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Let’s meet Divina,
the President of Cooperval cooperative. She has been producing and processing fruits,
vegetables and nuts for more than 10 years. The purpose of her project is to
expand the production capacity and increase the coop’s income. In order to achieve that,
we have designed a business plan focusing on a typical nut from
the region called baru. Her cooperative sells 1 kg of baru nut
for around 13 dollars. The Moeda seed program helped her
to form a partnership with a local beer factory. They will be responsible for producing
1500 bottles of baru nut beer. Moeda will help with themarketing
by co-branding with the cooperative. All the development will be
registered in the blockchain so anyone can easily track
the progress. The total cost of the project
is 8000 dollars, and Divina Baru Beer will be sold
at 8 dollars per bottle. With the total revenue, Divina and her team will be able
to payback the loan by December, purchase new equipment, scale the production and boost
their families’ income. By coinvesting in this project, you’ll receive a 10% premium
by December. Let’s say, by investing a 100 dollars you’ll get 110 in
four months only. And plus, you’ll be supporting
the local community to grow and making an impact on 3 of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. Join us now.
Become a Moeda seeder. Moeda. Humanizing finance to
distribute impact.

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