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There were drama at the mortuary because the mother came with over 40 people They were accusing me of killing their son I asked them why they were fighting over his money just after he passed on yet they were nowhere when he was sick Chaos erupted after I asked them why they felt property was more important than life Everything was okay we loved each other so much What are some of the thing he would do and you feel that he was the right man? He would wash my clothes, clean the house and wash the baby too as well as taking me out he was experiencing pain in his legs before he collapsed and I rushed him to the hospital back in 2015 because that was the time he became very sick I struggled with him for one month he was the firstborn in a family of 8 and non of his siblings nor his mother bothered with him the mother only visited him thrice in hospital before she disappeared She once told she was going to put tiles in her house I wondered why she would do that yet her son was in hospital It was drama in the mortuary when his mother came with some 40 people They were accusing me of killing their son I asked them why they were fighting over his money just after he passed on yet they were nowhere when he was sick Chaos erupted after I asked them why they felt property was more important than life The asked for the keys to our house so that they could collect their sons properties I said to my father this is not the time to fight over property We stayed for 5 days without talking to each other and his body was still lying in the mortuary They asked to have a word with me through my pastor on the 6th day I told them all I needed was for my husband to be buried and we begun his burial plans During that time though they demanded to have his property but I was advised to transfer the items I had to report them because I wondered how to conduct his burial with nothing in the house I had to take them in another place just to secure my property because they were insisting they all belonged to their son yet they had no evidence What were those items? Just the normal household and our documents We finally buried Wycliffe The family had cooked all sorts of foods They never bothered with him while he was in hospital for a whole month But on upon his death it was like a celebration My son and I only ate kachumbari and slept On his burial day his mother stood up and told me before mourners that I was very beautiful and advised me to get married elsewhere I knew she was no longer interested in me I travelled to Nairobi immediately after my husbands burial I was almost going mad because of depression My mother had to come stay with me I was taken to hospital and given those types of drugs administered for mentally ill patients It took me one month before I begun recovering Slowly I begun to heal though not completely During that time, counselling services were really expensive to a cost of KSh 15,000 It was difficult to pay rent, school fees and in fact I begged for food All my friends disappeared Those you thought were close to you? Yes, same to my in laws I lost touch with everything because I was depressed for the whole of 2016 Where is your son now? I am still struggling with him You sunk into depression yet you were left on your own with a child? Yes, my mom had to come take care of me she took me to the hospital and stayed in that situation for a whole month before things became a little bit better so for the whole period you did not get time to mourn your husband? Yes, I was at loggerheads with my in laws and my friends were talking ill of me My own family stood with me for a while You know I was so in love with my hubby, we would walk around holding hands People were jealous and after he died they said I was a braggart They said a lot of bad things and waited to see how I would survive now that I was a widow All in all I decided to ignore them They asked for his Identification Card and I gave them They said they wanted to process his death certificate I received the death certificate on that first month Trouble ensured again when it came to processing his pension The mother wanted to receive half of his pension She never cared about the welfare of my child who was in nursery at that time I said fine, she can have the half if money was her biggest concern I gave them my husbands death certificate though my captain who was handling the issue I surrendered it after laminating it I requested to have the certificate back thereafter but they kept taking me in circles for a whole year I never knew he was colluding with my mother in law I discovered they changed everything after they handed it to me in November 2016 I was shocked to discover they withdrew money from his saccos yet no other person was in possession of his death certificate I decided to just let it go because they withdrew the money and never involved me as Wycliffe’s wife They said Wycliffe had no wife Yet you were married to him? Yes. I decided to let it go They had this deep connection My son was the only person who assured me that his father with come back one day He would console me when I was in tears and say daddy will be back Despite his young age he kept encouraging me He gave me a reason for living because no one else cared It’s so obvious once a woman looses her husband no one cares because you are now a widow What was the turnaround for you? You lost your husband, you have been abandoned by your in laws, became terminally ill I recollected myself and gathered courage to give hope to my fellow widows because they go through painful experiences I just thank God for the courage I gathered After 1 year I received my husbands salary the only people who stood by me are my fellow widows Some of their husbands were killed others died because of alcohol they are the only were ones who took care of me and even gave me food So I thought to myself after 1 year what can I do for them they are listening to your story? because giving them food wont help but having a project of their own would benefit them What sort of encouragement do they get from your story? The fact that I have overcome so much pain yet I am young and I am able to fight for other women including those with court cases Most of them need a lot of counselling because they are passing though so much pain She has been helping widows We talk these days in fact they keep asking me to go back home That’s my home and I have their child I want us to sit down and talk because I already forgave them Whatever I am doing is therapy to sooth my heart I love my in laws and whatever happened is in the past Life must continue and I know Wycliffe will be happy to see the family unite I just want to sit down and talk with them It’s okay to carry pain in the heart once someone has wronged you but healing starts from somewhere How was the relationship between you those who knew your from Murang’a like after everything you went through? My mum asked me why I got married in Luo land I told her love can be found anywhere I met Wycliffe though his aunt who happened to be my close friend and we fell in love His tribe never mattered to me He had such a big heart that would accommodate everyone I fell in love with him and never regretted that decision he left me a son that totally resembles him he sometimes twists his fingers just like his father used to and I see my husband in him How do you feel when you think of those memories? Supposing he is watching you now, what would he want you to think about? Just his son Someone once told me to move on with life, get married and forget about Wycliffe need to move on but people different you
still have him in New Moon It’s not easy What advice do you have for the young widows? They should never lose hope, I went through pain but I stood my ground be strong and get a counselor who can offer services for free You know I have always been a humble woman once you get married in laws just think about property They should not snatch property from widows or chase them from their matrimonial homes If someone does that to your daughter, you will obviously feel bad Just love your daughter in laws genuinely I wish she would have talked to me if she felt there was an issue so that we could sort it out We would sit down with her discuss about what Wycliffe left behind and distribute it accordingly She was advised wrongly by people who were close to her Love is love, it only depends with how you mingle with that person continue to inspire other people

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  1. Liz,so is it bad for a Kikuyu lady to settle down with a Luo guy? Many are married in Nyanza and so does many Luo ladies in Central. This Luo – Kikuyu thing I just feel its something that shouldn't be a question as all Kenyans are free to marry nationwide. Love has no bounds and you shouldn't ask such questions in your interviews whether she or he feels/felt comfortable with a partner from another tribe. To our shemeji Esther Wanjiku,I come from HomaBay and I feel sorry for what you're subjected to especially the post trauma that befell on you. May God bless you and your son.

  2. These wicked in-laws should be prosecuted and put in jail. Once a man is married everything he has belongs to him his kids and wife.

  3. God is now your provider, husband and your everything.he will be with you strong esther..your story is inspiring many

  4. I look you from hear USA ,Esther lam also widowed ,l really hear your story, it really makes me feel sad,but you are really faithful woman and tolerate woman to your sister in laws, but take care by yourself, Only God knows your burdens. You have agood heart all is well Esther. Let your enemies hates but to God He loves on earth is not easy, but you are congerer, l wish to meet you when l come to Kenya, on August l will be there, l will find you through Tuko,your story touched me so much. May God Assist you in all ways ,be blessed Esther. I in USA

  5. Have 3 sons.and They are now enough to marry…l hope and am Sure wakati ikifika my daughter inlaws good na napenda vijana wangu sanaa na nitakubali kila Tribe when They marry…am so waiting……Anyway Pole dada

  6. Oooohhh this really happened to me back 2012 .and I was chased 3days after burial and everything was taken from me and we were chased from the house and am still young I can get married again.but I thank God sisi huovercome all this

  7. Ata huyu Wycliffe hakua anapenda bb na mtoto yake juu angemwaandika kama kin ama mtoto hio pesa ingeishi hadi mtoto afikishe 18yrs men love your kids

  8. Can y'all add subtitles for those that enjoy watching Tuko's programs but don't speak Swahili..pllllllluuuuuuzπŸ™‚ Keep up the good work!

  9. This lady is lying to the teeth , if you check her body language she's telling alie
    Nobody will do whatever she's saying happened to her , there's morethan meets the eye there's a story behind this story .
    This woman means made that wicliff to be controlled by her , this stupid man never wanted anything to do with his family , you can tell the man used to give all the money to his in-laws ,
    This is journalism also is fake news she' could have done enough research from both side's , she's telling us one-sided of the storyline
    This woman took everything from the man's family from mattresses beds sofas sufurias silverware na here she's blaming the man's family that nilifanya matanga bila ata kijiko kwa nyumba
    Again ask anybody she's telling us she had the death certificate how comes they where given the money from the army headquarters alie plain lie from the saccos another plain lie
    I think she took everything and she's turning around to cry wolf reverse psychology looking for sympathy from this fake tuko news
    The God tha your in laws pray and the God you pray will punish you really hard thunder fire you
    You're not human you've humiliated them until now you're still insulting them online
    Men don't marry women like this snake this is a black widow spider

  10. This woman is very strong, the way she's talking about her late husband, if it was me I wouldn't be able to. May God give you strength to care for your son Esther. God bless you❀️❣️❀️❣️

  11. Being a widow is not easy it really needs the grace of God I was there last year and the drama I saw only God knows as for my in-laws never in your life come searching for me and the 2kids coz I will revisit your sins

  12. That Happens to me too Take Heart good ones never stay i feel for you i was there in Ur shoes my inlaws Take everything from me plus my 44certificate thy burnd everything to me,but i forget evething thy kick me Out to ,but god is great iam in Europa now adays and there still in Kenya,what i want to say Take Heart Most thing importan forgive them complitlly my sister

  13. This is exactly what was done to me,its one year n still going strong,afterall life must go on,be strong for my kids

  14. Hii story Sawa na mum akii dad alipass na they uesd to call my mama that she killed him ohhh my dad also was a police

  15. Am a widow too ,bt I thank God am saved ,God gave all the energy ,they wanted me and my children to my house where i was staying with my children and my late husband ,i told them ,pale amezikwa my husband ndoo hapo nitazikwa ,they stopped all bad motives to me ,the children are big now ,i bless God for that ,i gloritfy God for that ,asante sana dada yangu we need pple like you

  16. Sometimes i become confused, i think but i don't get an answer. Windows always knows that their husband will never come back, unless fall in love πŸ’—πŸ’—with another partner, which is not easy at all.
    There is a a single mothers/fathers, they separate or get a divorce, yet they are alive, but there is no communicating between their partner even in social media. If i rotate my eyes or search in my heart, i feel he is died cha ukweli, but yet alive. Kwani kunaendanga anje? Ati unaweza kutana na mtu ones uone ni kama ghost ama you start thinking πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” (where did i see this man or woman?) Saa hiyo mlikuwa mnashare 1 bed 1 house 1 room.

  17. To all men, invest away from home for the sake of your wife and children, there only true relative is you, hii ujinga ya inlaws haita isha soon, ni vijana waerevuke otherwise your youngez are heading to the streets.

  18. Its so bad to hear bad stories of women who are treated so bad by families of the husband side but she is super strong

  19. Esther ur not alone pia Mimi nilifanyia hivyo hivyo same story yako ndiyo nilipitia,BT I thank God am well now BT I will never 4get wat I went through

  20. U have a good heart mama woa. Mm walitukana my mom maraya because she's single nalikua anatusmamia kutubaia vitu za nyumba nakutupea food. Till know siwezi ongea namtu. Imoved on after broke up but mm siwezi samehea

  21. Nkweli love is love ata kama mtu ni kabila gani… you're a strong woman and u will go far God bless you aboudantly +ur kid

  22. "U r beautiful unaeza oleka" I can relate this dia, some mother in-laws akiπŸ˜”, God help me love my daughter in-laws extraordinary

  23. I would like to join siz in this journey of dealing with widows, there are so many widows in the services and am sure they go thru alot in the hands of their in-laws especially kwa hii issue ya salary.

  24. Hau nizaidi ya wanyama,ati vitu za mtoto wao,kwani alikua anafikiri ulikua maid ya mtoto wake,mother inlaw huyo ,utadhani hana watoto waschana

  25. Strong woman God is ur husband, but Lynn dead pple don't watch over people 😲 it's either they r in heaven or hell…

  26. Kama wewe sio mkikuyu stop marrying kikuyus coz ukikufa atateswa bure, the truth is Western and nyanza people don't like you, wait until the hubby dies,you will suffer like this lady.. sad

  27. I feel your pain. Us when our dad left us in 2008 20th October, our own neighbors said " walizoye nyama wacha tuone vile wataishii".

  28. Lyn Ngugi dear i love your work( but take care of yourself sleepwell tumacho shows sleepless nyt hardwork) pole kwa dada

  29. This is so SHAMEFUL, my God what kind of People are these? WHO DOES THAT? AWFUL, AWFUL. Never heard any craziness like this in my life😢😢 So happy I live in the USA don't care what People say or think about us could never happen here. Jesus my heart😒😒 God bless this Lady and her Son. If She was in the USA and her son a citizen he would get a check every month until he turns 18. Lord help us✌✌✌❀❀❀

  30. Don't worry Mama,the battle is the LORD'S, He will fight for you and whoever going through the same situation..when He wants to Glorify Himself,all friends and family will dessert you.
    Hautawahi kuteseka na mtoi wako.

  31. Such is life after our fathers death, beating was our daily dose together with our mum,at last we were chased all this because my mom was Ugandan,she struggled with us hadi we are grown now may she RipπŸ˜‘

  32. Anytime a husband dies in laws always says is the wife who killed him. Your not the first one dear, so take heart GOD is with you.

  33. Mom u r strong wah! mine was different he got an accident now thy r claiming for compensation it's bn 8years since the incident happened thy din't bother to ask any of his son document or property; i stand firmly with my God. my mom inlaw is a widow as well.

  34. Sad to hear about in-laws treatment. Forgiveness is the beginning of the healing process. To safeguard property please ensure it is jointly- owned. That way you have some protection.


  36. Its time men know when they die those Parents of yours hangaisha your wife so much. You even wish you can wake up and fight for her…

  37. Wa gal i feel you,this story its like myne but always your family stands with you,mimi ata death Certificate sikuiona na macho yangu but i have my kids thats enough for me and Gods is by my side

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