My FAVORITE Ongoing Tv Shows

As you probably know by now, I watch a lot
of tv shows. And lately, I’ve been thinking, what is
my favorite show. Hummm. And obviously, I couldn’t choose. But I made I little list anyway of my FAVORITE
ONGOING SHOWS. When I started watching Game Of Thrones for
the first time, I watched the first 3 episodes. And at the end, I was like « this show is
terrible, why does everyone say it’s good, it’s not good, it’s terrible ». And I
stopped watching. For a whole year. And then, I think it was around season 2 or
3, I watched it again. But, I skipped the 3 first episodes. And I loved it. And when I ask around, almost all of my friends
did the same thing. They stopped watching and tried again later. And they loved it. Also, quick reminder that season 8 will be
released in April. Just saying… What can I say about this show except this
is one of the best love story I’ve ever seen. But also, it’s so much more than that. It’s about politics, history, adventures. Anyway, it’s amazing. The characters are also very well written. The show is an adaptation of the books from
Diana Gabaldon. I havn’t read them but apparently the show
follows very well the story in the books. It’s almost identical witch I find amazing
because it’s so difficult to adapt books into movies or tv shows. Last episode of season 4 got released last
week and I don’t really know when season 5 is going to be released… In the post-apocalyptic world genre, we have…
the 100 ! If you never heard of it, I doubt it, but if you havn’t, it takes place ninety-seven
years after a nuclear war wiped almost all civilization. A spaceship housing the survivors is going
to send one hundred juvenile delinquents back to Earth, in hopes of re-populating
the planet, as they started to run out of resources on the ship. Season 5 ended in 2018 and season 6 will be
released in april. So if you start watching now, you’ll be
ready for next season. I love it because I didn’t know it was going
to be released so soon and I just found out making this video. I remember when I was younger, every show
on the ScyFy channel was awful, like, you know bad special effects and all that. Kind of like the Sharknado movies. But The Magicians is definitely one of ly favorite tv shows of all times. And not just on the ScyFy channel. It is a very good show with magic, adventures,
it’s like a very dark tale with magical creatures and fantasy worlds. And season 4 is back RIGHT NOW on Syfy. Yay. I don’t know if I can tell a lot about this shows without spoiling anything, but I’m gonna try anyway. It’s the story of a young woman, Prairie,
who disappears for 7 years and is found when she apparently tries to kill herself . BUT when she disappeared she was blind and
now she’s not. And everyone is going to wander how this is possible, so she’s going to tell her story to 5 strangers. And at first we think this is the story of
how she got her sight back, but it’s actually so much more than that. You’ll see, if you watch it. For now, there is only one season. But season 2 should be released very very soon. Apparently, post-production is almost done. Hopefully, it will be released sometime this
year. I really hope so, because this is an incredible
show. I had so much trouble making this list. I didn’t know what to choose. And even if I had to choose my favorite among those ones, I wouldn’t be able to. But what about you? What is your favorite or favorites tv shows? Tell me in the comments! Thank you so much for watching this video,
I really REALLY hope you liked it and I’ll see you soon in the next one. Bye!

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  1. I really loved doctor who but seasons are so different and the quality of episodes vary a lot so i can't say it's my favorite of all time.
    There is got of course. And stranger things. And westworld i think. Even if i only watched the first season

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