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My failed mission to find God — and what I found instead | Anjali Kumar

My failed mission to find God — and what I found instead | Anjali Kumar

A few years ago, I set out on a mission to find God. Now, I’m going to tell you
right up front that I failed, which, as a lawyer, is a really hard thing for me to admit. But on that failed journey, a lot of what I found was enlightening. And one thing in particular
gave me a lot of hope. It has to do with the magnitude
and significance of our differences. So, I was raised in America
by Indian parents — culturally Hindu, but practicing a strict and relatively
unknown religion outside of India called Jainism. To give you an idea
of just how minority that makes me: people from India represent
roughly one percent of the US population; Hindus, about 0.7 percent; Jains, at most .00046 percent. To put that in context: more people visit the Vermont
Teddy Bear Factory each year than are followers
of the Jain religion in America. To add to my minority mix,
my parents then decided, “What a great idea!
Let’s send her to Catholic school” — (Laughter) where my sister and I
were the only non-white, non-Catholic students
in the entire school. At the Infant Jesus of Prague School
in Flossmoor, Illinois — yes, that’s really what it was called — we were taught to believe
that there is a single Supreme Being who is responsible for everything, the whole shebang, from the creation of the Universe
to moral shepherding to eternal life. But at home, I was being taught something
entirely different. Followers of the Jain religion don’t believe in a single Supreme Being or even a team of Supreme Beings. Instead, we’re taught that God manifests as the perfection of each of us
as individuals, and that we’re actually
spending our entire lives striving to remove the bad karmas that stand in the way of us
becoming our own godlike, perfect selves. On top of that, one of the core
principles of Jainism is something called “non-absolutism.” Non-absolutists believe
that no single person can hold ownership or knowledge
of absolute truth, even when it comes to religious beliefs. Good luck testing that concept out on the priests and nuns
in your Catholic school. (Laughter) No wonder I was confused and hyperaware of how different
I was from my peers. Cut to 20-something years later, and I found myself to be
a highly spiritual person, but I was floundering. I was spiritually homeless. I came to learn that I was a “None,” which isn’t an acronym
or a clever play on words, nor is it one of these. It’s simply the painfully uninspired name given to everyone
who checks off the box “none” when Pew Research asks them
about their religious affiliation. (Laughter) Now, a couple of interesting
things about Nones are: there are a lot of us, and we skew young. In 2014, there were over 56 million
religiously unaffiliated Nones in the United States. And Nones account
for over one-third of adults between the ages of 18 to 33. But the most interesting thing
to me about Nones is that we’re often spiritual. In fact, 68 percent of us believe,
with some degree of certainty, that there is a God. We’re just not sure who it is. (Laughter) So the first takeaway for me when I realized I was a None
and had found that information out was that I wasn’t alone. I was finally part of a group in America that had a lot of members, which felt really reassuring. But then the second,
not-so-reassuring takeaway was that, oh, man, there are a lot of us. That can’t be good, because if a lot of highly spiritual
people are currently godless, maybe finding God is not going to be
as easy as I had originally hoped. So that is when I decided
that on my spiritual journey, I was going to avoid the obvious places and skip the big-box religions altogether and instead venture out
into the spiritual fringe of mediums and faith healers and godmen. But remember, I’m a non-absolutist, which means I was pretty inclined
to keep a fairly open mind, which turned out to be a good thing, because I went to a witch’s potluck dinner at the LGBT Center in New York City, where I befriended two witches; drank a five-gallon jerrican
full of volcanic water with a shaman in Peru; got a hug from a saint
in the convention center — she smelled really nice — (Laughter) chanted for hours in a smoke-filled,
heat-infused sweat lodge on the beaches of Mexico; worked with a tequila-drinking medium
to convene with the dead, who oddly included both
my deceased mother-in-law and the deceased manager
of the hip-hop group The Roots. (Laughter) Yeah, my mother-in-law told me
she was really happy her son had chosen me for his wife. Duh! But — (Laughter) Yeah. But the manager of The Roots said that maybe I should cut back
on all the pasta I was eating. I think we can all agree that it was lucky for my husband
that it wasn’t his dead mother who suggested I lay off carbs. (Laughter) I also joined a laughing yoga group
out of South Africa; witnessed a woman have
a 45-minute orgasm — I am not making this up — as she tapped into
the energy of the universe — I think I’m going to go back there — (Laughter) called God from a phone booth
in the Nevada desert at Burning Man, wearing a unitard and ski goggles; and I had an old Indian guy
lie on top of me, and no, he wasn’t my husband. This was a perfect stranger named Paramji, and he was chanting into my chakras as he tapped into the energy forces
of the Universe to heal my “yoni,” which is a Sanskrit word for “vagina.” (Laughter) I was going to have a slide here, but a few people suggested that a slide of my yoni
at TED — even TEDWomen — not the best idea. (Laughter) Very early in my quest, I also went to see the Brazilian
faith healer John of God at his compound down in Brazil. Now, John of God is considered
a full-trance medium, which basically means
he can talk to dead people. But in his case, he claims
to channel a very specific group of dead saints and doctors in order to heal
whatever’s wrong with you. And although John of God does
not have a medical degree or even a high school diploma, he actually performs surgery — the real kind, with a scalpel, but no anesthesia. Yeah, I don’t know. He also offers invisible surgery,
where there is no cutting, and surrogate surgery, where he supposedly can treat somebody
who is thousands of miles away by performing a procedure on a loved one. Now, when you go to visit John of God, there are all kinds
of rules and regulations. It’s a whole complicated thing, but the bottom line is that
you can visit John of God and present him with three things
that you would like fixed, and he will set the dead saints
and doctors to work on your behalf to get the job done. (Laughter) Now, before you snicker, consider that, at least according to his website, over eight million people — including Oprah, the Goddess of Daytime TV — have gone to see John of God, and I was pre-wired to keep an open mind. But to be honest, the whole thing for me
was kind of weird and inconclusive, and in the end, I flew home, even more confused
than I already started out. But that doesn’t mean
I came home empty-handed. In the weeks leading up
to my trip to Brazil, I mentioned my upcoming plans
to some friends and to a couple of colleagues at Google, where I was a lawyer at the time. And I might have mentioned it
to a couple more people because I’m chatty, including my neighbor, the guy who works at the local
coffee shop I go to each morning, the checkout lady at Whole Foods and a stranger who sat
next to me on the subway. I told each of them where I was going and why, and I offered to carry three wishes
of theirs down to Brazil, explaining that anyone going
to see John of God could act as a proxy for others and save them the trip. And to my surprise, my in-box overflowed. Friends told friends who told friends, and those friends
apparently told more friends, other strangers
and the guys at their coffee shops, until it seemed that days
before I left for Brazil that there was no one who did not
have my email address. And at the time, all I could conclude
was that I had offered too much to too many. But when I actually reread
those messages a few years later, I noticed something completely different. Those emails actually shared
three commonalities, the first of which was rather curious. Almost everyone sent me meticulous details
about how they could be reached. I had told them,
or their friends had told them, that along with the list
of the three things they wanted fixed, I needed their photo, their name
and their date of birth. But they gave me full addresses, with,
like, apartment numbers and zip codes, as if John of God was going
to stop by their house and see them in person
or send along a package. It was as if, in the highly unlikely event
that their wishes were granted by John of God, they just wanted to make sure
that they weren’t delivered to the wrong person or the wrong address. Even if they didn’t believe, they were hedging their bets. The second commonality
was just as curious, but far more humbling. Virtually everyone — the stranger on the subway, the guy at the coffee shop, the lawyer down the hall, the Jew, the atheist,
the Muslim, the devout Catholic — all asked for essentially
the same three things. OK, there were a couple of outliers,
and yes, a few people asked for cash. But when I eliminated what were
ultimately a handful of anomalies, the similarities were staggering. Almost every single person first asked for good health
for themselves and their families. Almost universally, they next asked for happiness and then love, in that order: health, happiness, love. Sometimes they asked for a specific
health issue to be fixed, but more often than not, they just
asked for good health in general. When it came to happiness, they each phrased it slightly differently, but they all asked for the same
specific subtype of happiness, too — the kind of happiness that sinks in and sets down roots in your soul; the kind of happiness
that could sustain us, even if we were to lose
absolutely everything else. And for love, they all asked for the kind
of romantic love, the soul mate that we read about
in epic romantic novels, the kind of love that will stay with us
till the end of our days. Sorry, that’s my husband. Crap! Now I forgot my place. (Laughter) (Applause) So by and large, all of these friends and strangers, regardless of their background,
race or religion, all asked for the same things, and they were the same things
that I really wanted, the simplified version
of the basic human needs identified by social scientists
like Abraham Maslow and Manfred Max-Neef. No one asked for answers
to the big existential questions or for proof of God or the meaning of life
like I had set out to find. They didn’t even ask for an end
to war or global hunger. Even when they could have asked
for absolutely anything, they all asked for health,
happiness and love. So now those emails had
a third commonality as well. Each of them ended in the exact same way. Instead of thanking me for carting
their wishes all the way to Brazil, everyone said, “Please don’t tell anyone.” So I decided to tell everyone — (Laughter) right here on this stage, not because I’m untrustworthy, but because the fact
that we have so much in common feels especially important for us
all to hear, especially now, when so many of the world’s problems seem to be because we keep focusing
on the things that make us different, not on what binds us together. And look — I am the first to admit
that I am not a statistician, and that the data I presented to you
that I just accumulated in my in-box is more anecdotal than scientific,
more qualitative than quantitative. It is, as anyone who works
with data would tell you, hardly a statistically significant
or demographically balanced sample. But nonetheless, I find myself
thinking about those emails every time I reflect back
on the bias and prejudice that I’ve faced in my life, or when there’s another hate crime
or a senseless tragedy that underscores the disheartening sense that our differences
might be insurmountable. I then remind myself that I have evidence that the humbling, unifying commonality of our humanity is that, even when presented
with the opportunity to ask for anything at all, most of us want the same things, and that this is true
no matter who we are, what name we call our god, or which religion, if any, we call home. I then also note that apparently some of us
want these things so badly that we would email a None, a spiritually confused None like me — some might say otherwise
confused as well — and that we would seek out this stranger
and email her our deepest wishes, just in case there is
the remote possibility that they might be granted
by someone who is not a god, much less our god, someone who is not even
a member of our chosen religion, someone who, when you
look at him on paper, seems like an unlikely
candidate to deliver. And so now, when I reflect back on my spiritual quest, even though I did not find God, I found a home in this: even today, in a world
fractured by religious, ethnic, political, philosophical,
and racial divides, even with all of our obvious differences, at the end of the day, and the most fundamental level, we are all the same. Thank you. (Applause)

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  1. His invisible qualities, eternal power and divine nature can be clearly seen, being understood by what has been made? Your parents made sure you took advantage of the high achieving catholic school system though from another faith? You became a lawyer who swear an oath to the bar? Check Justinian deception and strawman trust! Your journey to none whilst mocking those who helped you acheive the academic safetynet to fall back on when needed is disingenuous? Collecting t-shirts from far away places isnt seeking your maker! He is everywhere and in him we live and move and have our being! He sent his son sometime back to show us his love despite all the terrible things we all have to say about him? We nailed him on a tree and mock him to this day? He is still calling out "to those who have ears to hear let them hear! " Shalom in Yahushua👏

  2. God made everyone this promise… "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.' Jeremiah 29:13. The problem people have, including Ms. Kumar, is that they are not prepared to open up their heart to God. Unless one does this failure to find Him is virtually guaranteed.

  3. Funny how everyone from every religion who is mentioning God in the comment section is calling God a He. Who exactly decided God is a He and not a She?

  4. As a none Jew gentiles I know for a fact that any one searching for evidence of God will never ever find It And it is mainly because only Jews have a covenant with God.And Gentile are not Jews So gentiles don't have a covenant with God. But what I as a christian have is a covenant with Jesus Christ. Who said all who follow him will become part of his church and all that are in his church. The gates of Hades will have no power over them.

  5. Scientifically there is intelligence behind the universe creation, the DNA inside us contains preset information that indicates intelligence behind their creation. When you look at the laws of physics that you can astonishingly be all written on an A3 paper and they are all simple formulas that indicates intelligence behind the creation of all the laws of physics. To know God exist look at the harmony within nature, in space and within us, its all facts but we need to look in the right place with open mind.

  6. There are almost no Jains left, because they weren't allowed to defend themselves. They took passivism seriously. If Christians had actually listened to their Jesus(turn your other cheek)they'd have gone extinct too.

  7. What is the relation between being a lawyer, looking for God and having to admit not being successful? Is this the new atheistic intellectual? Lord, have mercy and let this woman gain a few IQ points if at all possible. Amen.

  8. So, you pursued God but never talked to a Christian. (No, Catholic does not count) What a shame. Pray to Jesus and ask him to show himself to you. You will find that there is more to eternity than a humorous look at spirituality.

  9. Not sure what she added to the conversation. Sounds like she went all over the place but not very deep in her quest.

  10. All I can say is Jesus is coming soon, repent, get right with God while you still can. Jesus is the truth the way and the life, no other roads leads to heaven but to ever lasting destruction.

  11. Jesus said, "The truth shall set you free". Which means the lie will put you in bondage. 2 apples + 2 apples = 4 apples. How many right answers? One. How many wrong answers? An infinite number minus one. The truth is finite, while error is infinite minus one. People seem to take comfort in error because it is a sea of opportunities to explore, but don't understand that it is a sea in which one will die, never finding what we really seek – the truth. Truth is finite, exclusive, and not accommodating. Any way of thinking that incorporates every notion resembles the sea of lies rather than the unique and liberating truth.

  12. « we are all the same » great conclusion. but juste one comment : I think also the question of « what ll be happen after death » is as important as health, happiness & love.

  13. ' God Delusion ' Richard Dawkins


    How can ye reject the faith in Allah ?! When ye were dead and
    He gave you life; Then He will give you death,then life again,and then unto Him ye will return.
    And when it is said to them:
    " Believe as the others belive: "
    They say : " shall we believe as the fools believe? " —
    Nay, of a surety they are the fools,
    But they do not know."
    ( Qur'an, 2: 13)
    They rejected Almighty Allah.
    Allah Himself responded them that by rejecting Almighty Allah they showed that they themselves are fool.

  14. Why would anyone worship a God that threatens us with eternal damnation if we don't follow his instructions ?

  15. Do you know the difference between religion and revelation ?
    In religion man searches god(s). In revelation God searches men. I do not need to convince you that there is only one true God, HE will do that by himself.
    If you really want to be found by HIM start reading the New Testament beginning with the forth gospel of John. I testify that God came down to earth in Jesus to seek us. You can discover the same as I if you are open minded enough and try my recommendation and read the New Testament.
    I am sure HE will reveal HIMSELF to you if you start seeking HIM reading the bible (New Testament)

    One important fact to mention is that Jesus did not come to found a new or better religion HE started a movement of discipleship to bring all mankind back home to there creator. Those who believe in Jesus Christ will receive the Holy Spirit who will lead us into all truth thru the bible.That is HIS promise.

    Although it is good to join a local church flee those denominations that try to pervert HIS movement into religion. Keep the bible as measure to verify all dogmas presented to you.

    I understand your historic and religious wounds suffered in the catholic school. The discovery you made that we are all different is HIS very design principal of creation.

  16. She hasn't looked for God. She looked to define her spirituality, according to what she already liked. Not the same thing.
    She rather seems to have sampled weirdos and crooks for the purpose of adventure. That's not looking for God.
    Being part of a "minority" (WE ALL ARE!) and having a vagina (HALF OF US DOES!) is not enough to do a good TED talk!!!
    And then, asking for applause at TED… OMG, how PATHETIC!!!

  17. Nice lady and a good story but she did not seek god! Seeking God requires deep honesty. Honesty like "Who is the Seeker or Self?" because without knowing that all your seeking will be in the Arena of the Known or the Past. Seeking god is the supreme question and requires complete awareness of the WAY you are doing it!

  18. You came so close to sounding pithy but you left three words off the tail end of your last sentence. "We are all the same……….except for Republicans."

  19. You don't find God, God seeks you. Do you have any idea how big the universe is? So huge that you and I, none of us can figure out. And do know how tiny you are in planet 🌎? How about in the solar system? The Milky Way galaxy? Oh, did I forget to mention we have countless galaxies? How important is your existence, or my existence? If I die today, who cares? If you vanish today, who in the universe notice? Guess what? God knows and God cares. God came to look for you and me.

  20. Waste of time .. you cant find outside its internal .. I also give 22 years to find God and I know now what God is … what she did is waste time

  21. "big box religions" — well said.
    PS Love the Amazon Prime boxes so "john of god" could deliver "HEALTH – HAPPINESS – LOVE"

  22. In Hinduism there are no millions of Gods but Millions of Deities and Hinduism is the first Religion or Spiritual practice that teaches to the world there is only one "GOD" and technically they mean GOD=Energy that causes entire universe to be in existence.

  23. Sad story and this is more sad when we see this women is not alone there are millions or may be billions like her but thing is what they are looking for not even definition of GOD the Almighty the most high the most worthy .what she was looking for and what she told find in those latters she received is the what our one and only GOD the Almighty give us those powers love health and happiness our GOD give us those powers for love you have to give love and collect it back for happiness same love is used with your wealth share for power and needy and for health same love is used for your own self and for environment and others .what we do we expect to much from others and when no one cares then we start blaming GOD for not having those things in life which our lord already given us sufficient enough in bulk quantities but we forget the formula and try to become GOD our selfs it's all simple even tho hardships will come we been tested but what I learn even worst time in my life my GOD is always with me and what worst come to me is all because of my own mistakes in life .so those things love happiness and health is all from ALLAH Rabul Allamin our lord but our GOD give us to use them wisely so we never come short of them . formula is to give love and receive it back for health do justice to your body and people u r connected don't distroy environment don't hurt people plant trees love animals don't use plastic don't use drugs which cause harm to u and same to those who are doctors don't give drugs which harm ur patients for lawyers like this women don't tell lies to win and hurt someone life for engineers don't build by distroying this world for politician don't tell people what u can't do for them .so we are truly destroying our own world all by our selfs and blame our creator our lord one and only ALLAH Rabul Allamin . To find ALLAH Rabul Allamin our lord we don't have to look for Almighty in humans which are all the creation of ALLAH Rabul Allamin .infect ALLAH solve our problem of looking for GOD ALLAH send profhets from the start and messages through them what our lord needs form us and how to find our GOD is all written in those messages with that GOD also answers our questions and queries so we believe more and more . And for achieving the level of ALLAH Rabul Allamin true servant and believer we had to submit our selfs according to ALLAH wills change our lifestyle and do what we had command to do then we will have love health happiness wealth peace all we need and wish for in this world and world what ALLAH created after this world which is in comparison of this world is like a ocean and this world is just a drop . May ALLAH Rabul Allamin bless us all and guide us all to true path and forgive our sins and mistakes

  24. She failed indeed. She didn't find GOD BUT HE STILL IS, REGARDLESS…But still He is there , waiting for her with His arms wide opened just like He hung on the cross…

  25. Most people don't bother to find God. The think their God is true

    I was a Muslim for 20 years then I started questioning God for 3 years everywhere there were different answers.

  26. All the people who emailed you have the same questions because they live in developed country. Well the questions of the rest of the world will be different trust me. Questions like bread, clean water, peace etc….

  27. When
    the Creator created people and gave them a language "Word"
    ” Slovo”
    and then knowledge which is called "VEDA"
    (which means "Science"
    in primitive English) a lot happened. About 1,000 years ago there was
    a breaking point in the development of human-kind. The Parasites
    came to power and became Gods
    on earth. hey stole the science "VEDA"
    and mixed our tongues. "Faith"
    in the Creator has been replaced with "Beliefs"
    in religions. Leaders “Knieža”
    who have been elected from the
    people like our leaders across the world, have been replaced by the
    blood lines "Kings"
    and so on. To find out the truth, you must find the language from
    which science "VEDA"
    was recorded into and then subsequently translated into “Sanskrit”
    afterwards. There is one language where the word "VEDA"
    doesn't need to be translated and is used like the root word for
    other words related to the word
    "VEDA". That is the key

  28. This lady searches for God and finds nothing? Ergo, there is no God? A not very attractive case of solipsism.

  29. God Enlil has also been attached to the "being". In an Assyrian text it says about Enlil: "It is a shepherd", he is the meaning of the universe,. "He is the king of Universe",. The connection to "being" and the cosmic order. One of the highest Gods,, Enlil, Which lies the universe, linked to the highest heavenly scheme and existence of the theological and philosophical perspective.

  30. The God is one who is Allah and all his signs are their ( sky , sun , moon etc ) Allah will get every body died , so prepare for that day where is going to investigate everybody no joke

  31. Atheist logic is that everything is random existence without any purpose. What a sad way of life, without any direction or meaning.

    2. Often will those who disbelieve wish that they were Muslims.
    3. Leave them to eat and enjoy, and let them be preoccupied with false hope. They will soon come to know!

    (Qur'an Chapter 15)

  32. LORD JESUS IS GOD ❤️ ADONAI JAHVE ❤️ GOD is Spirit , JESUS was GOD in Flesh on Earth 🌍 LORD JESUS WIN ON CROSS FOR US !!! Please Repent IN JESUS NAME ❤️ No more time

  33. You have lost everything if you have not found God. Get yourself a Bible. Don't die without knowing the truth.

  34. For me God is a sweet essence that it manifestates in the hearts of people.

    And when you experience it you feel delighted,peacefull,joyfull and lovely.

    Then God it's manifestates in your/our heart and essence.

    For me He is also the one that gives to whom he wills intelligence,creativity,genius.
    And more.

    But as Philosopher once said I only know that I know nothing.

  35. I dont get it. Why is this so difficult for people. They go travelling thousands of miles "looking for god or meaning" or whatever. It seems so obvious to me and whiiile I'm not stupid, I'm not Einstien either. It would appear there are bishops and popes and other religion's so called "holy men" who do not know what religion is about or for, or even what it actually is. Looking through the comments here I am amazed at the wilfull gulibility of many. Wake up people. Have a bit of a think. It really is so simple. This lady gets very near so you haven't got to think too much to fill in the blanks.

  36. We are not the same. That is why we have all those challenges. Ted talks has been taken over by post modern, socialist B.S. Happiness, and love mean different things to everyone, and to different religions.

  37. God, the infinite, universal, super-intelligent, super-consciousness present everywhere and within everyone, has NO FAVOURITES, whether 'believer' or 'non-believer'. All souls are equal. Souls have no religion, gender, class or creed. All faiths worship the same universal soul entity but may have different concepts of the infinite because our senses are limited and finite. The finite cannot comprehend the infinite. The finite can only realize the infinite from within.

  38. Existence is like a rubber band. It started by negative infinity existing a split second before like a rubber band infinite positive began and time was the popping of the rubber band on the negative infinity side that flies through the universe and multiverse solidifying all of existence and acting like an eraser wiping the chalkboard of existence clean behind it. Like an on switch, off light switch of stars, and all of existence in rapid succession for all of eternity, while consciousness and life dangle precariously in the shadows between the light and the eternal darkness. The Eternal Quantum Computer where everything that is, was, and ever will be is in just one computation made up of infinite 1's turning into infinite 0's and time is the quantum computer reading through the data of what actually happened the way a quantum computer processes data through 1's and 0's and the infinity in between where by its a 1 and a 0 at the same time. Time is the universe reading and processing the data and solidifying the best potential reality.
    Double Slit Experiment – If you observe reality and it solidifies it's existence.
    Consciousness could potentially affect this Zipper moving through time solidifying or zippering up all possible realities that could exist into one solid past of what actually did happen. It's complicated to explain. Because there are multiple possible realities in the future, when you have so many consciousness' converging the past gets solidified not by the perspective of one but billions or more from potentially just localized affected space but potentially across the universe by viewing another planet at a specific time. Just like seeing a particle in the double slit makes it act like a particle instead of a wave, viewing a planet across the universe could solidify its existence too. When the memories are solidified the universe as a whole solidifies, but the myriad of perspectives of the same event from even different vantage points could theoretically change the universe to a blend of the two. Now you factor in billions of perspectives, what happens when it zippers? Is it my perspective of the past or yours? Its a spectrum of possibilities all solidifying but sometimes when it zippers it changes for a few, and then repetitive changes creates a completely different direction than we as individuals perceived things from our narrow perspective. If conscious perception can change reality do you think that could happen?

  39. The reality is a strong phenomenon. When do, the thoughts has to dressed with construction particles. How come the reality expanded and take a place into a space…. How have these building particles manifested -in first time. What' or who was that, who has to converted in this specific reality … There are many questions but they have not hit the blossom in my head yet.

  40. I trust and love nature because it provides everything we need to survive and asks for nothing in return.
    The natives and elders understood this.

  41. She went looking for Pagan gods.
    Jesus is the way that must be taken, the truth that must be believed, and the life that must be trusted in. Will you believe in the only one who can bring you to God? Place your belief in Christ today. He promises, “whoever comes to me I will never cast out”.

  42. The idea of God, to me, may or may not be true. There's no definitive proof either way. But it does seem ridiculous that a perfect being, who created everything we can see, with rules we can barely equate, would require our adulation & praise.

  43. You are being deceived by satan. I pray to God that you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. Catholic is a cult. Jesus Christ is not about religion but relationship with God.

  44. You obviously never counchously read the bible God changed everyone's tongue so they couldn't communicate and build a tower to haven
    Moral of the story you dont find God he finds you if you've fallen and come short of his glory maybe you should become intelligent enough to find out what his glory is then and only then when you've learned that you will be killed off so your soul can ascend
    You understand when your mind is older

  45. Anjali, and other disbelievers. Commit to studying General Western astrology (called tropical) , learn your natal chart, learn your transits and progressions (as a minimum), compare to your life to date and issues now. Conclude whether there is no god ?”( grand planner) It’s easy, when you know how. You will also find out that YOU are part of that planner, as a co- creator. Can do similar with Numerology, or both , again Western version ( Pythagorus) for Westerners. To place spirit with this add a suitable esoteric tradition…Kabbalah, (Jewish) , Sufi ( Muslim), gnostic (Christianity). Result, is not belief…it’s …you know.

  46. Oh my humans, God is within you
    Our scientists postulates that there is an atom for an atom, and that atom is million times more smaller than known atom..

    And that million time smaller atom is the GOD particle

    From which our world, five elements, all other beings have been created

    But humans are only the ones to find that God particle, because it is in your forehead.

    Just get into THIRUMOOLAR THIRUMANTHIRAM, an tamil sage book to awake your soul and reach that god particle named EESAN – ஈசன்
    present science now only hypothesize that there is god particle from which everything is created..
    But the tamils sage have already reached that God particle within us by Awakening kudalini energy within us through the six chakras and getting it into seventh where God particle exists within us…

    If u reached that one u will never ever die and birth again..

    Still there are thousands of JEEVA SAMATHI – சீவ சமாதி in TAMILNADU where you can see the body of those siddhas not yet degraded, that body is water, fire resistance, bullet proof body that is named as காயகல்பம்…

    If u really want to get into god particle then come tamilnadu to any of siddhars jeeva samathi and from the heart beg them for their blessings and definitely their astral body will help you..

    And one more thing named GOD PARTICLE as SHIVA LINGAM and to denote that all god is within ourselves, temple are created..

  47. If you think about, it does not matter if you come to heaven, or just disappear forever. – It's the same principle. If you want to come to heaven, it means that you're not ready for the earth life, but certainly nobody is done with the earthly life. But, it's nobody who wants to come back either. Everyone is looking for the way to bliss!

  48. U r searching way too hard when the "ONE" has already found u! U know who HE is! All u gotta do is just accept HIM!🙏🏻

  49. Enjoyed the talk and the light shed on Jainism. It is a common misconception however, that Hinduism is belief in many gods. Rather many representations of oneness; Brahman, Allness. The gods or deities are all one being in many disguises to aid us in the journey to Moksha. Jainism is really saying the same thing that divinity is not kept in just a few gods or a god but rather within us all. I think you feel you haven't found god because of a preconceived notion of what you think finding god should be like, Catholic school wouldn't have helped here either. Your conclusion that "we are all the same", means you have found "god". It's the very life force within us all. Imagine a world in which we embrace the divine nature of all life. We honor the sameness……We looking are all looking a god to worship instead of living and loving like the gods we are. Individually and collectively all connected. oneness. Our only shot at world peace is the realization that we are all a reflection of god. As a fellow NONE Namaste – "I bow to the divine in you".

  50. Thank you Anjali . Basically , we are all ONE energy. These political and religious belief systems and greed have complicated the world. I am Hindu and we Hindus are not looking for salvation from God but experience God. This happiness , love and good health is what's necessary.

  51. It's never a failure to surch for GOD, it's in all of us to surch for GOD ? we need and desire GOD ! HOWEVER GOD deals with us individually in our own way ! My advice is never believe what others tell us they will lie to you and try to force you to believe what they want you to believe ! (Don't do it GOD will present GOD to you in your own way keep an open mind and you will receive GOD …) IT'S NEVER A FAILURE!!!!!

  52. Christianity recognizes other Gods, can be found in the first commandment.
    1) Thou shall have "NO OTHER GODS" before me.
    The priority is God first…

  53. As we move into truly modern times it becomes clear that religion is no more that a crutch, a way to control ENTIRE countries in the past, dogma has killed so many 10's of millions 10×'s over for nothing more than a fairytale, what you see is all there is, no more, no less, sorry if this offends but it is what it is

  54. Look now; I myself am HE! There is no other god but ME ! I am the ONE who kills and gives life; I am the one who wounds and heals; no one can be rescued from my powerful hand!

    Deuteronomy 32:39

  55. To find God you have to rise to his level, very few can do that, and even less can understand the concept. Frank Muniz

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