you. Just leave, Roxanne. You don’t have to suffer
through Marga’s attitude. You’re still going
to defend her? To think she blatantly
lied to you. Well, I’m not surprised. I know that she really
is on your side. Maybe you actually are related, since most fakes come
from the same store. Marga, I’m sorry. Save it, Roxanne. I have no desire to listen
to your explanations. And from now on,
stay away from me. If Alvin wants to make
a game out of this, then I’ll play along. If he thinks he can trick me,
then he’s sadly mistaken. I will keep leading him on until he brings about
Daniela’s downfall himself. What’s your plan, Ate? I’m sure there are
other angles that they haven’t
looked into yet, and that’s what I’ll do. I will look into
every possibility. That was 16 years ago, Romina. You won’t find what you’re
looking for in that hut. That’s why I need to trace every
detail that happened that night, including the statements
of Alvin’s witnesses during the trial. The caretaker of their hut The caretaker of their hut And the tricycle driver that
brought you to the hospital. They might know something. Ate, don’t tell me you’re
thinking about looking for them. Alvin paid those two
to make it look like you came with him willingly. I’m sure their statements
were all made up. Neil! The hospital staff! They must have seen
the person who took me there!

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    Lahat ng sinabi ni Carlos so on point dito.

    Litaw na litaw na matigas ang ulo at masama ang ugali ni Daniella dito dahil hindi niya pinapakinggan ang asawa niyang mahal.

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