Monsanto & Cancer Milk: FOX NEWS KILLS STORY & FIRES Reporters.

in a world economy where information is filtered by global media corporations keenly attuned to their powerful advertisers who will defend the public's right to know and what price must be paid to preserve our ability to make informed choices what Fox television told us was that we were just the people to be the investigators do any stories you want asked tough questions and get answers so I thought this is great this is a dream job fantastic the very first thing they had us do was not to research stories but to shoot this promo which was the investigators the truth getting results protecting you and they had a film crew and a smoke machine we were silhouetted to get it forced one of the first stories that Jane came up with was the revelation that most of the milk in the state of Florida and throughout much of the country was adulterated with the effects of bovine growth hormone the artificial hormone that farmers were injecting into their cow so that they would produce more milk with Monsanto I didn't realize how effectively a corporation could work to get something on the marketplace the levels of coordination they had to have they had to get university professors into the fold they had to get experts into the fold they had to get reporters into the fold they had to get the public into the fold and of course the FDA let's not leave them out they had to get the federal regulators convinced that this was a fine and safe product to get it onto the marketplace and they did that they did that very very well it's a great time to be a high producing cow cause a lack one step bovine somatotropin by Monsanto the federal government basically rubber stamped it before they put it on the marketplace the longest test they did for human toxicity was 90 days on 30 rats mozilla is a single most tested new product in history and is now available to you specifically so you can increase your profit potential and then either monsanto misreported the results to the FDA or the fda didn't bother to look in depth at Monsanto's own studies the scientists within Health Canada look very carefully bovine growth hormone and came to very different conclusions than the Food and Drug Administration in the u.s. did Monsanto's engineered growth hormone did not comply with safety requirements it could be absorbed by the body and therefore did have implications for human health mysteriously that conclusion was deleted from the final published version of their report they knew there were problems they saw serious potential human health problems and they stood up in Canada and said we're not going to approve this because we don't believe it's safe we have been pressured and coerced to pass drugs of questionable safety including the rbsp I personally was very concerned that there's a very serious problem of secrecy conspiracy and things of that nature and something needs to be done the FDA was then on the hot seat they had to come up with an answer they didn't come up with a good one and they never took the opportunity then I mean what would they do pull it off the market and say we need to now do the job that we didn't do the first time they didn't do that we wrote the story we had it ready a week beforehand they bought ads farmers in the Ville chemistry say it's safe but studies suggest a link to cancer don't miss this special report from the impact that Friday night before the Monday this series was to begin the fax machine spit out a letter from this very high-priced lawyer in New York that Monsanto had hired it contained a lot of things that were just off-the-wall faults just demonstrable false but if you didn't know the story and you didn't know how he had gone about producing it would have scared you as a broadcaster as a manager and they decided that they would pull the story and they would just check it one more time but the bottom line was that there was no factual errors in that story both sides had been heard from both sides had had an opportunity to speak one week later Monsanto sent the second letter and this was even more strongly worded and it said there will be dire consequences for Fox News if the story airs in Florida and this time they freaked they were afraid of being sued and they were also afraid of losing advertising dollars at all of the stations owned by Rupert Murdoch and he owned more television stations than any other group in America as 22 television stations that's a lot of advertising dollars for roundup aspartame nutrasweet and other products so he got into a battle and the first deal was the new general manager his name's Dave and dave is a Salesman and you know a pump you're in how you doing how you doing called us upstairs to his office and he said come what would you say if I killed this piece what if it never ran and we said well you know we wouldn't be very happy about that and he said well I could kill it you know and we said yes of course you're the manager you could kill it it wouldn't err and he's him in and he's hi and he's back nice for then we couldn't figure out what is this hall about and finally he blurted out look would you tell anybody you know I said I'm not gonna lie for you about a week later calls us back to the office and says ok we'd like you to make these changes in fact you will make these changes we said well let us show you the research that we have that shows that this information you want us to broadcast isn't true to which he replies I don't care about that that's it pardon me and he said that's what I have lawyers for just write it the way the lawyers wanted written I said you know this is news this is important this is stuff people need to know and I'll never forget he didn't pause a beat and he said we just paid three billion dollars for these television stations will tell you what the news is the news is what we say it is as I'm not doing that and he said well he said if you refuse to present the story the way we think it should be presented you'll be fired for insubordination I said I will go to the Federal Communications Commission and I will report that I was fired from my job by you the licensee of these public airwaves because I refused a line of people in the air and it's thank you very much you'll hear from us right away well 24 hours came and went we didn't hear a thing and about a week later he calls us back and now we've changed strategies how about if we pay you some money and you just go away and I said how much money because you know when somebody offers to bribe you like that I always want to know if it might be worth it he was gonna offer us the rest of our year's salary if we agreed not to talk about what Monsanto had done to not talk about the Fox corporate response in suppressing the story and to not talk about the story not talk about BGH again anywhere not take the storage and he said are you gonna sign and we said now Dave we're not gonna sign that and he said well send it back okay so no Dave we're not gonna send that back it was okay we can't buy you out we can't shut you up let's get the story on the air in a way that we can all agree it will go on the air and we started rewriting and editing with their lawyers well during this eight month three review process I say jokingly they did things like for example they wanted to take out the word cancer you don't have to identify what the potential problem is but just say human health implications any criticism of Monsanto or its product they either removed it or minimized it and it was very very clear I would say almost every edit they made to the piece that was the aim and we changed this and this and this and then that wasn't good enough okay now change this and this and this now change this in this version after version after version 83 times 83 times is unheard of it doesn't happen you shouldn't have to rewrite something 83 times obviously they didn't want to put the thing on the air and they were trying to drive us crazy and get us to quit or wait until the first window in our contract so that they could fire us they in effect announced that they were going to fire us for no cause well this was a little much and Steve wrote a letter to the lawyer in Atlanta whose name is Carolyn Forrest the Fox corporate lawyer can I said ha this isn't about being fired for no cause you're firing us because we refused to put on the air something that we knew and demonstrated to be false and misleading that's what this is about and because we put up a fight because we stood up to this big corporation and we stood up to your editors and we stood up to your lawyers and we said to you look there ought to be a principle higher than just making money and she wrote a letter back and said you were right that's exactly what it was you stood up to us on this story and that's why we're letting you go big mistake big mistake that says retaliation you can't retaliate against employees if they're standing up for something that they believe is illegal that they don't want to participate in so that gave us the whistleblower status that we needed in the state of Florida to file a whistleblower claim against our employer what Fox neglected to report is this Jane sued Fox under Florida's whistleblower statute which protects those who try to prevent others from breaking the law but her appeal court judges found that falsifying news isn't actually against the law so they deny Jane her whistleblower status overturn the case and withdrew her 425 thousand dollar award Canada and Europe have upheld the ban on rb/gh yet it remains hidden and much of the milk supply of the United States

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  1. Steve Wilson, Jane Akre, you are beautiful human beings, you are heros and i love you both, thank you both for following your conscience and standing up to the Luciferian Bayer/Monsanto/NWO eugenics devils. Thank you.

  2. Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 turned this media creeps loose to lie, without accountability.

  3. Monsanto is an evil empire. FOX news is a servile henchman. Dismantle the corporate propaganda arm of the military known as 'mainstream media'–and crucify MonSatan.

  4. I myself have written a few articles on GMOs and even produced an award winning documentary on the subject. The links to my work can be found below.

  5. You can either educate your children and your self or you can watch them die along with your self . Think this is bull well that would be one mistake that you will regret .

  6. No good deed goes unpunished. I respect these reporters they are those who tried to protect us but fell in deaf ears. With this in mind,I think this is why modern news is delivered in a prepackaged way.

  7. If that's not a proof that FOX is a propaganda agent for the US Gvt., and hence for the big corporations I wonder what is!

  8. Lmfao you nutjobs need to do some research

  9. FOX news, CNN, ABC, NBC, BBC, etc. ALL media is Infotainment. Nothing is real. Well, maybe a ball game score. But other than that….ALL lies. It is conditioning, indoctrination, brain washing, dis-info, lies, and modeling. All part of the agenda to shape your ideas, thoughts and opinions. I suggest you read all 24 of THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION and see what the Kosher Kartel has in store for you. Everything you think you know is a lie. 

  10.     google  and  search  ban vaccines  2013 ,Fraud  on youtube     and  chemtrails   

  11. FUCK Monsanto.  You know what the bitch of it all is?  It's almost impossible to avoid those satanic assholes.

  12. Agreed. Check Leviticus. Now you are finding out why it says to not mix or change seed DNA of any plant or animal. Including inter-family and gay sex.

  13. Seriously…is there anyone, anywhere in the world who thinks that a Murdoch owned media outlet is going to provide them with the truth?  Especially when you look back to the first paper he owned in Sth Australia and saw how he outcompeted his initial competition with sensationalism, "'something for nothing" promotions & topless female photos printed on page 3 of his papers.

  14. News is a business. Business is only successful if they are profitable. You kill the profits, no one gets paid. True story or not, a news company not making profit will fail.

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  16. Well the reporters were successful in rebranding FOX NEW from "Fair and Balanced," to "False and Misleading"  which coincides with the general perception of the franchise.  

  17. Lol why would you rewrite after ignoring so many threats and took no money (hope you enjoyed the money)

  18. The problem is, a large amount of us are economically trapped into apartment buildings, small homes with no land to grow our own food. Your solution is certainly good FOR YOU but its not going to stop the corporations from stepping on a lot of the rest of us.

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