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it's called polyandry one woman several husbands it's an unusual arrangement today polyamory only persists in isolated villages in the Himalayas when it was time for Sunita Kumari to Wed her family like many in India made arrangements but they involved more than a dowry of celebration Sunita has not one husband not two systems but three all brothers what must their life be like Westerners might find the practice shocking but for this community it works fine one reason sheer practicality in the Himalayas arable land of scarce farms are tiny give each generation divided each family's holdings everyone would starve polyandry preserves the farm and the family's future unlike most men in India husband's here handle domestic duties they're willing to help with the cooking and childcare in fraternal polyandry a family picks a wife for its oldest son the marriage can also include his younger brothers they don't have to join in but most do no one takes a decision regarding one's own marriage everyone at home sits down together and then it is decided with the consent of everyone polyandry also functions as a form of birth control no matter how many husbands she has a wife can get pregnant only so often if each man were to Wed separately the population here would explode but what about sex the forbidden core of a polyandry taboo in truth it's a matter of scheduling and on the wife's part Baris tolerance is very important the wife has to understand everything up submissive be a Cuby the older brothers nature if the younger brothers Nature had taught over kissing what about jealousy that bane of even the most mundane marry if the wife is smart she will take turns each night and sleep with all the brothers it's not like the older brother wants a whole time I thought that we will kneel until recently no one here much cared with the outside world far isolation had preserved a way of life that had withered everywhere else but a road now links the region to distant cities and on roofs once decorated only with prayer flags satellite dishes sprout this village has entered the modern world whose images of romance stand in sharp contrast to polyamory but polyamory here faces a bigger threat education as more people are becoming more educated we are also practicing family planning if a father has only one son there will be no question about the land therefore common marriages will come to an end in two perhaps three generations polyandry may vanish here but for now those who practices find comfort in the familiar that common marriage is very good I feel like everyone should live like our family even if we do not have anything to eat or drink we sit happily we live peacefully

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  1. If it works for some people then leave it alone. I'm sure the wife is happy, also the guys who don't have to out up with her alone 🤣

  2. i will said i would not be able to deal with 1 wife so i be horrifies to leave on that country so glad to be an American. So glad that i will not married or bring a new baby to this country of suffering

  3. Omg…my X tried this poly bizniz for years until I found out. His alibi was he will change oil of neighbors cars. Until now he still think I'm stupid.

  4. acually they are abusing her, they bring one bride to there house but they give this right to themselves that hole the family can use that lady 😑😑😑

  5. I was surprise to learn that such a thing exist.  What if America was overpopulated and they practiced this??   hmmm…..

  6. I will never be with a Muslim it is selfish that they say they can marry up to 4 wives that’s not what GOD said but what they said ! They have no proof GOD said that ! So I’ll never let no guy do that to me ! It’s 101.8 million men to every 100 women in this world

  7. It's a myth that polyandry helps with population control. If three men marry one woman, 66% of women would left without husbands. Sounds pretty impractical, isn't it? And of course, unless they practice female infanticide like in many parts of India, those women will find a way to have kids with or without marriage.

  8. They already made a mistake in the first 20 seconds in this video. That and showing their bias. Would be better if the people made the video with some outside input instead of it all coming from a singular view.

  9. Can anyone separate buffalo's and cow's milk after mixing it….its bad for males feelings. they cant tolarate as woman can ..woman have special quality of patience ..which is God gifted..

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