Moshi Moshi S1 E3 | Animation vs Live Action Videos – Which one is Best for Your Business?

Today we’ll be talking about what is good for your business animation videos or live videos. Right? When brand come to us, they tell ki, “OK, you offer animation, you offer live, I
don’t really know what is good for my product. So, I am just going to break the video into two separate things, for animation videos I’ll tell what is better and for live, what is better. For animation videos, what happens is, right, so, let’s say you are solving a problem via tech animation is the best way to showcase, let’s say you are booking a cab. This facility was not available earlier. People really don’t know if you have a mobile phone, you have an app, you to book a cab and the cab comes. It’s a very new concept, so explaining something like this, any problem which is solved via tech, the best way to showcase that initially is via explainer videos. Animated explainer videos. Right? Apart from that animation videos are used a lot for training purposes. It becomes really difficult for people to tell them each and everything, what is supposed to be done, what is supposed to be done here, what is not supposed to be done here. So, we have done something like this for Ola. To train their auto drivers we came up with the concept of pre ride, post ride and during the ride, what is expected from the drivers. It’s very easy to create situations in animated explainer videos. Put the driver in a particular situation, they will get to know what it is all about. Training your employees, training a particular process, putting a particular process, what is expected, what is not expected, the best way to showcase is animation videos. That’s a very good way of showcasing, because in live, it becomes really difficult to put that situation and make it easy for more people to understand. third way…. when you have a lot of numbers to showcase, when you are putting a lot of figures, a lot of concepts to be showcased the best way to showcase such things are via animation videos again. What happened here is let’s say, we have done something like this, for ZoomCar. to explain their ZAP platform we have used animation videos, there were a lot of offering this, they were telling to you earn 10000 a month, 15000 a month, you can put your car inside Zoomcar, this is the way it works… we give you EMI, we give you X Y Z. Imagine someone talking so many things, you just gonna go out and will be like – What are they telling? So, it’s better to showcase via animation, you can make more animated, you can put the numbers, you can animate number, it’s gonna look good. so. to explain any pitch, companies can use it for pitching a particular product, showing their ROI at a particular state, you can use it to explain your business offering, what you gonna do with this business after a point of time. If you can use it for pitch, if you want to explain your investor what is economy gonna be all about, or after how many years are we expecting a break even, and things like that, what are you offering in terms of financial. The best way to showcase is again animated explainer video. Hope this is clear. Is it? Now, let’s talk about live videos. Right? Live videos is all about experiencing the products So, let’s say you have anything that you want the user to experience. you are having a theme park, let’s say, the Wonderla. you have a product, let’s say a laptop or mobile phone, or a ball, all these things are very experience based. You cannot bring animation video into picture and tell people to understand the product. It is very important for them to see it, visualise it completely, and understand what the company is all about. It’s all on experience. So, experience based products, the best way to showcase is live videos. Right? Second way is, if you are coming up in the existing domain, so let’s say I will give you an example. So, when Paytm started, Paytm was a very new concept. To introduce a concept like Paytm, initially you can use animation videos to tell people how to use the app, or how to understand or how to do things. But, now let’s PhonePe started. PhonePe is not doing the same thing, because the industry is already there. Now what PhonePe is doing is, taking Aamir Khan, putting it on national television and making them know that they are already existing. The domain is already there. So, now use live videos to leverage the domain, leverage is the industry and do as much “prachar” as possible and reach out to as many people as possible. So, if the industry is already existing, better you do live videos and try in increasing your fan following, and let people know that you are present in the market. OK, now, let’s take an example of Ramdev Baba’s Patanjali. Patanjali, what they did was, they never started with an animation video. They are not, this is not a new domain altogether, the atta or the FMCG products, that they are selling, it is already existing in the market. people are already consuming other brands. They are just another offering in that particular segment. Only thing that they need to do is introduce the product, not introduce the concept of eating Aata. So, the best way to do all of these things are live videos. Ramdev Baba became their became brand ambassador completely and he promoted everywhere possible, telling that there is a product like this, which is there in the market. They are explaining USPs, that, this is organic, this is done properly and things like that. Live videos are the best way to showcase. Now, let me just quickly conclude which is better for your business: animation videos or live videos. So, let’s say, if you are having a tech related issue or if you are having an app, and you want people to understand how to use that particular app. App Explainer Videos are the best way to showcase. App walkthrough can be done, app explainer can be done. How to use a particular app, all those things can be completely done with animation videos. Next time, if you have anything related to processes, if you want someone to follow a particular process, you want to train an employee, train a particular set of people, best way to showcase is again animation videos. Next is, if you have too many numbers to talk about, if you’re using it for company page, presentations and things like that, again animation videos are the best way to showcase. Now, let’s come to live. Live is always good about experience based products. If you have a product that you would want people to know about, the best way to do is live again. something like a hotel chain or something like a mobile phone. These are all about the touch, look and feel. I cannot see this im animation and understand this is good or not. So, again experience based product is always about life videos. Anything which is already existing in the market, you can use it for live videos. Let’s say, a new mobile phone that you are coming up with. Mobile phones are not a new concept. It’s an age old concept. Coming to the new mobile phone, you can use a celebrity to endorse the brand and promote it everywhere. you don’t really need to explain the concept of a mobile phone. You can do that with live videos. Next time when you choose a video, I am sure, you will pick the right one.

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