Moro: Community, school without water get massive help after Legit tv report | Legit TV

The children exclaim in ecstasy after seeing (potable) water from a tap for the first time in their school. When we heard that a woman came to give us water in this school, We were very, very delighted. Because, we’ve battled the scarcity of water for many years… since some of us were born, water has been our biggest problem in this community We’ve never seen anything like this before. All of us in the community already made efforts to get water… We’ve dug wells, even I have dug two wells already… but it was impossible! Even the government that promised to help us, they dug theirs in between my two wells… and even after doing that, nothing came forth until the end of that administration. they couldn’t still find a way round it. All their efforts proved abortive. It was then very surprising that we heard that a woman came around and visited the school… she saw how much our children were suffering and said that with her visit to the school, they should forget about water scarcity. And true to her words, we saw her impact… she brought water for our kids When I got here today, I saw the water again. I am so happy because it is something we’ve never seen in this town before Thank you, I appreciate all of you who came to the aid of this school May God also help you. May your purse never go dry. I am so delighted… (laughs) Thank you so much, I am very happy. In fact, I am grateful to God. May God continue to crown your efforts I am very happy Every member of the community is also happy. Yesterday, when my children came home to tell me that they fixed their school, and that some places had been plastered, I asked which part and they told me, He explained what had been done and when I came here, I was told that it was one woman that brought all of those items and did everything for the school I became very excited and very happy because it’s not something we’re even planning or looking forward to yet. But with the level of work done so far, they’ve challenged the locals here… to brazen up and take it up from where they stopped This that they have done… in fact… is not something we ever thought would happen at all! We are happy, we are really happy. This face lift will serve as wind breaker for the school… and prevent the breeze from causing harm to them. When the children came home and told us that they brought some items here… to fix this school… we were very happy. More importantly, when we came here to see it for ourselves, we became happier! That’s why we came to appreciate all the good works, and thank them! We are very happy! Because it’s something we’ve never seen before here. We are grateful God will enable them to do even more. Q: How did you feel when you saw water here? A: I was very happy Q: You were very happy? Have you seen water like this here before? (Nods) Q: You haven’t? A: Yes Q: Now that you have the water, will it aid your learning? A: Yes Q: How often were you washing your clothes before? A: Sometimes, once in a day… Q: How about now? A: We now wash clothes when we please. Q: We learnt that snakes disturb you here, have you been attacked before? A: Yes! Q: You’ve been bitten by a snake? Q: When? A: I was going home when it happened. Q: You were bitten by a snake on your way home? A: Yes… Q: What did you do about it? A: An antivenom was applied to the leg. Q: What was it like when you were bitten? How did you react? A: It was really painful Q: What was the snake like? A: The snake was green in colour… Q: Green? Q: You saw it? A: (Nods) Q: And the snake bit you? A: Yes… Q: So, you became terrified by snakes? A: Yes, I am scared of snakes. Q: Have you seen another snake after that day? A: (Nods)… no Q: Now, your school has a face lift so that snakes won’t come close to you anymore… Are you happy? A: I am very happy! Q: You’re very happy? A: Yes! Q: What do you say to those who made it possible? A: I am praying that God will bless them also… …and grant them all their heart desires! Q: How old are you? A: I’m 9 years old. Q: When you first saw the water here, how did you feel? A: I was happy! We were happy! Q: I meant how you (not others) felt… A: I was happy! Q: Have you seen water like this here before? A: We haven’t seen anything like this before o… Q You haven’t? A: (Nods) Q: So, what do you want to tell those who did this for you? A: I will appreciate them… Q: How will you appreciate them? What will you say? A: I’ll simply say THANK YOU! Children excited about their new school kits – bags and sandals. THANK YOU! THANK YOU, MA!

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  1. Where is the governor of the state and also the evil ruling class this are yoruba people where is OSINBANJO the vp of nigeria?shame on all the criminal politicians because all they know is to personalise our common wealth.

  2. All this things that's going on in Nigerian is too bad our leaders had to change mind nd do something good for children the suffer is too much am so angry come to Europe an see How children enjoy life what is wrong with our leaders this is totally shame

  3. The most wicked government in the whole UNIVERSE is NIGERIA POLITICIANS. Look at where children school but their own children enjoy good school and many things life offers. Oh Lord arise with anger fight for Nigeria, if not for the sake of us adults but for the sake of our innocents children suffering from these OPPRESSORS parade as politicians. God you love children so much , you says they are your heritage, please save them from suffering. Sufferness has killed many children in Nigeria. I weep!!!

  4. God shall bless this woman who brought such uplifting to dis community & by special grace of God more help will come to these children that their learning spirit will be kindle to grow into knowledgeable youths to adulthood

  5. So this music hasn't changed till date. I do expect an evolution in anything about our educational system. Ori babalawos mo wa bebe lashiwa! Oga o.

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